5 Superstars’ Websites Created with Wix

Superstars, they’re just like us. Some of the most talented professionals in an array of fields are all coming to Wix to create a website. And why wouldn’t they?! With everything you could need from small business to mega-celebrity status under the same code-free roof, Wix is where to go to make a splash online.

Wix user yourself? Now you can say you’re one step away from fame (and it’s totally true). Here are the superstars that call Wix their home.

Sergio Aguero

You may already know that the King of Brazilian soccer, Pele, has been our BFF for ages. Now, world famous Manchester City champ, Sergio “Kun” Aguero is scoring on the field and online too, with some help from the partnership between Manchester City and Wix.com. His official stunning website gives fans everything they need to follow his story, stats and social presence. Read all about him in English or his native Español and find out how he’s preparing for the Champions League semifinal second leg against Real Madrid tonight.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

An evening with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? Don’t mind if we do. These famously independent musical artists kicked off their epic 2016 tour online. With intimate updates and behind the scenes photos, we are oh so ready to sing-along to the entire album as soon as they make it to our town. With this knock-out website, the ceiling can’t hold them.

Mr. Ping

Even the most popular restaurant in the Valley of Peace needs an online presence. Mr.Ping, as in Po’s father from Kung Fu Panda, has got our mouth watering. From the photo of delicious noodles to the recipe we can’t wait to re-create, we feel more zen already. His real secret recipe? His online success, of course!


You thought you had killer car dancing moves? Psh. These ladies got it on lock down. Buckle up for some hilarious sketch singing you’ll want to mimic with your friends. They’ve rocked their videos and now they’ve got a rockin’ website to match.

Isis King

The first transgender woman to complete America’s Next Top Model, Isis King is an inspiration. From her personal story to her profound impact across fashion, she shares it all. Follow all her successes as she reaches full-fledged stardom and re-defines what beauty means.

By The Wix Team

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