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Wix’s SEO Dashboard makes GSC data available at a glance

Updated: August 16, 2023

Google’s Search Console is the seminal SEO tool. With the data provided by Search Console, site owners can better understand how their site is performing on Google, assess which pages Google has (or hasn’t) indexed, and make better decisions for online business growth.

Due to its central role within SEO, we (here at Wix) wanted to provide access to Search Console performance data directly within our SEO Dashboard. Not only is the dashboard the destination for a concise summary of Search Console data on Wix, it’s also your starting point to access Wix’s SEO tools and settings, as well as educational resources to strengthen your understanding of SEO.

In this article, we’ll explore the SEO Dashboard within Wix, including:

Access Search Console data inside the Wix SEO Dashboard

Wix site owners that have already connected their site to Search Console now have access to Search Console performance data from within their the SEO Dashboard (accessible from the left-hand navigation panel of the Wix dashboard by selecting Marketing & SEO > SEO).

The data shown in the dashboard consists of both performance trends data as well as a set of insights to notify you about significant performance changes.

Search Console site performance overview

The Wix SEO Dashboard leads with a look at the site’s overall performance within Google Search Console. The trends indicate both the number of impressions (the times a URL from your site was viewed among the Google search results) and clicks the site has received during the reporting period.

A screenshot of the Wix SEO dashboard showing Search Console performance data on impressions and clicks with the change in clicks and impressions boxed in red.
Search Console performance data on impressions and clicks as seen in the Wix SEO Dashboard, with the change in clicks and impressions boxed in red.

As shown in the screenshot above, you’ll also be able to see the percentage change in both clicks and impressions (i.e.,the increase/decrease in both clicks and impressions seen during the displayed data period relative to the previous data period).

The SEO Dashboard enables you to set the data period to show performance trends from the last 7, 30, or 90 days. If you would like to either see historical data or the full set of Search Console performance data, you can access Search Console itself via the link presented under the SEO Dashboard’s trends chart.

A screenshot of the Wix SEO dashboard showing Search Console performance data on impressions and clicks, with a link to “Go to Google Search Console” at the bottom.
Use the Wix SEO Dashboard to see Search Console data over the previous 7, 30, or 90 days. You can also click “Go to Google Search Console” to see more historical data and performance reports.

Search Console insights

To help you use the provided data to optimize your site, we’ve added a set of insights to the SEO Dashboard. Appearing under the aforementioned performance trends data, the insights can help you understand the most significant performance changes to the site during the reporting period.

A screenshot of the full set of Search Console performance data within the Wix SEO Dashboard, including clicks, impressions, and page-level data.
The full set of Search Console performance data within the Wix SEO Dashboard.

These insights are broken down by pages and queries.


This data indicates which of the pages on your website have experienced the most significant changes in terms of impressions or clicks. You can sort the data to show pages that have seen the most drastic period-over-period increase or decrease in either impressions or clicks.

This enables you to quickly understand which pages may need some attention and improvement and which pages are thriving (to which you may want to replicate what has worked here on other pages).

For example, below you can see the insights for both clicks and impressions:

A screenshot of lists showing the most significant positive changes to impressions and clicks within the Wix SEO dashboard.

As you can see, none of the most significantly improved pages from an impressions point of view align with the most improved pages as measured by clicks. That might tell me that either the impressions I am getting for these pages are not very aligned with what the user actually wants or that I may need to do some work on the title tags for these articles so as to better encourage users to click.


Like the insights afforded at the page level, the query-level insights indicate which search terms provided the most drastic increase (or decrease) in either clicks or impressions. Here, too, the data can be sorted to indicate which search queries have seen the largest increase (or decrease) in either clicks and impressions relative to the previous reporting period.

With these insights, you can quickly identify pages that are suddenly underperforming on Google’s search results or, conversely, spot positive changes that produced either clicks or increased SERP visibility.

In the case below, for example, three of the queries where the site saw the largest decrease in impressions all relate to the same topic (SEO for Chinese markets). This is a strong indicator that either one page of the site lost significant rankings, was perhaps deindexed, or Google no longer sees the site (overall) as being as relevant as it was previously for this specific topic.

