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Top 20 most popular types of blogs in 2024

Top 20 Most Popular Types of Blogs in 2021

There are 600 million active blogs on the Internet, (the blogosphere) accounting for one-third of all the websites published. Starting off as online personal diaries, blogs have evolved dramatically over the last two decades to become influential sources of information on virtually any topic.

You can create a blog to inspire, to educate, or to connect with others. But blogging is not just for your readers. It’s also for yourself. There’s a lot of gratification that comes with expressing yourself in new, digital forms by learning how to make a website. Finally, when you start growing your readership, blogging can become a sustainable stream of revenue. There are plenty of creative ways to monetize your blog as it grows, from affiliate links to banner advertising, to self-publishing and sponsored posts.

Whichever your motivation, there’s one golden rule to follow: choose a topic you are deeply passionate about. After all, passion is infectious. The more engaged you are with your subject, the easier it will convey your ideas, opinions, and emotions—and engage your readers with you.

To help you get started, we’ve narrowed down the list of the top 20 most popular types of blogs, plus real Wix user examples and website types. Whether it’s food or fashion, we hope you’ll find a topic you’re excited about and feel a calling to contribute to.

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Best types of blogs to create:

01. Food blogs

Food blogs come in several flavors. On the one hand, there are the food critics, who go from one restaurant table to the next, tasting different dishes and narrating their experiences. On the other hand, there’s the cooking and baking enthusiasts. They document their recipes—from the ingredients they use to the steps they follow—and share them with their communities through articles, photos and videos.

These types of blogs come with much competition. Therefore, many foodies have chosen a specific blog niche to stand out—such as Pasta Grammar, which specializes in Italian recipes.

Know that the work also comes with great perks. Critics often get to dine for free at restaurants. If you’re more on the cooking side, you may meet opportunities to publish cookbooks and collaborate with food networks. Despite the competition food blogging is a great way to build a food loving online community of like minded people.

Topics you can write about:

  • Recipes

  • Reviews (restaurants, culinary products, fooding trends)

  • Healthy eating guides

Ready to cook up success? Try one of these free food blog templates.

types of blogs: food blogs example from Pasta Grammar

02. Travel blogs

Before planning a trip, we tend to do a lot of research on both Google and social media. Therefore, the demand for reading other people's travel reviews is high. If you’re a globetrotter and a freelancer, consider this type of outlet. You can start with an insider’s guide on places to explore near you, offering reasons to visit your very own hometown, region or country.

We recommend honing in on a travel niche, whether it’s a type of hotel (luxury hotels, hostels, etc.), a kind of trip (backpacking, camping, etc.) or a geographical area. For instance, the blogger behind Chasing Buffaloes and Beyond focuses on national parks. This makes her an expert and a trustworthy source to readers.

Dave Grohl said, "No one is you, and that is your power." It’s true that almost all corners of the world have been written about, but they have not been written about by you. People will experience your destinations through your eyes. Help them get to know you and the reasons you like traveling with an intriguing About Me page.

On top of the recognition, some successful bloggers get free hotel stays or even sponsored travel experiences and can also generate income through ads on their site. When it comes to travel, you might even consider making a multilingual blog based on your location, and the relevant languages. Learn how to make a multilingual blog to expand your reach.

Topics you can write about:

  • Destination recommendations

  • Activity itineraries

  • Local guides on hotels and restaurants

Whenever you’re ready to take off, explore these travel blog templates and read our guide on how to start a travel blog (+ get paid doing it).

Types of blogs: travel blog example from Chasing Buffaloes

03. Health and fitness blogs

The most common New Year's resolution is to exercise more and lose weight. Yet, less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. What about giving your readers an extra push of motivation? Blogging is a great way to share your insight on at-home workouts and eating best practices while going direct to your consumer.

Start by making a list of your own routines and habits, and turn them into guides filled with exact steps. For obvious reasons, people expect to find videos on these types of blogs, so buying a decent camera and using Wix Video is sometbhing to consider when you begin.

