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13 professional templates for your website under construction page

Website Under Construction

The website under construction zone - we’ve all been there. You type a web address into your web browser expecting a fully functioning website. What you see instead is a dull under construction page informing you that the website is temporarily unavailable. Although you appreciate the notification, you’re left hanging in online limbo.

When it comes to how to make your own website, remember that the internet never sleeps. Whether you’re performing maintenance or building a new website from scratch, a good website under construction page can be used to continuously show content and add value to your business.

In this article, we’re going to master the art of the under construction page together. We’ll discuss which features to include, and demonstrate how the right design can increase audience engagement and maintain healthy SEO results for your site. You’ll also find a selection of the best website under construction templates that you can customize in no time.

What should a good website under construction page include?

While you're working on revamping your website you’ll want to hide the progress before the big reveal. Your website under construction page will be a temporary placeholder using cache where you can notify your audience that something better is coming. Believe it or not, under construction pages can be eye-catching and engaging - two crucial ingredients for stirring a hype around your business’s new reveal and keeping your website relevant.

Let’s go over the key elements required in making an attractive and functional website under construction page.

Coming Soon message

Your under construction page will preempt the important questions visitors have when visiting your site, such as: why your site isn’t available, when it will be up and running again, how they can contact you in the meantime, and where they can find more information about you and your site.

Keep your message short and simple, but don’t be afraid to exercise your brand’s tone of voice. Professional, casual, fun, or exciting - the language you use here will reinforce your brand’s identity.

Visual elements

Visual elements such as imagery and color schemes will help your website under construction page stand out. It will also help reflect the style of your brand.

Adding a logo will keep your page brand-focused, and you can use additional images that represent your business, products or services. Another option would be to add an image of a clock or countdown timer. It’s an engaging and applicable tool that will cause excitement around your new website launch.


If you’re launching a brand new website, you won’t have to worry about your search engine rankings decreasing because of your website changes. But for websites that were once online, going offline for an extended period of time can harm your website’s SEO.

Minimizing negative effects on SEO, a website under construction page presents opportunities to write useful information while using keywords relevant to your industry. Not only will your audience know you’re trustworthy, you’ll also impress search engines - and let them know you’re still around.


Your website might be under construction, but you can still convert visitors into long-time customers by adding some good ole CTAs.

Strategic calls-to-action can entice them to sign up for notifications or join your mailing list, so that they’ll be the first to know when your website is ready. You can also keep up with your social media marketing strategy by adding links to your accounts - chances are, visitors will follow to find more information.

Contact info

Maintaining communication with customers is a critical part of business management. Keep in touch with potential or current clients by adding contact information to your under construction page. This is a smart way to upkeep customer service and stay on top of potential clients.

13 top under construction templates

While you’re busy creating your professional website, an under construction template will conveniently outline the elements you need, making the entire process run much quicker. Plus, when you edit these using a WYSIWYG software like Wix, the editor reveals real-time design changes and edits to the user interface. The following 13 under construction templates all boast a professional design, while being fully customizable.

This versatile template will help build excitement around your upcoming website. It includes practical elements that will help your business grow, while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Central to this template is the progress bar, which is easy to update and allows visitors to visualize your progress. A call-to-action button initiates a strategically timed lightbox, with an email sign up form encouraging visitors to subscribe for notifications.

Website under construction page example by Wix

Enticing your audience with special elements like animated images and videos won’t only look nice and professional, it is engaging too.

Thanks to the use of video, paired with a parallax scrolling effect, the background is dynamic. When you edit the template, you can replace this with any video from the Wix Gallery, or upload a video of yourself in action. Although it's just for show, the transparent clock GIF over the background video is an eye-catching and relevant graphic that connects well to your site coming soon theme.

The template also has a dedicated section for your about us text, perfect for telling new audiences about your brand, and providing you with more opportunities to include relevant keywords.

