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A word on Wix’s SEO outlook
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The complete Wix SEO guide: Everything you need to know

Author: Mordy Oberstein

Last updated: January 22, 2024

The complete Wix SEO guide

SEO is a far-reaching topic that applies to most sites on the web. Having a well-optimized site with strong content is the foundation of acquiring organic traffic from search engines.

Wix does an incredible amount to offer you the optimal defaults and infrastructure needed to perform well organically. At the same time, we present you with the option to customize your site’s optimizations.

While there have been many articles written about Wix SEO, both on the Wix site and by third-parties, there has not been one definitive guide to doing SEO on a Wix site—this is that guide.

Here is our complete Wix SEO guide with everything you need to know about our SEO features and capabilities, along with how you can use them to optimize your site.

Crawling and indexing
Connecting to Google Search Console