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20 best about us pages for your inspiration

best about us pages

First impressions are everything, especially when you decide to create your own website. The first thing potential customers will want when they visit your site is to understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it. A compelling About Us page is the best way to communicate this information and has the potential to turn website visitors into loyal customers.

The best About Us pages are informative, stylish and distinguish you from your competitors (especially when working on corporate websites). When adding an About Us page to your website, you’ll want to include important aspects of your business’s story, such as when, why and how it started, its mission, and the overall approach to your work. Your page should also reflect your brand’s style, by employing a tone of voice and web design that are unique to its identity.

While portraying the entire story of your brand on just one page is a challenging task, it’s a worthwhile investment. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best About Us pages created by Wix users to inspire you when deciding how to make your website. Use these examples to guide you while creating an About Us page that is as outstanding and professional as you are. If you feel like you're ready to create your About Us page, you can start creating with a one page website builder.

20 best about us page examples

01. Shiyuan Ye | Graphic designer

On Shiyuan Ye’s attractive About page, the Chinese-born graphic designer’s talents are pronounced. Her portrait is professional and adds a personal touch. What really grabs our attention to her graphic design website is that it’s embellished with a groovy animated graphic and a color palette that is bright, but not overpowering.

Shiyuan’s text is concise, giving the audience important details like her education, specialization and interests. A link to her social media profiles, such as Instagram and LinkedIn, give visitors the option of receiving more information about the artist.

About Us page example by Shiyuan Ye

02. Heroines | Support for women

Heroines is a platform which benefits diverse groups of women by hosting supportive events. The About Us page successfully captures the spirit of the organization, beginning with a heartwarming text about its mission and photographs of empowered women who represent their community.

The website color scheme is gentle, combining purples and pinks that channel positive female vibes. Parallax scrolling helps to engage visitors even more, allowing the areas of color and photographs to shift throughout the page as they browse.

By confidently placing calls-to-action on the About Us page—a sweet “Donate” button on the right hand side, and a slider at the bottom of the page—visitors are invited to become members of the organization.

About us page example by Heroines

03. Payton Pitts | Photographer

Photographer Payton Pitts has a distinct personal style that expresses itself through her About page. Her colloquial language is lively and approachable, important qualities that people take into account when hiring a professional photographer.

Payton’s charming content allows audiences to connect with her: the section of fun facts about herself is a fantastic touch and her personable nature is underscored by genial photographs throughout the page.

The use of parallax scrolling enables Payton to incorporate many elements onto one page without it looking too busy. And should a visitor to the page want more information about the photographer, they can click on her social media account profiles, or follow the subtle link to her testimonials section.

About us page example by Payton Pitts

04. Bodyrock Bootcamp | Personal training

Bodyrock Bootcamp fits plenty of useful details onto one page, from informative video clips to a “Meet Our Trainers” section. Their About Us page has an upbeat language and eye-popping visual quality that sets the tone for the gym’s personal training philosophy, method and mission.

Since committing to a personal training program is a big step for many people, it’s a savvy business move on Bodyrock Bootcamp’s part to post various special offers throughout their About Us page. Deals like lower prices for new members and a free trial one-on-one session might be the perfect way to get workout sceptics into the gym for the first time (after all, getting off the couch is half of the work!).

Rocking more than just awesome bodies, the team at Bodyrock Bootcamp has an About Us page that is as effective as we expect their personal training program to be.

About us page example by Bodyrock Bootcamp

05. Iqoniq Creative | Creative media managers

Iqoniq Creative's About Us page represents the entrepreneurial essence of our generation. The creative media group emphasizes clean visual elements that highlight their professional goals. A succinct text tells us about the company’s work, using a tone that tells us they’re the perfect match for clients who like hard work and have big goals, no matter their location.

Providing a partial client list on their About page is a nice move because it allows Iqoniq Creative to develop a sense of trust with their visitors. A slideshow of testimonials strengthens this credibility.

About Us page example by Iconiq Creative.

06. Helena Kruger | Fashion illustrator

Helena Kruger is a fashion illustrator and designer from Stockholm whose About page, in line with her personal branding, is smart and refined. The page’s clean black and white aesthetic allows us to focus on the text, which communicates who Helena is and what inspires her artistically.

An image of Helena painting in her studio gives visitors a glimpse into her professional process. Although this About page is made in a pretty minimalistic style, there is a lot of important information posted here: a link to Helena’s blog, a list of clients, a link to her online store and a relevant Contact Us page.

About us page example by Helena Kruger

07. The Diigitals | Modeling agency

Contemporary, chic and fashionable to a tee - The Diigitals modeling agency’s About Us page really stands out (and not because it's over six feet tall). It includes every element you’d expect a modeling agency to have on its About page, but since it's the first all digital modeling agency in the world, The Diigitals’ has some voguish technological twists.

Using a font with a futuristic feel to tell the agency’s story coincides well with their unique digital concept. It’s also a nice juxtaposition to the clean sans serif typography used for headings.

