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13 best one-page websites for your inspiration [plus templates]

best one page websites

When deciding to build a website, we’re often expected to follow a fixed structure that includes a homepage, a contact page, an about page and all the other different parts of a site. But not all websites need to adhere to this structure. In fact, many choose to create a one-page website that contains all the necessary info on a single scroll.

Single-page sites are admired for their simple page layout, efficient user experience and quick mobile speed. And while certain sites, such as an online store, might need more space to display their services, one-page websites are a great choice for resumes, landing pages, online portfolios, or memorial websites.

But don't just take our word for it. Let’s give the one-pagers the option to speak for themselves. Here are some of the best one-page websites created with Wix to inspire you to focus on how to create a website.

13 best one-page website examples

01. Smart Diet

Personalized nutrition consultancy Smart Diet takes a complex topic and simplifies it with an easy-to-digest one-page website. Upon entry, an animated arrow pointing down allows for intuitive website navigation and creates a more engaging experience.

But arrows are not the only strategic design choice they made. The website has a clean minimal layout and web design with plenty of whitespaces. Smart Diet also uses circular shapes and soft edge rectangles as repeating objects to create a cohesive aesthetic that adds visual interest.

Lastly, they used the CTA “Create your body profile” as a button on the top right that scrolls down together with the visitor, aimed to drive leads and increase conversions.

smart diet one page website

02. Pien Geerling

One of the benefits of one-page websites is that they’re very concise. This advantage comes in handy for design sites such as Pien Geerling, a photographer and creative marketeer.

She greets site visitors with an especially warm welcome featuring stunning examples of her latest work. Through her efficient single scroll site layout, her many photographs of products and interior design are split into different organized sections using the Wix Pro Gallery. To navigate between the sections, visitors can use a vertical anchor menu on the right side, which further enhances how simple it can be to explore a whole site.

Pien Geerling uses a soft pastel website color scheme to make the background much quieter and serene, allowing her photographs to take center stage.

Pien Geerling's portfolio

03. Robot Genius

Robot Genius, a boutique film studio, greets site visitors with a mesmerizing full-screen animated video loop. This wise web design choice allows the company to immediately present visitors with a collection of clips from their work portfolio.

This one-page website uses black, white, and gray colors and photos, connecting them to the tech industry and strengthening their futuristic brand persona. The studio also shows its fun and quirky side by balancing the tech-focused visuals with an animated version of their logo. They even overlaid cartoon doodles over their staff photos.

Robot Genius uses anchor links to the different sections that allow for smooth scrolling. They also use parallax animation towards the center of the page to reveal a fun "secret magic sauce" message. If you did not notice it the first time, we recommend going back to look for it, it's worth it.

one-page websites

04. Frankie Ratford

Frankie Ratford’s website is far from dry. Her colorful website layout, paired with vibrant photographs, instantly draws visitors and lets them get a sense of her friendly personality. She uses large typography to place her name at the top of the page together with a photo of herself, which is then overlapped with her bio using a parallax scrolling effect.

Frankie describes herself in conversational-sounding sentences that scroll over her photo, greatly enhancing the user experience and adding to the fun atmosphere of the site. The animation of the text continues the movement of the parallax scrolling of the first fold.

To further highlight her qualifications, her resume is placed in the middle of the site, organized in a non-traditional format that blends in naturally with the other site’s text.

Frankie Ratford's personal site

05. Lior Raz

Actor, writer, and speaker Lior Raz’s site serves as a strong personal website example. His masterful use of motion to grab our attention with an action video gives a dynamic, rhythmic feel to the page. The boasting oversized sans-serif typography brings to life the actor’s fierce on-screen presence.

A plus button allows visitors to easily enlarge the relevant section, which can also be found on the hamburger menu that expands on the header. This way, Lior was able to elaborate in each section without worrying about having an endless-scrolling site.

best one page websites: Lior Raz

06. PlotAi

You'd think a complex product such as an Ai platform for organizational insights needs a lot of room to explain how it works - but PlotAi fits it all into a one-page website. They do so by breaking down their offering into different bite-sized strips dedicated to specific parts of the product, paired with colorful illustrations that provide a better user experience and help distinguish these sections.

Another outstanding web design choice was to adapt the company’s logo to each product, presenting them on the section headers using different colors and themes.

When you're done exploring all their services, you can use their back-to-top button to create a scrolling page and revisit the information you need again. For further questions, you can use the Wix Chat feature and reach out to PlotAi 24/7.

PlotAi example

07. Mutiny

A creative agency needs an innovative website. This is why advertising and marketing agency Mutiny has made the web design choice for a long scrolling website.

A hot pink skull paired together with a modern font positioned over a black and white renaissance painting gives the agency’s site an avant-garde touch. Hot pink is again used to highlight other elements of the page, such as their video’s play button.

When scrolling over the client videos, a hover effect is used to present the campaign’s name, allowing visitors to know which campaign they’re about to see before clicking on the video.

At the bottom of the site, Mutiny offers a contact form as well as a location map showing their physical address. By keeping this map in black and white and using hot pink accents on the form, the agency manages to maintain a solid visual language in every part of their one-page website.

one page websites examples

08. Art On Bundjalung Market

Art On Bundjalung Market celebrates the creative cultural heritage of the Bundjalung region in Australia. Their one-page website uses earth colors such as brown, grey, and dark red through the different visual elements and images, giving the site a natural feeling relating to the region. To further bring the event to life, they showcased a past market they held by adding a high-quality video to the site.

