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13 best corporate websites for inspiration

Best corporate website examples

Today, every business needs a strong corporate identity online, or get left behind. Having a well-designed corporate website is one way to improve your brand’s recognizability and distinguish your business in consumers’ minds, setting you apart from competitors.

To get you started, we’ve selected the best corporate websites—nearly all built on Wix—that exemplify what you must know about their web design to create one for your company. Thankfully, building with Wix not only means you can access business website templates and best website design templates that jumpstart creation, but also free tools to grow your online presence.

What is a corporate website?

A corporate website represents your company online. You design a corporate website with customers and clients in mind so that they can book services, communicate directly with the business and get better acquainted with the brand. Most corporate websites act as a digital calling card, showcasing the company profile, projects and activities.

corporate websites

13 best corporate websites

1. Wix

01. Wix

Wix provides a leading website creation platform to over 200 million users worldwide, including small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-creators. Wix designed their own corporate website (built on Wix) to convert site visitors into customers. A prominent call-to-action (CTA) “Get Started” centered above the fold is a great example of this.

The information architecture that flows from top to bottom also works well for the brand’s corporate website. The site menu is clearly categorized , so users can search for the Wix products and features they need, and quickly understand what they mean. Wix not only has an online presence, they represent one of the best business websites on the list. There are also plenty of Wix website examples to be inspired by.

Learn more about how to make a website with our extensive guide.

Wix corporate website

02. Lee Cooper

Contrary to popular belief, the Lee Cooper corporate website does not sell jeans; it sells a unique British denim story that spans a century. Site visitors can scroll through a highly detailed Our Story page and read about how the Lee Cooper brand dressed influential rock stars like the Rolling Stones and inspired global artists like Jane Birkin and Jean-Paul Goude. Users can also view recent marketing campaigns on the homepage and follow the company on social media using the accounts linked at the footer.

Tip: When making homepages, this is a great way to hook your audience as they enter the site.

Lee Cooper corporate website

03. VP Creative Agency

Both marketing and branding experts, VP Creative Agency welcomes site visitors on their homepage with a slideshow highlighting their most prominent work. Click on the hamburger menu, a classic web design element, to reach more site pages at the top right corner.

The accessibility tool built into the site makes this corporate website really stand out, and improves the user experience for all visitors. Choose a cognitive and learning profile that fits your needs, for example opting to have content read aloud or using a digital highlighter to maintain focus.

Tip: Try using Wix’s accessibility tool with helpful accessibility settings built right in.

According to Nir Horesh, Head of at SEO & Accessibility at Wix,

"As soon as the user makes their website accessible, the door to the population of people with disabilities, which includes about a billion people, opens. There is tremendous business potential here, alongside the creation of a space that everyone is welcome to take part in and enjoy."

Corporate website example

04. Power-Fact

Offering UPS maintenance, inverters and batteries, Power-Fact provides superior services and customer care for small businesses and their power supplies. They’ve packed their corporate website with informative content at every corner.

Visitors can also choose to speak directly with a representative from multiple entry points: You can send a message from their Contact Page or start a chat on the Messenger widget that links to their Facebook Business page. The footer contains an email address, phone number, physical address and working hours. In this line of business, direct communication matters and their website has fostered this for their global prospective customers around the world.

Tip: If you're opening your own store, explore these best eCommerce websites examples to get you started.

Power-Fact corporate website

05. Davydov Consulting

Davydov Consulting exemplifies a great corporate booking website and best website design. Built on Editor X, this fully responsive website engages prospective clients who need their own websites and invites them to call for a free consultation.

The site also houses user testimonials in English, German and French. Each review has its own page linking to the client’s website, demonstrating what Davydov Consulting can do. The company has received several Wix awards for accessibility, business excellence and web development, signaling DavyDov Consulting as a top contender in the industry.

DavyDov corporate website

06. The Green Shoot Institute

This corporate website is behind the app Plants + Perks, which the company created to help employers empower employees to live healthier lives. The site’s color scheme combines green and brown hues, complementary to the organization’s sustainability vision.

Companies can book a demo or workers can nominate them to sign up for a trial of the app. A Partners page even lists current brands using the app as social proof for their high demand.

The Green Shoot Institute corporate website

07. Orchard World

Founded over 30 years ago, Orchard World has become one of the UK's top fruit companies. Although customers already trust their products, having an already developed relationship with the brand, Orchard World remains invested in educating more people about their story via their About Us page.