A screenshot of the most significant changes to impressions, showing that the keywords “baidu seo,” “seo china,” and “china seo” were among the top five keywords for which impressions decreased.

Conversely, Google may have added a SERP feature that has impacted the impressions here. The point is that the Search Console data shown in the SEO Dashboard can be extremely helpful in starting the diagnosis process.

Work more efficiently with intuitively located SEO tools and settings

The redesigned SEO Dashboard goes beyond Search Console data and insights by aggregating all of the SEO tools Wix offers into one location.

The sitewide SEO Assistant in the SEO Dashboard

The sitewide SEO Assistant panel (the parent to our page-level SEO Assistant tool) is located at the very top of the SEO Dashboard and can help you identify potential issues that could affect your site’s search visibility.

A screenshot of the sitewide SEO Assistant panel in the SEO Dashboard, showing four fields for: percentage completion of the SEO setup checklist, number of issues, number of recommendations, and number of completed tasks

It also provides you with recommendations to resolve these issues—many of which can be implemented from directly within the SEO Assistant itself.

The SEO Assistant pop-up showing a detailed list of issues (with one expanded showing a suggestion), and completed tasks.
Select “View tasks” for a more detailed overview of issues, recommendations, and completed tasks.

As shown above, the first section of the SEO Assistant indicates your SEO Setup Checklist completion status. Next to it, you’ll see the number of issues, recommendations, and completed tasks. Click on View tasks for more details regarding these issues and recommendations.

Tasks and recommendations can vary depending on your site. For example, an eCommerce website owner may see recommendations related to product pages, as where a blog owner might see recommendations for blog posts.

Note: Site owners do not need to use (or complete) the SEO Assistant to rank well in search results.

Tools and settings in the SEO Dashboard

Previously, in order to access the SEO Setup Checklist and to connect to Search Console via a one-click connection, users needed to access a specific entry point (separate from the rest of Wix’s SEO tools). With the SEO Dashboard, all of Wix’s SEO tools can be found in place, including the SEO Setup Checklist and direct Search Console connection.

The SEO tools and settings as shown within the Wix SEO Dashboard.
The SEO tools and settings as shown within the Wix SEO Dashboard.

From the SEO Dashboard, you can access the following tools and features:

To better understand the capabilities of these tools and how to use them, see the Complete Guide to Wix SEO.

Learn SEO with educational resources right in the dashboard

Lastly, to help you get the most out of our capabilities and assist you in formulating your SEO strategy, the dashboard presents you with direct access to educational resources on a range of topics, such as SEO basics, on-site optimization, keyword research, analytics and reporting, local SEO, and more.

A screenshot of the education widget within the Wix SEO Dashboard., showing articles and videos about title tags, meta descriptions, and how to do keyword research.
The education widget within the Wix SEO Dashboard.

Dynamically chosen based on how you interact with the SEO tools, the widget offers you educational resources that align with where you are on your SEO journey.

Such resources can include specific, actionable tips on foundational SEO implementation, access to new Wix SEO product announcements, as well as materials to help you refine your overall SEO strategy.

Additionally, the bottom of the SEO Dashboard’s education panel presents you with a direct entry point to the Wix SEO Learning Hub. Here, you can access anything from live SEO webinars to an SEO podcast to the full spectrum of SEO articles—all to help you explore and get comfortable with the world of SEO.

Easier access to data, tools, and education for better SEO

The Wix SEO Dashboard unifies your search optimization work in more ways than one. Beyond centralizing all of the SEO tools available to you on Wix, the SEO Dashboard helps you better contextualize your SEO efforts with direct access to Search Console data and expands your SEO abilities with entry points to educational resources written by experts. The SEO Dashboard makes Wix SEO a far more holistic experience than ever before.

Looking to analyze your site in even more detail? Now, you can monitor your organic performance with GSC data available directly within Wix Analytics.


mordy oberstein

Mordy is the Head of SEO Branding at Wix. Concurrently he also serves as a communications advisor for Semrush. Dedicated to SEO education, Mordy is one of the organizers of SEOchat and a popular industry author and speaker. Twitter | Linkedin


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