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Business website design ideas

Explore a collection of business website designs that showcase innovative design and functionality. Find inspiration and ideas to customize your website according to your company's goals and unique needs.

Coco Gonser photography website

Coco Gonser Photography

Ivy Chen website

Ivy Chen

Verti Grow website

Verti Grow

Ride 88 website

Ride 88

Grand Holland website

Grand Holland

Zelie for she website

Zelie for she

William LaChance website

William LaChance

Bodyrock Bootcamp website

Bodyrock Bootcamp

Domes Charlevoix website

Domes Charlevoix

Naturellement Cosy website

Naturellement Cosy

Dogs Of Charm City website

Dogs Of Charm City

Veronica Solomon website

Veronica Solomon

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Small business website design example showing an eco-friendly paper cup ecommerce website.

Small business website examples

Check out this list of some of the best small business website examples, and learn how successful businesses are creating professional, engaging and memorable websites.

A small business website design example showing a pink and gray eCommerce clay store’s website.

How to create a pro business website

Discover step-by-step guidelines and expert tips on building a professional business website that represents your brand effectively.

A business website design example of the home page of a finance business’ website, featuring a blue theme with cylindrical abstract shapes.

Corporate web design: top tips & inspo

Explore corporate website design best practices and gain inspiration from successful examples to create a powerful online presence for your business.

Business website design FAQ

How does color impact the design of my business website?

Color influences emotions, creates visual hierarchy, and reinforces brand identity on your business website.

How do I choose a professional domain name for my business website?

Choosing a domain name for your business website is an important decision. To find the perfect name, we recommend using our domain tool, which helps you search for simple, relevant, and memorable domain names that align with your business.

How do you structure a business website?

Designing your business website is like crafting a story – it needs a logical flow. Begin with a welcoming homepage that introduces visitors to what you're all about. Organize key sections like products or services, an about us page, and clear contact details. Think of the footer as the quiet hero at the bottom of your page, housing essential info like contact details, links to your privacy policy, terms of service, and perhaps social media icons. And don't forget to invite visitors to join your newsletter if you have one – keep the conversation going.

How can I make my business website stand out?

Whether you have a small business or a large business, you can help your site to stand out by following these rules. Keep the design simple and fresh, it will help visitors digest your content and navigate your site more easily. It’s also important to properly reflect your brand identity so that people know right away when they come to your site who you are and what they can expect from your business. Many great business website examples are also optimized for any screen size, so that no matter where people are seeing your site, it looks great. And finally, the main thing to keep in mind when planning your website’s design, is to be unique. There are thousands of sites out there, so try to create a user experience that will be different and will stick in visitors’ minds.

Why is web design important for business websites?

When it comes to the design of your business website, it’s about more than just looking great. The design itself has many functions from making a good first impression, to improving conversion from SEO and other traffic. The best company websites out there put a lot of focus on their design. If you went into a store that had mismatched signs, and paint peeling off the walls, you wouldn't think it was the most professional place. The same thing goes for websites. By creating a cohesive brand look and viewing experience on your sites you can build trust with your clients. To have visitors stay on your site, and continue coming back, you need good design. One of the best ways to find some good business website design ideas, is to check out your competitors and see what works for them, see what entices you to read more, and use that for inspiration. Also, depending on what kind of business you have, you can look at small business website examples or larger company website examples and see different tactics used by different size businesses. Pro tip: when designing your business website, keep performance in mind to give your viewers a great user experience.

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Business website design

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