They’ve designed every page to encourage site visitors to contact the company and engage with the products. You can register for a harvest tour on the homepage before the company invites you to follow their Instagram. In line with sustainable marketing, Orchard World also hones in on how the company meets their environmental goals via its vision statement page.

Corporate website example

08. The Greenwich Group

The Greenwich Group is a real estate investment company that takes pride in their client commitment and multi-million dollar projects. In fact, the group features these projects as well as prices in their online portfolio.

Since the group deals with influential real estate, their website has a page dedicated to company leadership. They’ve fully detailed each profile with educational and professional information.

The Greenwich Group corporate website

09. Max Profit Club

A captivating video of a professional brainstorm helps engage those visiting Max Profit Club’s corporate website. As you continue to scroll, you understand that this company takes business profitability very seriously.

Choose from a range of services on the site, including a two-hour business planning consultation and leadership training. The website also educates prospective clients before they craft their profitability plan.

Max Profit Club corporate website

10. Cheers 45L

Cheers 45L deals with a particular US tax provision known as the 45L New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit. Committed to this cause, they’ve designed their corporate website to inform site visitors about everything they need to claim up to $2,000 in federal funds. Thus, they link repeatedly to US government websites. A Q&A section below the fold answers some common questions, such as, “Who receives the $2,000 tax credit?”

Cheers 45L corporate website

11. IP Gennesis

Clients seek IP Gennesis’s services to refine business models and format effective strategies. IP Gennesis brings their intellectual property expertise to their corporate website, offering web pages for different services—trademark, patent, copyright and industrial design.

They also regularly update their company blog with content ranging from webinars to guides and news mentions. Search the archives and then share and comment on the posts.

Corporate website

12. Klean Job

Upon landing on this corporate website, a pop-up message greets visitors and asks them to subscribe to Klean Job’s newsletter. Click the X icon on the right hand corner to close the lightbox and enter the homepage.

Since Klean Jobs builds business authority on cleaning homes, they must show visual proof that they can get any job done. Thereby, the Gallery page offers visitors photos and videos of real clients with some before, in progress and after examples.

Klean Job corporate website

13. Hausman Graphics

Using the best web design trends, the Hausman Graphics corporate website balances a delicate visual weight with a sleek and clean aesthetic. Users experience the hover effect with certain elements on the page, gently nudging them to click.

Since the company offers several different services, when you click on the Services tab on the navigation bar, you get a drop-down menu. Select which of the three services you’d like to read more about and click on the main CTA fixed at the top to get a quote. This makes for fantastic graphic design websites inspiration.

Hausman Graphics corporate website

What makes a good corporate website?

A good corporate website is one that is informative, easy to use and visually appealing. It should accurately represent your company and its products or services, and it should be designed to meet the needs of your target audience.

Here are some of the key elements of a good corporate website:

High quality content

Your corporate website is a reflection of your business, so make sure it sends the right message. Your content needs to be high-quality and relevant to your target audience. This could include blog posts, case studies, white papers, or product descriptions. This is especially true of your homepage; it is essentially your company's online calling card. It should provide a brief overview of your business, including your mission statement, products or services, and contact information.

A user-friendly interface

When you're creating your corporate website, it should be easy to navigate and use. This means that the menus are clear and concise and that the pages load quickly. Think responsive design - make sure your website looks good and functions properly on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Corporate website design

This is the best way to tell your brand's story and create a strong, lasting impression. A corporate website doesn't need to be boring and stiff or conventional. Colors, shapes and other design elements can play a significant role in creating a positive user experience on a corporate website. By carefully selecting these elements, website designers can create a website that is visually appealing, easy to use, and memorable.

Why you need a corporate website

As a business owner, you can impact your brand with a corporate website. Your website and web design can increase your company’s credibility and help you achieve success regardless of industry.

Additionally, you need a strong digital marketing strategy for this type of website. Once you’ve optimized your website for search engines and driving traffic, your website becomes indispensable in promoting your business.

Learn more about the different types of websites you can create, from brutalist websites to more modern designs.

Corporate websites FAQ

What is a brand website compared to a corporate website?

A brand website focuses on showcasing a company's brand identity, values and products, often emphasizing visual and emotional elements to connect with consumers. A corporate website, on the other hand, provides comprehensive information about the company's structure, history, financials and investor relations, catering more to stakeholders and business-related interests.

What is a corporate vs commercial website?

What is a business vs corporate website?

What are some good corporate website templates to use?

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