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Create a one-page website made to convert 

Access 1000’s of intuitive design tools and launch your high performing website in minutes—no code needed.

Trusted by 250M+ users worldwide.

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Start with a one-page website template

Choose from 900+ customizable one-page website templates to build your concise and impactful website seamlessly.

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Customize every part of your site

AI-optimized layouts

AI content creation

Drag & drop elements

Extensive media library

Mobile editor, and more

Interactive effects

Join millions.
Kickstart your website journey today.






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How to create a one-page website for free

Create your site with our one-page builder in 6 simple steps:

  1. Sign up for our free one-page
website builder. Pick your site type and start shaping your online presence.

  2. Customize a template or have a website tailored for you. Select the best starting point for your online journey.

  3. Drag and drop thousands of design features.  Insert text, galleries, videos, icons, animations and more.

  4. Personalize your page. Add a members area, contact forms, social media links and more.

  5. Publish your one-page website. Choose a professional domain name to go live and establish your credibility online.

  6. Drive traffic with ease. Use built-in marketing solutions to promote your website and grow your audience.

Built-in features to help you succeed

Manage client relationships, promote your business, and drive growth with even more built-in tools:

Build credibility online with a personalized domain name and email address.

Create a unique brand identity with a custom logo, color themes & more.

Expand your reach with a complete suite of built-in SEO tools.

Generate leads with custom forms, email marketing & social campaigns.

Make smart business decisions based on detailed reports and analytics.

Manage your one-page website from anywhere with the Wix Owner app.

A contact form, social media ad and sales growth chart for a one-page website.

Expand your site offerings

Choose from 1000s of features built to help you do more with your one-page website.

Product page for a vinyl record, with a vintage record player in the background.

Sell online

Add powerful eCommerce features and generate more revenue on your site.

Three thumbnails of an online coffee-themed blog, overlaid against a light blue background.

Grow your audience

Create a blog to expand your reach and share your unique content with the world.

A calendar showing various workout classes sits next to a thumbnail of an online booking window for a yoga class.

Streamline operations

Offer your services, take online bookings and manage your calendar seamlessly.

Landing page of an online portfolio for a graphic designer, Naya Fox, with a portrait of her in an orange coat.

Showcase your work

Build a portfolio, get more eyes on your projects and reach new clients.

Looking for inspiration?

Explore sites created by Wix users and get inspired to start your website creation journey.

Find tips and guidance for building a one-page site

Blog image showing three pastel colored websites stacked on top of each other.

27 Common Types of Websites

Example of a one-page website for a haircare brand.

One Page Website Examples

Blog image showing a drawn teapot, coffee pot, and logo on the editor with the mouse hovering over the ‘Publish’ button.

How to Design a Website (Step-by-Step Guide)

Hero fold for a fashion one-page website being edited in the Wix Editor.

How to Make a Website

We're here for you

Get answers

Watch tutorials and read detailed articles in the Wix Help Center.

Contact us

Get support by chat or schedule a call with a Customer Care Expert

Hire a pro

Get help at any stage—from site creation to online growth.

One-page website builder FAQ

What is a one-page website builder?

A one-page website builder is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the creation of concise and impactful single-page websites. It eliminates the need for extensive coding skills.

What is the best one-page website builder?

Wix is recognized as one of the best one-page website builders, offering simplicity, versatility, and a range of features to bring your narrative to life seamlessly.

How much does it cost to build a one-page website?

Wix's one-page website builder offers various pricing plans, including a free option. Explore the pricing details here.

Can I add an online store to my one-page website?

Certainly! With Wix's drag and drop platform you can seamlessly integrate an online store, making it easy to sell products or services.

What features are included with my one-page website?

Your Wix one-page website includes features, including a blog, online store capabilities, templates, and website design features to customize your narrative.

Why should I have a one-page website?

A one-page website is ideal for concise storytelling, ensuring your audience quickly grasps your message. It's perfect for portfolios, event pages, and small businesses.

How long does it take to build a website with a one-page website builder?

Using Wix's one-page website builder, you can have a captivating website up and running in just a few hours. Alternatively, you can use our AI website creator to generate a website and get online even faster.

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