Writing a wellness and sports blog can be the beginning of a very fruitful journey. You can follow the steps of certified personal trainers and dietitians such as Nora Minno and use a scheduling software to increase clientele. Other bloggers also sell workout guides, diet recipe ebooks, supplements and workout apparel.

Topics you can write about:

  • Workout routines

  • Weight loss guides

  • Special diets and recipes (Keto, Paleo, low-calorie meals)

Jump right in with these dynamic sports and wellness blog templates.

health and fitness blog example of Nora Minno

04. Lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle blogs are the new magazines. As we once flipped through pages, nowadays, we scroll for inspiration. Lifestyle bloggers create multimedia centered content around their daily lives. Therefore, these types of blogs often integrate vlogs (video blogs) to engage their audience and to show their expertise. These bloggers later tend to partner with brands as micro-influencers.

For example, Laura Baross focuses on sustainable living and design. Her interests and opinions vary from topics such as second-hand fashion to compostable toothbrushes. Maybe you don’t identify as an environmentalist, but you surely have something that makes your own lifestyle inspiring.

Topics you can write about:

  • Daily life and interests across fashion, home decor and food

  • Hobbies

  • Personal lessons and advice, great for listicle content too

Here is a sleek and stylish lifestyle blog template to express who you are.

Types of blogs: lifestyle blog by Laura Baross

05. Fashion and beauty blogs

Like words, fashion is a way we express ourselves. No surprise, there are almost as many fashion blogs as there are fashionistas in this world. Some are about luxury, others about streetwear, and some others even specialize in recycled textiles. They all offer outfit inspiration, trend updates and insider reviews. For example, Olivia + Laura offer straightforward advice for keeping up with trends.

Fashion blogs represent a lot of work, but they can pay off with invites to exclusive events and fashion shows. The perks don’t end there. Free clothing and beauty products are often gifted in exchange for promotion. If these benefits sparked your interests, you could start by putting together an eye-catching outfit, photographing it, and writing how you’ve decided to pair those items and colors together. Consider adding a link to the worn items. Readers might want to replicate and shop your look.

Topics you can write about:

  • Fashion trends

  • Outfit of the day inspirations

  • Product reviews

Put your unique style in the spotlight with one of our fashion and beauty blog templates.

fashion blog example by Olivia + Laura

06. Photography blogs

A good picture is worth (writing) a thousand blog posts. Okay, maybe not 1,000, but have no doubt, people want to hear the story behind your stunning photos. With your photography blog, you’re not only displaying your latest work, but you’re also attracting new customers to your services, workshops or art store.

On top of potential customers coming to your blog, other photography creators and peers might also want to learn from your expertise, such as the camera and settings you used. For instance, the Wix Photography Blog is centered around empowering creators as it shares inspirational examples and photo guides.

Topics you can write about:

  • Photoshoot ideas by genres (nature, portrait, fashion, etc.)

  • Photography equipment and software reviews

  • Photo editing techniques and tutorials

Create a beautiful photo blog with this photography blog template.

image of the Wix photography blog

07. Personal blogs

A personal blog allows you to bring out the storyteller within you by basing your content on real-life experiences and perspectives. When you create content, it might resemble a diary entry and will be written in the first person. You can choose to write about diverse topics or hone in on your interests. As you design your blog, make it personal and make sure it really represents you and your goals for the blog.

To help make your blog unique, choose a domain name that includes your name in it to position yourself as a thought leader in your space. For example, LiveByDanielle placed herself in her blog name and built a brand around her. She uses personal stories when she writes about travel, food and fashion to make herself more personable and relatable to her readers.

These types of blogs have endless opportunities for originality and creativity. All it needs is your personal touch.

Topics you can write about:

  • Personal stories

  • Daily life and interests

  • Personal development

When you’re ready to share your personality with the world, try one of these many personal blog templates.

LiveByDanielle personal blog example

08. DIY craft blogs

Unsure if there’s a market for DIY crafters on the web? The success of Pinterest and Esty should reassure you otherwise (see how to use Pinterest for blogging). Do-It-Yourself creators use materials such as wood, metal, fabric and sewing to make unique items.

