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Free Invoice Generator

Invoice your clients using a template designed with best billing practices in mind. No fees, no limits, and no sign up needed.

A branded invoice from GORDI, a line graph showing a $240k increase in sales and a cardboard box with branded shipping label.

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1. Wix Invoice Generator is a payment request system, not an accounting service. You and your business retain sole responsibility for ensuring any invoice issued with this online invoice maker meets the legal requirements for your state/province and/or country.

2. Wix does not collect or retain personal information about your business or your clients.

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Manage your business & payments from a single dashboard

Take payments on and offline, save time with powerful automations, and measure your success as you go.

Get paid online

Let clients pay with debit, credit and digital wallets.

Save time with automations

Automatically create invoices for new orders and send payment reminders.

Manage & customize invoices

Add custom fields and manage all your invoices from one place.

Send payment requests

Collect payments when clients book a session or service through your site.

Sync with accounting software

Keep track of sales and profits by linking your site to tools like QuickBooks.

Invoice clients on the go

Create, send and access invoices from anywhere with the Wix Owner App.

Useful resources for every small business

Two branded invoices from GORDI showing the logo and invoice number in header. From, to and invoice setting sections below.

How to make a professional invoice:
step-by-step guide

Sales tax tracking data. In Price section: $143. In Sales Tax section: 7.25% aka $10.36. In Total section: $153.36.

How to calculate sales tax for your
online store

Payment page with options for Debit/Credit card, PayPal and Wix Payments. Adjacent gray bucket hat with blue logo.

How to Accept Secure Online Payments with Wix

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How do I use this free invoice maker?

Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, creating an invoice is simple with Wix Invoice Generator. Start by filling your business and client info into the invoice template. Customize by adding your company logo—or create a new one using Wix Logo Maker. Next, choose your invoice settings, including the invoice number, date, payment due date and currency. Then, add any relevant taxes. Once you’ve listed your billing items, you can add a personal note for your client, as well as terms and conditions to help them understand your billing process. Finally, download your invoice as a PDF—and it’s ready to send to your client.

How do I send an invoice?

Once you’ve added all the essential elements to the template, you can download your invoice as a PDF. Then, you can email it to your client as an attachment, and keep a copy for your own records.

What is an invoice number?

An invoice number is the unique number you assign to your invoice. This number helps you track and maintain accurate billing records. You can structure your invoice number any way you want, using numbers, letters or a combination of both. The most important thing is to stay consistent, so decide on a method that works best for your business and stick with it.

Do I need a Wix account to use this tool?

Not at all. Wix Invoice Generator is a free, fast and customizable invoice template available to any freelancer or business owner. If you do have a Wix account, you can access additional features and functions, such as the ability to send invoices directly to clients, mark them as paid, and accept payments online. For more invoice customization options and business management tools, check out Wix Invoices. Additionally, explore all the professional tools and features Wix has to offer. You can manage and grow your online business, create a website or get booked and paid online for your services.

How do I add discounts?

You can add a discount to any item you are billing for in the Discount column. Simply enter the discount percent for that particular product or service (e.g. 10%). Wix Invoice Generator will automatically calculate the discount value for each line item and apply it to the balance of your invoice.

How do I charge taxes?

From the Invoice Settings section under Tax, you can enter the type of tax you’re charging and the percent (e.g. VAT, 10%). Wix Invoice Generator will automatically calculate this value and apply taxes to the balance of your invoice. If you have multiple taxes related to the sale of your product or service, click + Add Tax. Then, define the type of tax and set the percentage.

How much does it cost to use this invoice generator?

Nothing. Creating an invoice with Wix Invoice Generator is completely free. No hidden fees or small print, we promise.

Can I save my invoice and client info?

Yes, you can. To save your business and client info and keep track of all your invoices in one place, create your business website with Wix first. You’ll get access to professional tools and features, like Wix Invoices, to help you manage and grow your business online. With Wix Invoices, you’ll be able to send invoices directly to clients, set up secure online payments and bill for products and services directly from your site. You’ll also be able to mark invoices as paid, take partial payments, and delete invoices that are no longer relevant.

Build an online presence that
powers your sales. 

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