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An architectural firm’s website showing a building and architect working on plans, checking domain name availability for their website using Wix.
An architectural firm’s website showing a building and architect working on plans, checking domain name availability for their website using Wix.

Complete your domain name

Get the perfect domain extension to show what your site's about or where you’re located.


The most common domain extension, typically used by for-profit businesses.


An abbreviation of “information”. Often used for educational sites.


Short for “organization”. Commonly used by nonprofits and charities.


An abbreviation of “business”. Often used by for-profit businesses and companies.


Often associated with online businesses, startups and the world of tech.


An abbreviation of “company”. Makes a great alternative to .com.

Maximize your brand's impact within your domain

Communicate your site content or business location with the perfect domain extension.

A mobile view of a cream body wash product on an eCommerce store’s website highlighting the use of Wix for free web hosting.

Get free website hosting

Build your perfect website with dependable, scalable, and free web hosting for a high-performing online presence.

A ceramic decor’s website homepage and a smaller box with an email being prepared showing Wix’s custom email address solution.

Use a professional email address

Seize every opportunity to establish your brand with Wix's custom email address solutions for businesses.

Three designed website templates stacked like cards showing the ability to create different sites using the Wix website builder.

Create your website

Build a site that meets your business needs with our intuitive website builder & customizable templates.

Examples of the word “Flair” written and designed in different ways showing five options and icons for this business’ logo—made by the Wix Logo Maker.

Design your logo

Display your business name in style with a custom logo design that captures and reflects the essence of your brand.

How to choose the best domain name 

Follow these 5 simple steps to purchase your own domain name today:

  1. Keep it simple and easy to remember. 
    Choose a concise, memorable domain name. Avoid complex and wordy options.


  2. Make it unique.
    Check availability and choose a unique domain extension to stand out.


  3. Consider your target audience.
    Choose a domain name that's relevant, appealing, and optimized for SEO.


  4. Think about your brand image.
    Create a powerful brand identity with a name that reflects your values and personality.


  5. Stay open and creative.
    Avoid limitations and explore diverse extensions for more domain name possibilities.

Learn more about domains, 
subdomains and extensions

The homepage of a fashion brand’s website overlain by their domain name that they got through Wix’s domain finder.

Best tips for choosing a domain name

An eCommerce website choosing their domain name’s extension while using Wix’s domain checker.

ORG vs .COM vs .NET: Deciding on extensions

A brand called newwave is choosing their domain name extension against a purple backdrop with curved lilac lines.

TLDs guide: Understanding top-level domains

A beauty brand is conducting a domain search specifically for subdomains against a pink patterned backdrop.

Exploring subdomains: How to create and use

FAQ - Domain Name Search & Availability

Where can I get a domain name?

Wix is not only a certified registrar but also provides a secure and GDPR-compliant platform with SSL/TLS certificates for safe HTTPS information submission. Our web hosting service is reliable and provides top-notch domain security and safety for all of our users.

It's crucial to buy a domain name from a trusted registrar that specializes in internet domains to ensure you’re in good hands. With Wix, you can get a free domain when you purchase a premium plan.

How do I check if a domain name is available?

To check the availability of your desired domain name, simply enter the name and extension (e.g., .com, .net, .org) you want to register. Our domain availability search tool will let you know if the name is already taken or not. If it's unavailable, alternative options may be suggested. You can get information about unavailable domains, such as the domain owner and registration details using the Whois lookup tool.

What are TLDs, ccTLDs and gTLDs, and which one should I use for my domain?

TLDs (top-level domains) are the last part of a domain name, such as .com, .org, or .net. They are divided into two main categories: generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

gTLDs are generic domains that are not tied to a specific country or geographic location, such as .com, .org, .net, .edu, and .info. ccTLDs, on the other hand, are country-specific domains, such as .uk, .ca, .fr, or .au.

Using a ccTLD can indicate to visitors that your website is targeted at a specific country or region. This can be useful if you are running a local business or targeting a specific audience, and can also serve to help support your organic growth (SEO) efforts.

If you’re interested in learning more about the impact of TLDs on SEO, you can read this article or visit Wix's support page on domain name and SEO best practices.

Is .com the best option when it comes to domain extensions?

Using a well-known and established gTLD, such as .com, enhances your brand's credibility and trust, making it more reputable in the digital space. Additionally, it indirectly supports SEO, increases the potential resale value of your domain, and remains the most commonly sought-after extension for businesses.

However, securing your preferred domain name can be as important as a .com extension. Using a more specific extension, such as .store, .art or .fitness, can help you find the name you’re looking for and make your site easier for people to remember.

Is it recommended to secure multiple extensions for my domain name?

Registering multiple domain extensions for your website, such as .com, .net, and .org along with your chosen TLD will redirect visitors back to your main website. Registering multiple extensions may help you capture sit traffic that might otherwise be lost, and help prevent your visitors from visiting the wrong website.

Registering a ccTLD, or country specific extension, such as, .ca, or .de can help you expand your online presence globally, target local audiences, and help you secure your preferred TLD in new geographies.

What are expiring domain names?

Expiring domain names are names that are currently unavailable, but whose registration is due to expire soon, making them available for purchase. Wix domains also offers an auto-renewal option, You can find the domain renewal date of a domain you’ve purchased through Wix on your account page, under the premium subscriptions tab.

What domain extensions can I get with my free domain name?

Your free domain voucher is valid for a complete domain extension list, including: .com, .net, .org, .art, .at, .biz, .blog, .club, .coach, .fit, .fitness, .fun, .info, .live, .online, .pictures, .rocks, .space, .shop, .site, .store, .studio, .training, .work, .xyz, .yoga, as well as country codes, .ca, .ch,, .in, .nl and .de.

How to search and use the domain name tool?

To search for a domain name, you can use a domain checker or domain finder tool, which allows you to see if the domain you want is available and provides suggestions for similar domain names.

Wix offers a user-friendly search tool that you can access directly from our website. To use the tool, simply enter the domain name you want into the search bar and click "Search." If the domain is available, you can add it to your cart and proceed with the registration process. If the domain is already taken, the tool will provide suggestions for similar domain names that may be available.

Get the right domain name
to build your online presence.

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