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Free Paystub Generator

Instantly create and deliver professional pay stubs for your employees. 

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Create Your Pay Stub

Fill in the required fields to generate your free pay stub online.


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Accepted file formats include JPG and PNG.


Employee Info


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Pay Stub Preview

After filling out the form, preview the pay stub:

Earnings Statement   


Employee Detalis

Employee Detalis

Employee Detalis

Employee Detalis

Employee Detalis

Business Details

Business Details

Business Details

Business Details

Business Details

Employee Name

Employee ID/SSN

Pay Date

Paycheck No.

Business Details

Business Details


Business Details

Pay Period

Employment Type

Date Hired

Salary Type







Pay Frequency



Current Additions

Current Deductions








Current Earnings

YTD Gross

YTD Deductions

YTD Net Pay

Net Pay






Pay Stub was generated by the Wix Pay Stub Generator.

1. By using these services, you accept the Wix Terms of Use and confirm that you have read the Wix Privacy Policy.  2. Wix Pay Stub Generator is a pay stub maker, not a payroll service. You and your business retain sole responsibility for ensuring any paycheck stub issued with this online pay stub generator meets the legal requirements for your state/province and/or country, and Wix shall not have any liability whatsoever with respect thereof. 3. *Denotes required fields. 

What is a paystub?

A paystub is a document given to an employee that breaks down the details of their salary. They are also known as pay checks, paychecks, pay stubs, paystubs, check stubs.

What info is available on a paystub?

In addition to being proof of income, a paystub also outlines withheld taxes, social security, health insurance and retirement funds and can be sent physically or digitally. 

How to make pay stubs online

Create professional paycheck stubs for your employees or contractors in 6 simple steps:


Enter your business info

Customize the pay stub template. Fill in your business website’s information and add your own logo.


Enter employee info

Add your employee’s personal details, like their name and employee ID number.


Complete salary details

Input the paycheck number, pay date and payment period. Include info on your employee’s salary for the check stub maker’s calculator.


Provide additions or deductions

Include salary additions and/or deductions, such as overtime pay or tax deductions. The check stub creator automatically calculates and updates the net pay.


Preview your paystub

Look over your pay stub to make sure all the details are correct before you download or send to your employees or contractors.


Get your paystub

Send pay stubs directly to employees via email, or download and print a PDF copy of your paycheck stub.

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How to create a pay stub for free?

Creating a paystub with Wix is completely free, just make sure to sign in to your Wix account to download or email it.

What is the best pay stub generator?

There are many different paystub makers out there. That’s why it's important to understand what your specific needs are and make sure the one you choose meets them all.

The best paystub generators are:

  • Free

  • Instant

  • User friendly

  • Downloadable

  • Available for unlimited uses

What is the difference between employee and independent contractor pay stubs?

The key difference between employee and independent contractor paystubs is that for an independent contractor the employer should not take deductions or taxes out of the payment. Contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes, health care and other things. With Wix’s paycheck stub maker you can create paystubs for both.

How do I create my own pay stub if I am self employed?

With the Wix check stub generator, you can create a paystub for a self employed person just like you would for an employee. The main differences between the two are that for a self employed person the field of ‘Company Information’ and ‘Employee Information’ will be the same and the pay period, frequency and salary amounts can vary from month to month since their salaries are not usually as regular as employees.

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