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Verifying your site with Google

Video Transcript:

Google verification

Getting your site listed and verified by Google is a key step to start optimizing your site for Google search results.

I’m Matthew and today’s video will cover how you can verify your site with Google, index your home page and submit your sitemap—all with our Google integration.

During verification, you’re proving to Google that you’re the site owner. But what does it all mean? To get a better understanding, let’s take a closer look at how search engines work.

Google and other search bots travel the web and crawl sites 24/7, updating their indexes with the latest content. So whether or not you verify your site, bots will eventually discover and index it—but that could take awhile.

To speed up this process, we partnered with Google.

You’ll be able to verify your site with Google Search Console in seconds, right from your SEO plan—saving you the time and hassle of having to do it manually.

In addition to verification, we handle 2 essential actions.

First, your home page gets indexed, so you’ll be able to see it instantly on Google. Keep in mind, this is just the beginning of your SEO journey. It takes time and ongoing optimization till your site starts ranking for your keywords.

Second, your sitemap is automatically submitted to Google, so your pages are faster to find and index. Your sitemap gives search engines information about your pages for crawling. Wix sitemaps are dynamic so they’re updated automatically whenever you refresh, add or remove a page.

Once your site is verified, you’ll get an email from Google Search Console with access to your account.

This tool helps you manage and track your site performance in Google search results. You’ll have a better understanding of how Google crawls your site pages—from insights and alerts on performance issues to which search queries give you more visibility and drive clicks.

To verify your site from your SEO plan, you’ll need to complete each item in Step 1. Simply follow your checklist. We’ll walk you through each step.

To learn more about optimizing your site for SEO, check out the SEO Learning Hub. Again, I’m Matthew. Thanks for tuning in and...We’ll see you next time.

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