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YouTube Logo Maker

Create your own YouTube logo in minutes. Get inspired by these logos designed by other YouTubers and create yours today.

Sunday to Thursday living
Animals on stone farm logo watch our animals 24/7
Becoming Jenna logo
We love dessert logo featuring a slice of cake
Dating with Kenneth logo
Entrepreneurs R us logo
Gamer geeks logo
Getting dressed with T.J logo
Great games logo
Jack’s makeup logo
Lemon’s style logo
Ninja attack logo
Dogs & ducks logo interspecies friendship
Make something delicious logo
The best boy ever logo

YouTube logo design tips

Define your channel’s branding

Your logo is one of the main elements that sets your YouTube channel apart. It should reflect the kind of content you create and help your audience connect with you. If you use other social media platforms, it’s important to design with each of them in mind. Take a look at your audience insights to determine what kind of logo fits their demographics.

Choose the right font

Your logo’s font helps to set the tone of your YouTube channel’s personality and story. The typography you choose should align with the theme and mood of your channel. For example, gaming vloggers often use bold, innovative fonts, whereas playful fonts are more suited to channels with content for children.

Use color strategically

Like typography, colors also play a large role in communicating the feel of your YouTube channel. It’s a good idea to research logo psychology when choosing your logo colors. For example, if you offer software tutorials on your channel, colors like blue and gray are suitable as they represent trust and security. If your content is about styling or home decor, then brighter, bolder colors like purple and orange are good choices as they portray a sense of fun and creativity.

Make a graphic statement

Icons, illustrations and graphics also help your YouTube channel stand out from competitors. Make sure to choose a graphic element that aligns with the type of content you create. For example, if you’re a travel vlogger, symbols that represent travel like mountains, an airplane or equipment like backpacks and hiking gear could work well.

How to make a YouTube logo in minutes


Tell us about your brand

Enter your business or channel name, tagline if you have one, and a little bit about the look and feel of your YouTube channel.


Choose your style

Review the logo designs presented to you, and pick the one that best represents your brand.


Make it your own

Customize the font, colors, icons and text to bring your new YouTube logo to life.

YouTube logo Ideas

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