Since DIY projects require plenty of steps, craft blogging is a useful outlet to communicate with readers. In the communication process, make sure you are very organized and linear. To do that, incorporate videos and many step-by-step photos to help visual learners follow. Happy Bankky Crafty Mom did this successfully by seamlessly embedding her YouTube channel videos into her blog posts.

Now we’ve seen some inspo, and it’s time to find your first project. Is there something you made recently and thought, “I must share it”? Re-create it and document each step.

Topics you can write about:

  • Home decor

  • Paper crafts

  • Sewing projects

Get inventive as you customize your art and crafts blog template.

DIY craft blog made by Happy Bankky Crafty Mom

09. Parenting blogs

Parenting has been practiced for thousands of years, yet it’s still the most stressful job in the world. That’s why new moms and dads regularly turn to blogs when in search of tips and advice.

Followed by over 117,000 followers on Instagram, Laura Gimbert is both a very successful mom and blogger. On her blog Mom Boss Life, she tackles without any filter all the aspects of becoming a mother, from the postpartum body changes and recovery to some most-needed time management tips.

Laura hit the right nail by alternating very detailed articles answering questions her readers are facing (also known as “pillar posts” in the blogging jargon), with fresh and entertaining “we’ve all been here” shorter posts. If you’re interested in starting a parenting blog, this editorial strategy is definitely an excellent way to go.

Unsurprisingly, parenting blogs are filled with articles about toys and toddler accessories recommendations. After all, parents love to make purchases for their little loved ones, and don’t necessarily have the time to benchmark all the existing options. This is where your knowledge comes in handy. Review the goods thoroughly, providing as much information as you can, and don’t forget to add some affiliate links to Amazon or other online shops for ways to monetize your blog.

Topics you can write about:

  • Parenting tips and advice

  • Reviews and recommendations of baby food, clothes or toys

  • Child behavior management

Make life easier for other parents with our family blog template.

 Mom Boss Life parenting blog example

10. Music blogs

Music connects people offline and online. In the digital space, artists, fans and critics gather on music blogs to discuss all aspects of the art form. Musicians and producers like Make Pop Music discuss music creation and lyric writing. People come to his blog to read about tricks of the trade from an authentic source. With the help of Wix Music's audio streaming, musicians can share their work on their blog.

If you fall into the music fan or critic bucket, choosing a specific genre such as hip hop, rock or country music can help you stand out and become the go-to place for readers. Although a lot of research is involved with these types of blogs when staying up to date with song releases, artist news and more, it might just earn you free VIP passes to report on upcoming exclusive music events.

Topics you can write about:

  • Music charts

  • Music creation technology

  • Artists, songs, and albums news and reviews

Share your voice with this expressive music blog template.

music blog example by Make Pop Music

11. Business blogs

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of the world attribute their success to continually reading. Where do they stay updated? Many professionals turn to business blogs to sharpen their industry knowledge, uncover the latest news, and learn of the challenges happening in a selected field. For example, Leading Conflict addresses how to deal with conflict in the workplace.

Other business bloggers focus more specifically on one function, such as B2B marketing blogs. Positioning themselves as experts in the field, they can sell gated e-books to people wanting more detailed guidance.

Whichever your audience is and what you write about, decide which voice you will use. Will it be casual and fun or more authoritative and academic? Once you craft your unique approach, people will want to bookmark you and come back to read more.

Topics you can write about:

  • Business trends

  • Interview industry leaders

  • Market analysis

  • Digital marketing, content marketing

  • Customer relationship management

Share your knowledge with one of our business blog templates.

business blog example of Leading Conflict: How to fight at work

12. Art and design blogs

Think of an art or design blog as an extension of your creativity. Regardless of the art medium you use, you can build a “digital museum” displaying your work. But art blogs are not just for exhibiting and discussing art. Consider offering your own courses and tutorials to other creatives looking to learn new skills, as Brit dot Design does.

To help enroll more interested learners, make sure you share your qualifications and unique experiences in your About Me section.

