• Access Variants with New Wix Stores Variants Collection

    Like other Stores collections, you can now access and query Variants - combinations of product options - using Velo and the Content Manager. Learn more
  • Edit Orders from the Wix Owner App

    Now you can update customer emails and shipping addresses from the order screen in the app.

  • Sell on Amazon

    Add Amazon as a sales channel to your Wix Store and manage orders and inventory from your Wix dashboard. Learn more

  • Stores: New Price per Unit Data Fields Added

    Price per unit data fields have been added to APIs that return product objects or product variant objects. Learn more
  • Invite Your Team to Become Call Agents

    Boost your customer service by giving multiple agents the ability to make and answer calls on your business phone number at the same time. Available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more
  • Improve Customer Service with Call Recordings

    Record calls made to your business phone number and review them any time. Call recordings are seamlessly integrated into your CRM, and you can listen to them from your Inbox. Available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more
  • Easily Add Your Products and Services to Invoices

    Streamline your invoice creation process by easily adding your products and services with a drop-down menu. Learn more
  • Customize Invoices to Fit Your Business Needs

    Brand your invoices, personalize the text and add custom fields to give your customers more details about their purchases. Learn more

  • New Backend Events for Coupons API

    Write code that is triggered when a coupon is created, updated, deleted or applied using new Coupons API backend events. Learn more
  • Stores: New API for Canceled/Refunded Orders

    You can now write code that is triggered when an order is canceled and/or refunded using onOrderRefunded() and onOrderCanceled() backend events. Learn more