The site’s navigation menu is displayed vertically on the corners. Each of them has a pinned element such as their logo, social media icons and menu links. This off-balance symmetry and rare website structure result in a truly engaging look and experience.

Now that we've captured your interest with these one-page websites examples, maybe you’re wondering how hard it is to create a beautiful one-page website. Good news - many of these sites were built with easy-to-use drag and drop templates that you can fully customize with your content, color schemes and images. So, all you have to do is choose a website template that best matches your purposes.

See some of our one-page website templates that will help you get started:

09. Stand-up Comedian

If you're a comedian, it's easy to assume you're a bold person. This stand-up comedian one-page website template lets you take the stage and set the scene for your one-of-a-kind personality. Bright page colors and confetti overlaid on your headshot will put you in the spotlight even before the show starts.

Do you have some hilarious videos to showcase? With Wix Video, you’re able to give people a sneak peek of your work. After winning them over, utilize the big call to action, "Let's meet in real life," where visitors can buy tickets to your upcoming gig using Wix Events.

Make sure to keep in touch with your fans thanks to the subscribe section. By adding them to your email marketing list, you can let visitors know about your upcoming tour dates and inform them of other exciting news.

Stand-up Comedian one-page website template

10. Pop Music

Build your online stardom with this edgy one-page music website template. This template makes it easy for you to promote, track and sell your music by uploading either single tracks or albums to Wix Music. You’ll also be able to display your tour dates, add a video and write an About section.

On the right side, you can add links to your Spotify, Apple Music and other social media profiles so people can keep up-to-date and listen to your music once they leave your site.

For this one-page website design, the sections are split with different colors that slightly overlap each other to create a unique asymmetrical look. The overall theme is calm and neutral to help the music player and your media “pop” off the page. Hit publish and watch your songs get heard worldwide on the web.

one page website pop music template

11. Headphones Landing Page

With this sleek and stylish headphones landing page template, promoting your latest tech product will be easier than ever. On this template, you can easily provide information such as the benefits and product reviews that customers want to read before making a purchase.

When building one-page websites, it is important to display different images from the product so users can get the full experience, as though they were holding the item in a brick-and-mortar store. This can make them more likely to press "Order Now" on your online store.

The template also comes with a built-in live chat that lets potential customers ask any questions they might have before making a purchase.

Headphones Landing Page template

12. Tech conference

Your high-impact event needs a professional website and this tech conference template is a great place to start. Begin to build up excitement for your conference by introducing your keynote speakers and information about your event. You can even add an option for participants to buy tickets online in just a few clicks.

Notice that the page's web design balances monochromatic images with purple highlights for the most important information such as CTAs, date, and menu navigation.

one page website for conference or event

13. Real Estate

With its chic, modern and fresh design, this one-page real estate website template will take your agency to a new level. With parallax scrolling features and the ability to add a gorgeous media gallery of all of your property listings in one clean and concise web page, your business will easily stand out in the market.

On this site, lead generation comes easily with an excellent placed contact form. To ensure it immediately captures your guests' attention, a hovering white frame slides behind the form when the page loads.

But this well-designed one-page site isn't just stunning on a desktop. Since many home seekers do their research on the go, this template is perfect for mobile as it condenses its appealing aesthetics into your audience's pocket.

Wix real estate website template

Looking for more than a one page website? Learn how to create websites with multiple pages, such as starting a blog with our blog maker, as just one example.

When to use a one-page website

One-page websites offer a concise and focused presentation of information, making them ideal for various purposes. Here are some key scenarios where a one-page website can be particularly effective:

  • Landing pages for specific campaigns: One-page websites excel at capturing attention and driving conversions for targeted campaigns or promotions. With a clear call-to-action and a focused message, you can effectively guide visitors towards a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.

  • Showcasing a single product or service: If you want to highlight a specific product or service and provide all the necessary information in a concise manner, a one-page website is an excellent choice. 

  • Introducing your business or brand: For a brief introduction to your business or brand, a one-page website can effectively convey your core message, values and offerings. You can include company information, your mission statement, a brief overview of services and contact details, all within one easy-to-navigate page.

  • Creating microsites for events or projects: For specific events or projects, a one-page website can serve as a dedicated microsite. You can provide event details, registration information, speaker profiles and a photo gallery, all without overwhelming visitors with too much information.

  • Building a portfolio or showcase: Creative professionals, such as designers, photographers or artists, can use a one-page website to showcase their portfolio or best work. With a carefully curated selection of projects and a clear presentation of your expertise, you can effectively attract potential clients or collaborators.

  • Providing simple information or resources: If you need to provide basic information or resources without the complexity of a multi-page website, a one-page website can be sufficient. For example, you can create a website for a local park with information about amenities, hours of operation and contact details.

In general, one-page websites are well-suited for situations where you want to:

  • Capture attention and drive conversions for specific campaigns or promotions

  • Highlight a single product or service and provide essential information

  • Introduce your business or brand in a concise and focused manner

  • Create dedicated microsites for events or projects

  • Showcase your portfolio or best work as a creative professional

  • Provide simple information or resources without a complex website structure

How to create a one page website

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