Topics you can write about:

  • Story behind artwork

  • Art and design tutorials

  • Artist interviews

These art and design blog templates are here to help bring your creativity to life.

art and design blog Revolutionary Artist user example

13. Book and writing blogs

Avid readers and writers don’t just spend their time buried in novels. They can also be found on literature blogs discussing book summaries and reviews, grammar and style questions, and sharing writing tips. But they don’t all end up at the same place. These writing and book blogs often split into fiction or nonfiction.

Some wordsmiths even sell published work or offer copywriting services on their site. If you’re not yet a professional writer, you can start a blog by offering writing tips that have helped you, like author K.P. Holochwost has done. See our full guide here on how to start a writing blog.

Topics you can write about:

  • Writing tips

  • Book reviews and recommendations

  • Author interviews

Write away with this book blog template.

book and writing example by KP Holochwost

14. Personal finance blogs

With great power comes great responsibility. As a personal finance blogger, you should inform and educate your readers with the most accurate money-saving tips. ScreenWealth offers tips for investing and helping people grow their financial literacy.

Finance blog experts said it's critical to first gain credibility and build relationships before focusing on monetization methods. There is no overnight success, and building trust can take time. The best way to begin is with relatable and actionable guidance. Did you learn any critical financial lessons you can transform into an informative first post?

Topics you can write about:

  • Loans and debt

  • Retirement

  • Investing

Help people save with this personal finance blog template.

ScreenWealth blog example of personal finance blog

15. Interior design blogs

Did interior designers coin the phrase "Home sweet home"? We wouldn't be surprised. Talented home decor bloggers give guidance on beautifying houses or businesses with furniture, accessories, color schemes and wall art via their interior design blogs. When they are not decorating a physical space, designers such as Lux Living Weekly also teach online design workshops. Offering interior design services and selling decor products are common in this community.

Consider making yourself an expert rather than a jack-of-all-trades. Many interior design bloggers found success by specializing in designing specific areas such as nurseries, bachelor pads or studios. Can you think of a niche you'd want to be known for? This is something you can work towards with time. You can always start with the experience you already have. If you've designed a space that you can showcase post before-and-after photos and explain the style and color choices you made.

Topics you can write about:

  • Design guides

  • Decorating tips for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms

  • Inspiration for specific holidays or seasons

Display your artistic expertise with this style and design blog template.

Interior design blog made by Lux Living Weekly

16. Sports blogs

There are 8,000 different kinds of sports which give you a lot of options to choose from when starting these types of blogs. You can either narrow-in on one type of sport or cover several (just not all 8,000). In the case of Kollege Sports, the writer focuses primarily on college football and basketball.

Once you've decided your sports category, pick a team or athlete for your first post. You can also write about the history of the physical activity or game (see how to start a gaming blog) and why you believe it's risen to popularity. If you are more of a talker and less of a writer, consider starting a podcast and integrating it into your sports coverage.

To grow your readers or listeners, make sure your content is valuable and engaging by offering your original perspective on topics. Also, try to link to other reputable sports websites to build trust with your readers. Showing you've done your research will make you more credible and hopefully bring people back to your sports blog.

Topics you can write about:

  • Game recaps and stats

  • Athlete specific news

  • Upcoming drafts

Get in the game with this sports blog and podcast template.

example of a sports blog by Kollege sports

17. News blogs

Today, the news doesn’t just get reported on TV, radio and large publications, but also on independent blogs. News posts keep readers informed and up-to-date on critical issues on a local, national or even global level and is a new form of journalism.

MaxNewsToday has chosen to focus on national news and does so in the form of a social commentary. It’s recommended to begin with local news to get a more tailored audience and niche when starting.

It is best practice to optimize these types of blogs by choosing SEO-friendly topics. You can do this through trend tracking tools such as Google Trends to understand what pressing issues people are searching for. Once you finish this step and have content under your belt, you can submit posts to news press releases to help your blog gain more traction.

