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Tasteful restaurant website design examples

Explore pages of sizzling restaurant website examples—created by real Wix users. Get inspired and design your own.

Clever chefs website

Clever chefs

Festela Store website

Festela Store

Heavenly fresh website

Heavenly fresh

Chunk cookies uk website

Chunk cookies

Slow dough pizzas website

Slow dough pizzas

Truly Craft Chocolate website

Truly Craft Chocolate

Karen's Diner website

Karen's Diner

Burrito Libre website

Burrito Libre

L'Epicurieux website


Eat Campione website

Eat Campione

Inners website


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Restaurant website templates designed for you

Choose from a selection of the best restaurant website templates, strategically prepared and served to help your site stand out.

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We’ve fired up more restaurant website ideas from the Wix Blog

Elements of an asian restaurants online assets including their restaurant web design, the pink and orange color theme and social media buttons.

How To Create Websites for Restaurants

The complete, appetizer-to-dessert guide on how to create and launch a stunning restaurant website. Customize one of our templates or build it à la carte.

Three screens placed on top of one another like cards showing restaurant website designs with white and black backgrounds and pictures of vegetables as the main image.

15 Restaurant Website Examples

Get design inspiration from these stunning restaurant websites with all the bells and whistles to keep customers coming back for seconds.

A white logo for a restaurant called “ater” against a burgundy background showing the Wix Logo Maker’s capabilities.

A top restaurant logo: the secret sauce

Check out this list of top web design examples for the best mobile features and practices to keep in mind when building your website.

Restaurant website design FAQ

How can I make my Wix restaurant website stand out?

When creating websites for restaurants, there are several easy ways to give your customers a stand-out experience. In addition to having a site that looks great, there are important functionalities that enhance the customer experience and make it easier for them to engage with your business. The most important feature for your website is a professional, easy-to-use online menu. This enables customers to check out your menu ahead of time as well as utilize your takeout and delivery options. Customers also love to be rewarded for their patronage, so a loyalty program goes a long way to incentivize consistency. Lastly, a 24/7 reservation system gets your tables booked faster and more efficiently—even after hours.

What are the latest restaurant website design trends?

Bold colors, illustrations, and large pictures are effective design tactics for a restaurant website. In other words, strong branding with a clear point of view. But beyond visual trends, there are a few pro moves that will not only make your site more visually appealing but also improve the user experience. At the top of that list is the inclusion of menu item images to complement the written descriptions. This enables customers to have a visual of each dish to gain more clarity on what it is. Additionally, the use of QR codes enables in-person patrons to access your site and online menu.

Why is website design for restuarants crucial?

The internet is a visual medium, so it’s essential to make sure the design of your site is cohesive and fits with your brand. Having a polished online presence allows you to earn new customers and expand your reach—even when your tables are all booked. Maximize your profits and beat out the competition with a site that is as fully realized and dynamic as your brick-and-mortar restaurant. Browse through our restaurant website examples to get inspired on how to make your design pop.

Ready to turn inspiration into reality?

Restaurant website inspiration

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