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Boost your online sales with Apple Pay 

Grow your business by optimizing store conversions. Add Apple Pay through Wix Payments to let online shoppers check out faster—with just a touch or a glance.

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Convert shoppers into customers with Apple Pay

Attract customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Higher conversion rates

Reduce abandoned carts by providing your customers more ways to pay. Add Apple Pay throughout their shopping journey on your product page, cart and at checkout.

Secure transactions

Enhance customers’ privacy and security with every payment made. Each transaction is immediately authenticated by your customer with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode.

Fast checkout

Get shoppers to buy your products faster with just a touch or a glance. Customers don’t need to fill out their details at checkout.

Loyal customers

Engage users by offering them their preferred payment method on Apple devices they use every day. Draw customers back to your business by letting them shop with Apple Pay.

How to add Apple Pay

You can easily add Apple Pay to your store with Wix Payments, our native payment provider.


Create your Wix Payments account

To accept Apple Pay, you need to get verified by Wix Payments for debit/credit card payments. Follow our checklist.


Add Apple Pay

From your settings, under Wix Payments, switch the Apple Pay toggle on. 


Start selling

Once your Wix Payments account is verified, you’re all set to accept payments.

Manage everything from a single dashboard

With Wix Payments, you can handle your entire business from one place. 

Multiple payment options

Let your customers pay how they like with Wix Payments. Accept credit/debit cards, Apple Pay and other popular payment methods at checkout.

A single setup process

Connect Wix Payments and add Apple Pay in one setup flow. Once your account is verified, you can receive payments for Apple Pay.

One, integrated dashboard

Track all sales and payments from one dashboard, including store orders, inventory and payouts. Monitor every transaction with tailored business reports.

Personalized payout schedule

Get paid directly to your bank account on a custom payout cycle. Pick from a daily, weekly or monthly cycle to manage your business’ cash flow easily.

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One processing fee

Get a fixed processing fee for your business based on your revenue, business location and payment method. No additional fees are charged for accepting Apple Pay.




How does Apple Pay work?

Apple Pay works with devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac, using a Safari browser only. The Apple Pay button will automatically be displayed to Apple users on your store so they can make a purchase instantly. 


How do I set up Apple Pay for my store?

To add Apple Pay to your store, you’ll need to connect Wix Payments to start accepting credit/debit card payments. 

From your dashboard on desktop:

  1. Go to Settings > Accept Payments

  2. Select Accept Credit/Debit cards with Wix > Connect

  3. Make sure the Apple Pay toggle is on

  4. Follow Wix Payments’ setup checklist

If you’re already connected to Wix Payments, you can easily add Apple Pay from your dashboard on desktop:

  1. Go to Settings > Accept Payments

  2. Under Wix Payments, by Apple Pay > click Accept

The Apple Pay button will be displayed on your cart and at checkout. If you’d like the button to appear on your product pages, you can add it from your product page settings.


Which devices support Apple Pay?

Customers with a suitable Apple device can use Apple Pay. Check out some of Apple's supported devices


How do I disconnect Apple Pay from my store?

If you’d like to remove Apple Pay from your store, you can manage it from settings in your Wix Payments account. Switch the Apple Pay toggle on and off when you like. To remove Apple Pay from your product pages, you can update it from your product page settings

Note that if you disconnect Wix Payments, then Apple Pay will automatically be disconnected from your store too.


In which countries and currencies is Apple Pay available on Wix?

Apple Pay is available on Wix in the following countries and currencies:

  • Austria (EUR)

  • Belgium (EUR)

  • Canada (CAD)

  • Finland (EUR)

  • Germany (EUR)

  • Ireland (EUR)

  • Italy (EUR)

  • Lithuania (EUR)

  • Netherlands (EUR)

  • Portugal (EUR)

  • Spain (EUR)

  • Switzerland (CHF)

  • United Kingdom (GBP)

  • United States (USD)


I don’t have an online store. Can I add Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is currently available for Wix Stores users only and will soon be available for additional Wix products, like Bookings, Events and Restaurants. Note that this feature isn’t available for merchants using the Wix Owner app only.


What types of businesses are supported by Apple Pay?

First, make sure your business type is supported by reviewing Wix Payments' Prohibited Products and Services List. Your business also needs to meet Apple Pay Web Merchant Terms and Conditions and Apple Pay’s Acceptable Use Guidelines.


What are the processing fees?

Apple Pay operates as part of our native payment solution, Wix Payments. With Wix Payments, you'll pay one processing fee based on your revenue, business location and payment method. No additional fees are charged to accept Apple Pay.

View Wix Payments’ processing rates here.


Does Apple Pay meet PSD2 requirements in the EU and UK?

Apple Pay already provides Strong Customer Authentication (2 factors) to meet PSD2 regulations and keep your checkout frictionless. You won’t need to add 3DS for Apple Pay transactions.


What else do I need to know about Wix Payments or Apple Pay?

Learn more about Apple Pay, review Apple Pay’s Web Merchant Terms and Conditions or read about Wix Payments’ Terms and Conditions for your region:​

  • Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States: Wix; Adyen; Stripe

Apple, Apple Pay, Face ID, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Safari and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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