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Fast and Professional Online Invoice Maker

Wix Invoice Generator lets you create custom invoices for your business—free. Enter your contact info, add client details and describe your billing items. When you’re done, send your invoice directly to clients** or download a PDF copy from your email.


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1. Wix Invoice Generator is a payment request system, not an accounting service. You and your business retain sole responsibility for ensuring any invoice issued with this online invoice maker meets the legal requirements for your state/province and/or country.

2. Wix does not collect or retain personal information about your business or your clients.

3. *Denotes required fields. 

4. **You must have a Wix account and be signed in to email invoices directly to clients.

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How to Make an Invoice Online

Create a professional invoice in 5 simple steps:

  1. Enter Your Business Info
    Customize the blank invoice template. Fill in your business contact information and add your own logo.

  2. Enter Client Details
    Add your client’s personal details, like their name, email and address.

  3. Add Billing Items
    Describe the products or services you provided, including quantity and price. Add extra fields by clicking + Add Line Item.

  4. Complete Your Invoice Settings
    Set the invoice number, date and currency. Then, apply relevant discounts and taxes. Your invoice balance automatically updates.

  5. Get Your Invoice
    Download a PDF copy of your invoice, or email it directly to your clients if you’re signed in to your Wix account.

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How do you create an invoice using Wix Invoice Generator?

Can I add my business logo to the invoice generator?

You can create a free invoice online in 5 simple steps. Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, add your contact details, your client info and a description of your billing items. Then, complete your invoice settings. This includes your invoice number, date, payment due date, currency and relevant discounts and taxes. Wix Invoice Generator will automatically create your invoice. If you’re signed in to your Wix account, you can send your invoice directly to clients from the invoice maker. Select ‘Email Your Client’. If you don’t have a Wix account, or are not signed in, select ‘Download Invoice’. An email will be sent to you with a link to download a PDF copy of your invoice. Then, send your invoice to clients or save it for your billing records.

Of course! Adding your business logo is an important part of growing your brand and looking professional to your clients. From the ‘Your Business Info’ section under ‘Business Logo’, upload your logo. Choose a file from your computer or mobile device and click upload. Don’t have a logo for your business? Not a problem. Check out Wix Logo Maker. With Wix Logo Maker, you’ll be able to design a professional logo for your brand in minutes.

Do I need a Wix account to use this tool?

Not at all. Wix Invoice Generator is a customizable invoice template available for use by any small business or business owner. If you have a Wix account, you can send your invoice directly to clients. Just sign in to your Wix account and start creating your free invoice. Need more customization options and management tools for invoicing? Check out Wix Invoices. Additionally, explore all the professional tools and features Wix has to offer. You can manage and grow your online store, create a business website or get booked and paid online for your services.

How do I send an invoice to clients?

Once you’ve filled in all the required fields, Wix Invoice Generator will automatically create your invoice. If you’re signed in to your Wix account, you can send your invoice directly to clients from the invoice maker. Select ‘Email Your Client’. If you don’t have a Wix account, or are not signed in, select ‘Download Invoice’. A PDF of your invoice will be sent to your business email address. Click on the download link provided in the email and save the invoice for your records, or forward it to your clients whenever you’re ready.

What is an invoice number?

An invoice number is the number you assign to your invoice. This unique number helps you track and maintain accurate billing records. You can structure your invoice number any way you want, using numbers, letters or a combination of both. Decide on a method that works best for your small business and be consistent.

How do I charge taxes?

From the ‘Invoice Settings’ section under ‘Tax’, you can enter the type of tax you’re charging and the percent (e.g., VAT, 10%). Wix Invoice Generator will automatically calculate this value and apply taxes to the balance of your invoice. If you have multiple taxes related to the sale of your product or service, click ‘+ Add Tax’. Then, define the type of tax and set the percentage.

How do I add discounts?

From the ‘Billing Items’ section under ‘Discount’, you can enter the discount percent for each product or service (e.g., 10%). Wix Invoice Generator will automatically calculate the discount value for each line item and apply it to the balance of your invoice.

How much does it cost to use this invoice generator?

Nothing. Creating an invoice online with Wix is completely free. So what’re you waiting for?

Can I save my invoice and client info?

Can I change the currency in the invoice generator?

If you want to save invoices or client info for recurring payments, create your business website with Wix. You’ll get access to professional tools and features, like Wix Invoices, to help you manage and grow your business online. With Wix Invoices, you’ll be able to edit, preview, resend and print invoices. Wix Invoices will store your business info and let you add default notes or legal terms for your clients. Additionally, you’ll get more management tools like marking invoices as paid, or voiding and deleting invoices that are no longer relevant.

Yes. Wix Invoice Generator allows you to create a free invoice in multiple currencies. From the ‘Invoice Settings’ section, go to ‘Currency’. Then, click on the dropdown to select the currency you want to use for billing.

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