Accessibility Guides and Resources

Discover these helpful guides that provide even more information on how you can improve your site’s accessibility.

Add Descriptions to Images 

Provide information about the media on your site for search engines and screen readers.

Prepare Text and Graphics

Increase accessibility for visitors with limited vision by adjusting text color, background and more

Set Your Site’s Hierarchy 

Help web browsers and screen readers understand how to present the content on your site.

Set Your Site’s Language

Let assistive technologies interpret your site correctly by setting the language.

Add Captions and Subtitles

Make videos and audio accessible to all site visitors with audio transcripts and subtitles.

Choose Clear Fonts

Understand which fonts you should consider using so your site can be easily read.

Optimize for Screen Readers

Prepare the order of your website for the most commonly used screen readers.

Enable Visual Indicators

Visual indicators are blue rectangles that appear around interactive elements.

Include an Accessibility Statement

Describe your site’s policy, goals, and accomplishments related to accessibility.

Make Document Files Accessible

Allow visitors to access PDF and Word documents on your site.

Create an Accessible Website Designed for Everyone

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