The best feature on this page? Visitors can scroll through an attractive timeline that tells the story of The Diigitals’ development. This makes for an engaging experience that breaks up the text in a distinctive way.

About us page example by The Diigitals

08. Nurturing Nature Cards | Handcrafted greeting cards

Nurturing Nature Cards instils the act of recycling by selling locally made plantable greeting cards. This About page is as endearing as the concept itself.

The brand’s creator Leah adds a short story about how she came up with the concepts, including a thoughtful fact about the amount of waste produced by unused greeting cards in Australia (where Nurturing Nature Cards is based). Made with Wix’s Videobox feature, an accompanying video of a card blooming in a pot of soil captures the essence of the brand, while demonstrating their actual product.

Pro tip: not all About Us pages have to be separated from the homepage. Instead of using a dedicated About page, Nurturing Nature Cards places all the necessary information directly on the homepage of their artist website, using an anchor menu to ensure convenient navigation.

About us page example by Nuturing Nature Cards

09. Bon Puf | Cotton candy vender

Bon Puf is an artisanal cotton candy company whose About Us page greets us in the sweetest way, thanks to the friendly welcome from their owner at the top of the page (“Hi! I’m Cloë!”).

Using pastel colors and soft shapes, Chloe reminds us of the delightful taste of cotton candy. She uses the majority of her About page to write about the unfolding of Bon Puf and her experience as an entrepreneur.

Photographs and links to recent projects along the side of the page create a dynamic experience for the viewer, while embedded YouTube videos give us the opportunity to encounter more of Bon Puf’s charm.

About us page example by Bon Puf

10. Dartmouth Business Review | Business innovation journal

The brand behind this About Us page clearly means business. The Dartmouth Business Review succeeds by using a clean website layout that’s formal and well-structured.

A stock image of a professional on his laptop perfectly sets the mood for visitors to the site and compliments Dartmouth’s signature colors. The text is short, with a consistent use of business-oriented language throughout.

All in all this About Us page exemplifies a unity with the qualities of the online publication, which aims to inspire innovation and act as a space to share new business ideas.

About us page example by Dartmouth Business Review

11. K. Sparks | Musician

Poetic and professional, the About page for recording artist K. Sparks perfectly exhibits the pensive character of the New York based hip-hop artist. Creating a nice contrast to the site’s colorful homepage design, K.Sparks switches to a black and white theme for his About page.

K. Sparks has a lot to say about his hip-hop philosophy and the movements that have inspired him throughout his career. Although it contains more text than other About Us page examples, his story is broken up nicely with harmonious images and quotes from the artist.

A menu of actionable items on the left side of the page invites visitors to check out K. Spark’s social media channels. A contact form that slides onto the screen is a smart way for him to collect visitors’ information, without being pushy.

About us page example by K.Sparks

12. Ducknology | Affordable jewelry brand

Ducknology is a perfect online shop for accessory lovers who are tired of overpaying. Their pursuit of affordable jewelry is evident the moment we open their About page and read the slogan “we just love beautiful cheap things.”

Visitors to the page will spend minimal time trying to understand the objective of this brand before they start browsing through the Ducknology shop. Their About Us story tells us what’s on their mind using a succinct text and a large font that makes it easily readable. Featuring a couple of unique graphics further personifies their idiosyncratic and quirky style.

About us page example by Ducknology

13. Oui Ooi | Gourmet bakery

Oui Ooi’s About Us page places an emphasis on the connection between food, emotion and memory. The page makes great use of typographical hierarchy. A combination of sans serif and script fonts allows our eye to move across the page with interest and ease, and varying font sizes serve to make some parts of the text more striking than others.

This page is another great example of how you can break up your textual content with a photograph. In this case, a mouthwatering image of a fruity dessert in the works adds a nice splash of color to the page.

The large website footer on Oui Ooi’s About Us page is all about helping the visitor find more information. It is highly organized and includes all of the relevant information for getting in touch with the company or following them on social media.

About us page example by Oui Ooi

14. Citizen Magazine | London based cultural magazine

Citizen Magazine is a quarterly online publication dedicated to culture and news in London. The About page has a clean layout that in many ways resembles a classic newspaper, but the bright background color and large typography keep it trendy for its young target audience.

Urging citizens of London to pay attention to a broad spectrum of topics, the magazine states its mission using a powerful and educated tone. A website menu with pertinent external links is placed strategically at the bottom of the page, but set to the side so as not to distract from the main content.

About us page example by Citizen Magazine

15. Michaella Twersky | Product designer

While the black and white color scheme adds a dash of simplicity, there’s nothing typical about Michaella Twersky’s About page. Featuring her illustrations throughout the page and using a staggered layout, Michaella’s About page gives us an instant glimpse into the New York based designer’s creative talents.

A balance of communicative imagery and short texts make this page fun to browse through and equally informative. There’s also a multilingual option, which helps visitors from other countries to get to know her (a wise move when working in a culturally diverse city like New York).