Website under construction page example by Wix

Using a minimal amount of text but a lively fullscreen video background, this website coming soon template hones in on the most important and actionable details. The bold font makes it easy to highlight your business name, while a website sign-up bar front and center makes for a strong, succinct call-to-action.

Although your website is coming soon, social media buttons at the bottom of the page will encourage visitors to follow your brand in the meantime.

Website under construction page example by Wix

Here’s a professional one-page website template created for business owners who want to keep their coming soon page sleek and informative. Choose a background photograph that will represent your business and set a sophisticated tone with the classy neutral color scheme and use of a professional font.

Smack in the middle of the page is a call-to-action button with exciting copy, urging visitors to “be the first to know.” The live chat box feature is a nice personal touch that will make communication a breeze.

Website under construction page example by wix

Chic as they come, this coming soon page template is ideal for business owners who are in the process of launching an online store. Its layout dictates the delicate balance between an eye-popping sneak peek of your products, and practical information such as a “coming soon” message, a newsletter sign up bar, and links to social media accounts.

The classic website footer at the bottom of the page is the perfect place to add your contact information and a live chatbox, so future customers will know that they’re not missing out on the opportunity to connect with you.

Website under construction page example by Wix

One look at this stylish website coming soon page will let visitors know that great things are coming. While the template is beautiful to start, it leaves room for you to tweak certain elements of its design.

Play around with the various design features and use images or colors that reflect your brand's style. A “learn more” button will direct users to a fullscreen lightbox - that’s extra space for you to write about your brand and offer users more content.

Website Under Construction Page example by Wix

Unleashing a new website is absolutely cause for celebration. That’s exactly what this festive website under construction page template will communicate to your audience.

The template can be easily customized by including a personal message or links to your social media pages. Don’t forget to set up the “notify me” button, so interested visitors can celebrate your new website release with you.

Website Under Construction page example by Wix

3, 2,1...blast off! Get ready for the launch of your new site with this clever website coming soon template. The artistic imagery and unique use of typography in this template evoke the good news of your website’s development. Set at the bottom of the page, a static online form is the perfect way to ensure site visitors that you’ll inform them when you’re ready for takeoff.

Website Under Construction Page example by Wix

Even though you’ve got a website under construction, you can still flaunt your professional skills and creative talent online. One of the best features of this coming soon template is the slideshow background, where you can display multiple examples of your work.

A floating menu ensures that visitors will see your name and logo, even when scrolling down the page for more information. This is a perfect coming soon template for photographers, designers, or any business owner who wants to give their audiences a taste of what’s to come.

Website Under Construction page example by Wix

If sci-fi and gaming are your thing, look no further for the under construction site of your digital dreams. The striking color palette, fonts, and imagery suits this theme, but leaves a lot of room for customization. A roomy footer leaves space for a concise about us section, and by placing social media links and a subscribe form at both the top and bottom of the site, you double the chances of users staying connected.

Website Under Construction page example by Wix

A subtle website under construction page might be just what you need while you’re working on your online store. The elegant design of this template underscores key details like your opening date, social media accounts and contact information, so you can continue building your customer base. When it’s time to make noise with your website reveal, you’ll have the perfect audience to share the excitement with.

Website Under Construction page example by Wix

Sophisticated and stylish, this is a great website under construction page for bloggers and business owners alike. The split screen website layout adds some flavor by leaving room for intriguing designs or photographs that might represent your brand. But the smart layout will bring the majority of the visitor's visual focus straight to your sign up button. The live chat box feature is a nice personal touch that will make communication a breeze.

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Website Under Construction page example by Wix

Roll out the red carpet, you’ve got a film on the way. Heighten the anticipation around its release with a coming soon page that acts like a preview. This website under construction template makes it easy to upload a trailer using Wix Video, while presenting important details like the release date and what actors are starring in the film.

Perfect for directors, producers, or anyone involved in the film industry - you’ll be able to increase views and create a fanclub before the release of your film.

Website Under Construction page example by Wix

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