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SEO resource center 

Step up productivity with customizable checklists, templates and toolkits.

These free SEO resources have been designed especially for digital marketers, SEOs and web designers for smoother SEO processes.


Use this backlink monitoring template, a free SEO resource, to streamline the link-building process and identify opportunities.


Backlink tracking template

Streamline the link-building process and ensure it’s results-focused with this backlink monitoring template.

Conduct SEO site audits efficiently for your clients and present findings effectively with this free SEO resource in template format.


SEO site audit template

Carry out site audits for your clients with this SEO template from Wix and Semrush.

Give your site a robust foundation in SEO with this free SEO checklist and cheat sheet for web designers.


SEO cheat sheet for web designers

An SEO checklist to help web designers create with SEO in mind.

Drive more traffic to your posts with this SEO toolkit for Wix Blogs. Use this free SEO resource to optimize your content distribution strategy.


Content distribution toolkit

Learn how to drive traffic to your posts with Wix Blog’s content distribution tools.

Use this free SEO resource in checklist format to enhance your SEO client retention process.


SEO client retention checklist

A roadmap for developing long-lasting partnerships with your SEO clients.

Streamline the client pitch process with this free SEO resource in template format specifically for SEO agency project proposals.


SEO agency project proposal template

Create proposals for potential clients efficiently with this adaptable template.

Drill down into SEO keyword rankings by tracking & positions, branded & non-branded traffic and CTRs with this free SEO resource in Google Sheets.


SEO keyword performance tracker Google Sheet

Drill down into keyword tracking & positions, branded & non-branded traffic and CTRs with this SEO worksheet.

Learn how to integrate SEO into the end-to-end design process with this free SEO resource for web designers working with Wix and Wix Studio.


SEO toolkit for Wix web design

Make SEO an integral part of your web design process effectively and efficiently with this toolkit.

Create well-structured blog posts that engage users and are optimized for search with this free SEO resource, a blog writing template in Google Docs.


SEO blog writing Google Doc template

Craft blog articles that give search engines and users what they’re looking for with this SEO template.

Fine tune your blog posts with this free SEO resource in Google Doc format that facilitates optimization and go live with peace of mind.


Blog optimization collaborative Google doc

Use this collaborative document to streamline your blog publication process and improve on-page optimization.

Perform data-driven SEO competitor audits informed by Ahrefs and Semrush with this free SEO resource in Google Sheets.


SEO competitor audit Google Sheet

Analyze the SERP competition by conducting a data-driven audit with this SEO worksheet.

Use this free SEO resource to develop a B2B SEO content strategy. Set goals, define target audiences and more with this SEO toolkit.


B2B SEO content strategy kit for startups

Develop, execute and manage your B2B content strategy with this extensive SEO toolkit.

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