Topics you can write about:

  • Entertainment

  • Technology

  • Business and entrepreneurship

Address the current affairs that matter to you with this news blog template.

news blog example by MaxNewsToday

18. Movie blogs

Do you go to the movies for the popcorn or to analyze the directors' use of cinematography, plot development and musical scores? If you fall into the latter, maybe you're ready to get cast for the role of "movie blogger."

When you begin a film blog, consider choosing a movie genre such as rom-coms, horror movies or classical movies, as Jay's Classic Movie Blog has done. In Jay's blog, you'll notice he followed the best practice of using many images. After all, film lovers are visual people, so keep them engaged with videos and rich photos on these types of blogs.

Topics you can write about:

  • Upcoming movies and trailers

  • Fan favorites reviews

  • Interviews

Ready to get the show on the road? Try this movie blog template.

movie blog example by Jay's Classic Movie blog

19. Religion blogs

84% of the globe identifies with a religious group. This number explains the mass reach that faith bloggers have when they share their religious beliefs online. The Buddha's Words, for instance, is dedicated to providing a Buddhist education to those interested in learning more.

Some religious bloggers choose a more specific niche, such as narrowing their spiritual content to focus on marriage, gender, parenting or even business. As religion can be a personal matter, testimonials are incorporated into podcasts and interviews to help bring people’s experiences to life.

Is there a particular event in your life that made you more of a believer? Consider turning that story into your first blog post. And after you’ve published the article, keep Pinterest in mind as a promotion outlet, as it's been reported to be a strong source of conversion for religion blogs.

Topics you can write about:

  • Prayers and daily verses

  • Inspirational personal stories

  • Traditions and practices

Tell your divine story with this religious blog template.

religion blog example by Scouting Grace

20. Political blogs

There are places where talking about politics is more appropriate than others. A definite safe place to do so is on a political blog. Whether you're a conservative or liberal, writing a political blog can give you the freedom to be as controversial or biased as you wish. The Gen Z Post, for example, gives young journalists the space to voice their opinions on current events.

Is there a cause you are incredibly passionate about? Maybe your calling is sustainability, U.S. Congress or immigration. Just ask yourself which topics you naturally tend to bring up. Once you decide on a topic and start a blog, assign different categories for your content to make it easy for your readers to navigate your site and find the most relevant sections they are looking for.

Topics you can write about:

  • Report political and election news

  • Criticize or advocate for political people or policies

  • Fight for social justice

Freely express your political opinions with one of these blog templates.

political blog example by The Gen Z Post

What type of blog is best for you?

Blogging is crucial to build your brand's voice and community, and allows you to expand your reach to a relevant audience who might otherwise not know you exist.

Judit Ruiz Ricart, Team Lead of Blog Growth at Wix

When it comes to choosing what type of blog you want to write, there are many factors to consider. First of all, think about your target audience. Who are you writing for? What are their interests? What problems are they trying to solve? Once you understand that, you can tailor your content to meet their needs.

It's also important to consider your own goals for your blog. Do you want to make money from your blog? Do you want to build a community? Do you want to use your blog to promote your business? Once you know your goals, you can choose a niche that will help you achieve them.

Within each blogging niche, there are many different sub-niches to choose from. For example, within the health and fitness niche, you could blog about weight loss, muscle building, nutrition or fitness training. Think about the sub-niche you could write about every day...and choose that as the focus of your blog.

At the end of the day, the best type of blog is the one that you're most excited about creating and sharing with the world. If you're passionate about your blog, it will show in your writing and your audience will be able to tell.

Types of blogs FAQ

What are the 5 types of blog?

There are five main types of blogs:

  • Personal blogs: These blogs are written by individuals who share their personal thoughts, experiences and opinions.

  • Business blogs: These blogs are written by businesses to promote their products or services, provide customer support or establish thought leadership in their industry.

  • Niche blogs: These blogs focus on a specific topic or interest, such as travel, food, fashion or gaming.

  • Affiliate blogs: These blogs generate income by promoting products or services from other businesses.

  • Multi-author blogs: These blogs have multiple contributors who write about a variety of topics.

What are the 3 main blogging styles?

What type of blogs are trending?

Which blog types make the most money?

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