• Add Alt Text to Background Images

    Make your site more accessible by adding alt text to background images on hoverboxes, slideshows, lightboxes and more. Learn more
  • Add Customizable COVID-19 Badges to Your Site

    Update visitors about your business with a COVID-19 badge. Add Site Badges and share that you’re open for business, available online, taking orders and more.
  • Create a More Engaging Members Area with a New Layout

    Improve your members' experience with a new members page layout. Customize it to match your brand and encourage members to be more active. Learn more
  • Customize the Look of Your Videos with Video Mask

    Add a video to the shape you want to create unique visual effects on your site. 
    Here’s how: Go to the Editor > Left menu > Add > Decorative > Video > Video Mask

  • Wix Editor: Vector Art for COVID-19

    You can now add COVID-19-themed vector art to your site.
    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Left menu > Add > Decorative > Vector Art > Featured
  • Wix Editor: New Overlay Photo Feature

    Add a variety of cool visual effects to your images using overlays. Use the Wix Photo Studio to create effects like flares, shadows and reflections. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: Let Visitors View Your Site Based on Their Browser Language

    Automatically display your site to visitors in their browser language with Wix Multilingual. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: Custom 404 Error Pages

    Easily customize the 404 error page your site visitors see when trying to access a page that doesn’t exist. Design the page to fit the style of your brand or business, and encourage visitors to keep exploring your site. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: Flip and Rotate VideoBoxes

    Flip and rotate any VideoBox, including videos with a transparent background. Use the rotate button or the right click menu to see it in action. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: New Supported File Extensions

    New supported file types for images, audio, documents, video and archive have been added. Learn more