7 Visual Identities and Logo Designs We Love

No brand is complete without a defined visual language. See how these designers created beautiful and memorable logos, each with a cohesive, all-encompassing look.

Picture any successful brand that you know and love. Most probably, the first thing that comes to mind (other than an image of yourself surrounded by their beloved products), is their visual language. As designers, we have the all-important role of shaping the way a brand presents itself to the world, impacting the way its perceived.

One key aspect within this realm is logo design. But a logo is only half the trick. Without building a unified vision and ensuring all elements are consistent throughout the brand – or in other words, taking care of branding and visual identity – our work is not complete. As this is such a core part of every company, we’ve decided to share with you a selection of visual identities and some of the best logos. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to design a logo, or just for some sweet inspiration, these gems are bound to get your mind filled with ideas.


If this design won’t make you want to get a loan, what will? Creative agency, Snask, have developed this enticing visual identity for digital loan service, Froda. The rebranding project began by changing the company’s name from Monetize to Froda (meaning ‘thrive’ in Swedish). The colorful shades, along with the handmade 3D logo and fun typography come together to form a super playful vibe. This dash of wildness is balanced out with crisp visuals, geometric shapes and a precise composition. Snask really have perfected the use of materiality in digital design, creating a bold, beautiful look and feel across Froda’s various assets.

Seb Lester

With an impressive clientele up his sleeve, designer Seb Lester is definitely a master when it comes to calligraphy and hand lettering. He knows how to give us those good nostalgic vibes, balancing them out with a contemporary touch. Everything about this logo says movement. The fluid lines and soaring bird perfectly present ‘The Swift’, a BMX cruiser (or “bicycle”, for those less in-the-know) by London-based company, Emer. The swirly lettering is somewhat traditional, reflecting the bike’s classic appearance, but there’s a chicness to the logo that reminds us that this is, after all, a trendy urban brand. For more hand lettering delights, sketches and typefaces, check out Seb Lester’s Wix website.

Yeye Design

In the words of Mexican design studio, Yeye, this project is all about “doing more with less”. Just as it should, this idea reflects the ideology of the brand they were designing for, HR, a chainstore that aims to create affordable products. With just three colors and basic geometric shapes, Yeye have created a logo and whole visual identity that speak to a wide audience, thanks to their playfulness and simplicity. Alluding to primary colors in slightly different hues than the classic ones also adds to the universal appeal. The typographic logo is then broken apart into its composing circles and ovals, which make up for a dynamic and geometrical visual language. Their graphic language involves fun animations and cute characters that enhance the sense of play and make you want to step (or dance) into one of the HR stores.

Perky Bros

A touch of motion can go a long way. With the growing use of digital products, from smartphones to tablets and more, sometimes making your logo come alive with animation can do wonders. Not only can it help you stand out from your competitors, it’s also a great way to add some extra character to your logo. Perky Bros have done just that with their logo for race design studio Run Mfg. The motion really emphasizes the brand’s core identity, evoking a sense of speed, energy and movement, as does the electric blue color palette. Inspired by shoelaces, the simple design enables them to play around with the logo, stretching the lines and changing the composition to suit the various assets of their brand.

George Bokhua

When it comes to identity and logo design, George Bokhua’s Wix website is a great place to start searching for inspiration. Using just one single color (black), or a few shades of gray at the very most, this talented designer manages to transform simple lines and marks into evocative, powerful designs. The icons are clean and instantly readable, combining a surprising element or twist. The two below (created just for fun, without a specific brand in mind) are great examples of how a block of color, designed in the right way, can convey such a strong sense of personality. The clever use of negative space enables George Bokhua to use less lines and elements than would otherwise be required – the figure’s arms also form their profile, just as the dog’s ear morphs into a mouth. When combined with a unique perspective and a drop of brilliance, less really is more.

Caterina Bianchini

This project for creative content studio Yolk, by designer Caterina Bianchini, is another wonderful example of a visual identity that fits the brand like a glass slipper to Cinderella. The branding has a very down-to-earth feel. This can be seen in every detail, from the lack of capitalization in the logo, to the collage-like blocks of color and the inviting hues. An endearing sense of imperfection is created by the ‘L’ that veers below the baseline, unaligned with the other letters. When extending this design into a cohesive visual language, the color blocks in the logo become effective elements that can stand on their own or be rearranged into different formations. The style is anything but menacing, inviting you to feel a personal connection with the brand.

Cobb Studio

Other than being absolutely mesmerizingly beautiful, this piece for SM Entertainment is a truly sophisticated example of animation in logo design. The use of thin lines is definitely a trend in the motion graphics world, being used for a variety of purposes, such as outlining shapes and achieving a hand-drawn appearance. Here, one single line is used in a dynamic way, constantly moving and creating abstract shapes. With just the most basic of color palettes and utter simplicity, Cobb Studio manage to give the logo an almost three-dimensional feel. The letters ‘S’ and ‘M’ are hinted at throughout the animation, until they’re subtly formed at the end, making for an exciting viewing experience that you can happily watch over and over again.

In the mood for more logo design delights? Here are some iconic logo designs for your inspiration.

Text Dana Meir

Main Image Snask

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