All in all, the page manages to capture two sides of Michaella: the professional designer and the original creative. Plus, have a look at that adorable footer that is featured on every page of her UX portfolio!

About us page example by Michaella Twersky

16. Kanyegg | Art direction

Kanyegg is a legendary passion project by art director Danielle Evans which explores Kanye West as a pop cultural icon, while playing around with the symbol of an egg. Danielle uses this hot topic as the impetus to put her creative skill in the spotlight.

The use of a lightbox makes Danielle’s About section easily accessible for website visitors.

Reflecting the same neutral tones used in Kanye’s clothing line, the About page for Kanyegg is in line with the color scheme Danielle uses throughout the rest of the site. Visitors will appreciate the short explanation of her project, the designer's badass portrait and the opportunity to click through to one of the best portfolio websites.

about us page example by Kanyegg

17. Bracadale Books | Book binders

The About Us section for Bracadale Books is undemanding, communicating to its audiences in a straightforward manner. A classic color scheme is a strong choice here, as it accentuates the traditional nature of the bookbinding business. Photographs of the owner working on the conservation of a book is a really nice addition.

Here we can see once again how useful a footer can be on an About page. Bracadale Books manages to fit a lot of information on theirs, including a newsletter sign up, links to the rest of their website’s menu, contact information and the location of their store.

About us page example by Bracadale Books

18. Toks Visoks | Bag designer

The star of Toks Visoks’ About page is the passionate story of founder and designer Akvilina. Her “True Story” relates her zest for design with the creation of an accessory line of her own.

Some of the best About Us pages feature business owners who are in love with what they do, and Akvilina’s smiling portrait is just that. Toks Visoks’ About Us page also makes use of the live chat box feature, so visitors who want more information can easily reach out and receive an immediate response. This type of instant messaging can help the brand build a more personal relationship with their customers.

About us page example by Toks Visoks

19. Rose van der Ende | Graphic design and branding

One of the best website designs can be seen in this elegant site where Rose van der Ende lays out her design and branding services in a way that’s consistent with her style. The flawless organization of her About page reassures visitors that they can trust her professional services.

Opting for a variety of text box sizes and colors, Rose is able to distinguish two important pieces of information in her About section: professional services offered and her bio. Another nice feature is the way she’s embedded her Instagram page to add some nice visuals that go along with the text.

About us page example by Rose van der Ende

20. Somni | Nutritionist

Somni is a nutrition and lifestyle counseling service targeting people who work during night shifts and want to improve their diet after hours. Somni’s color scheme is made up of relaxing night shades accentuating the late night focus of the nutrition program.

Crafting a trustworthy feel is one of the most important About Us page tips—and Somni has got it just right. The About section features a photograph of Somni’s founder Kristen holding a basket of healthy vegetables in her kitchen, plus a list of her credentials. In sync with some of the best About Us pages we’ve seen so far, knowing more about Kristen’s experience and seeing an image of the owner “at work” helps promote a sense of trust in the brand.

Last but not least, the “Let’s Connect” button is a great CTA, urging customers to take the next step in a friendly and approachable way.

About us page example by Somni

The components of a successful about us page

A great about us page doesn't just tell people who you are, it connects with them. It builds trust, inspires interest and leaves a lasting impression. Here are the key components that make it shine both in terms of its design and content on the page.

Tell your story

  • Go beyond the facts: Share your origin story, your defining moments and the values that drive you. Make it personal and relatable.

  • Highlight your passion: What excites you about what you do? Let your enthusiasm shine through and show how it translates into your work.

  • Connect with your audience: Find common ground with your readers. Explain how your mission or products fit into their lives and address their needs.

Introduce your team

  • Show real faces and personalities: Go beyond names and titles. Share snippets about their passions, expertise and what makes them unique.

  • Showcase diversity: If your team reflects the richness of your audience, celebrate it. It fosters a sense of connection and inclusivity.

  • Humanize your brand: Let your team be the face of your company, creating a more approachable and relatable image.

Highlight your impact

  • Don't just tell, show: Use testimonials, case studies or real-life stories to showcase the positive impact you've made.

  • Focus on the human element: Show how your work has affected people's lives, not just statistics.

  • Inspire action: Conclude with a call to action that encourages visitors to engage with your mission or purchase your products.

Design for engagement

  • Keep it visually appealing: Use high-quality images, videos and a clean layout that makes the page easy to read and navigate.

  • Break up the text: Use bullet points, quotes and visuals to keep the reading experience engaging.

  • Make it mobile-friendly: Ensure your page adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes for optimal browsing on any device.

Why do I need an about us page?

An about us page is crucial for establishing trust and connection with your audience. It provides visitors insight into your brand's story, mission and values, helping to humanize your business. This page can highlight your team, expertise and achievements, fostering a personal connection with potential customers. Transparency and authenticity on your about us page contribute to a positive brand image, making visitors more likely to engage, trust and choose your products or services. It's an opportunity to differentiate your brand and leave a lasting impression, emphasizing the people and principles behind your business.

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