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Portfolio website inspiration

Your portfolio website design is your way to showcase your brand. Get even more ideas from these inspiring portfolio examples.

Ayelet Raziel website

Ayelet Raziel

Pedro Campos website

Pedro Campos

Isobel Barber website

Isobel Barber

Sonja Van Duelman website

Sonja Van Duelman

Shinyoung Kim website

Shinyoung Kim

Something Good Studio website

Something Good Studio

The Robin Collective website

The Robin Collective

Sharon Radisch website

Sharon Radisch

Rafael Varona website

Rafael Varona

Yukai Du website

Yukai Du

Daniel Aristizabal website

Daniel Aristizabal

Ryan Haskins website

Ryan Haskins

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Get more web design inspiration from the Wix Blog

A pink-themed portfolio website homepage showing 3D tubes and shapes for colorful portfolio website inspiration.

Best portfolio websites

Check out this diverse selection of top portfolio website design ideas, all built on Wix. Inspire your own website creation by seeing how real professionals are showcasing their work.

A photographer’s website homepage featuring a photo her, a 3D sculpture and a branded business card giving fresh portfolio website design ideas.

20 portfolio website examples

Learn how creating a strong portfolio online is the most effective way to exhibit the complete span of your artwork to audiences, who might include curators and potential art collectors.

A photographers’ website showing 3 pages with their photos of people, the portfolio website inspiration is simple and clean.

17 inspiring personal site designs

Explore captivating personal website examples to enhance your online presence and showcase your skills & achievements.

Portfolio website inspiration FAQ

How can I make my portfolio website stand out?

When creating your portfolio website, keep in mind that you are not just creating a site, you’re showcasing who you are, as a professional and as a person. That’s why exploring portfolio website examples and seeing different kinds of portfolio designs is so crucial. To be able to stand out online you need to distinguish yourself from everyone else, show off who you are and explain how your work is different. A great place to start is by searching for portfolio website inspiration and incorporating pieces you like to your own site. You’ll see that in well designed portfolios the creators will have clear navigation, the portfolio will be user-centric and they will really let their work do the talking. You’ll also see that in online portfolio examples, creators will use the design itself to show off their personality. Also remember, a strong portfolio will usually show off projects with the best results, and don’t be afraid to share your process with visitors, it will make you seem more approachable and appealing.

Why is good design so important for portfolio websites?

Your portfolio website’s design can have a lot of impact on its success. Creating a strong portfolio design gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart from others, build credibility and trust with your audience and allows you to leave a lasting impression. Pro tip: when designing your portfolio site, keep performance in mind to give your viewers a great user experience.

What design trends work best for portfolio websites?

If you look for examples of graphic design portfolios, you’ll see that many of the best designed ones have a lot of common factors. Most of them will have a homepage bio as a strong start, to give visitors a good sense of who they are. Many of these portfolio examples also have a lot of interactivity, unusual design patterns, bold typography and a very minimalistic aesthetic. If you want to create or improve your portfolio website, and need design ideas or inspiration, you can always search for examples of portfolio websites and of course, check out the Wix Blog for more ideas and tips for making your site stand out.

What is the purpose of a portfolio website?

A portfolio website serves as your online identity and plays a huge role in your web presence. It functions as your personal web page dedicated to showcasing your work, projects and skills. It’s not just about displaying your work but also about personal branding, ensuring you present a polished and professional image while making a lasting impression on potential clients or employers. It’s more than a webpage – it’s your brand’s image or your very own online persona

What to include in a portfolio website?

When creating a professional portfolio website, think of it as your own creative playground. Show off your skills – whether it's graphic design, photography, or your latest artwork. The more diverse, the better. Organize your projects so they shine individually but also tell a cohesive story. And when it comes to color schemes – they are your key to making your site more visually appealing, just make sure they align with your work. Curate your content like you're arranging a gallery, and you’ll have a portfolio that's not just a showcase but a vibrant expression of your expertise.

How do I name my portfolio website?

When naming your portfolio website, choose a domain name that reflects your identity and professional focus. Opt for a name that is memorable, easy to spell, and closely aligned with your personal brand or the type of work you showcase. Keep it concise, avoiding complex or abstract terms, to make your domain name more memorable.

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Portfolio website inspiration

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