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Beautiful logo ideas to inspire you

Your professional logo is just minutes away. Get design inspiration by browsing logo examples from real users, and create a logo that’s right for your brand.

Hey sugar logo featuring a bee
Naramata Yacht Club logo
Dazed logo
Unico logo
Becoming Jenna logo
Varley logo
Annie webb interiors logo
Logo for Moonwalk.
Divinam logo
We love dessert logo featuring a slice of cake
Ranch dogs logo
ne logo
Moonday logo
Meow logo business centre
Wild capture logo by haley
Buns & bands logo
Oscillator B logo
Power logo
Gioia + Neurohr PLLC logo
Hallowed moon logo
News club logo
Yellow noodle bar logo
The cyber hunter logo
Paper & pickets logo
Dot dodo logo
Culver West property management logo
Gertrude and nellie logo
Naue logo
Agile forest logo
Hello - personal english training logo








Create your beautiful design with Wix Logo Maker

What to keep in mind when designing a logo

Your logo design sends a message about your brand. You want to create a simple message so it’s easy for people to connect with your ideas. With our free logo maker, you can learn how to design a logo and create one for your business today. Customize the color, icon and font so your logo is just right for you.

Where to find logo design inspiration

After you check out the logo examples above, think about what relates to your brand the most. Find the words and feelings that make the most sense to you. For example, if you’re a bank, maybe you want to use a mountainous image to make people feel stable. Or if you’re a creative agency, you’ll want a sleek, cool logo to show you have a perfect understanding of design.

Tips for creating a professional logo


Your logo is the symbol of your brand. It’s how your brand distinguishes itself and becomes recognizable so creating a logo that’s symbolic of what your brand represents, their values, culture and mission is key to establishing your brand online.


The font you choose helps set the tone of your brand’s personality and messaging. It’s an essential aspect of your logo design so focus on choosing a font that reflects your brand’s identity and helps tell your story. 


The colors you choose for your logo design play an important role in setting the tone for your brand online so it’s key that it fits the style and look you're going for. Having uniformed brand colors also makes your brand more memorable and recognizable off and online. 


The placement of lines and the shapes you choose for your logo design reflect your brand personality. While vertical lines create a powerful, sophisticated look, horizontal lines indicate a sense of calmness, so establish what your brand represents before creating your design.

Get inspired by logo design trends

Explore logo inspiration gathered by design & branding experts at the Wix Blog to help you create the right logo for your business.

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