15 Outstanding Wix Website Examples That Will Inspire You

This post was last updated on July 28, 2020.

When we got into the website templates game, we started small. As time went by, we began to understand that people need websites for all kinds of purposes. Whether it be for their restaurant, bed and breakfast, dog walking service, online jewelry shop, or any other kind of business, the list grew quickly. And because there are so many amazing concepts for small businesses out there, the Wix website templates collection continues to grow as well.

Our favorite part of it all though, is getting to see how users customize our templates to make them their own. The following Wix website examples will show you how you can take an existing design and add your special touch to make it your own.

Wix website template: Wedding photography

Photography is an art that requires a special stage. That’s why this specific website template was built to showcase pictures in their highest quality – and it does so with a dramatic full-width image display and beautiful galleries with large thumbnails. Of course, there’s more to it than that – this template makes it easy to learn more about the photographer, see their entire portfolio, get in touch, find the photos from your own event, and even book a session with the help of Wix Bookings.

01. Animal Music

Straightforward and to the point, Animal Music’s website instantly shows you what they’re capable of. Browse their video clips and you’ll quickly find that their music and mixing is so pro that they’ve worked with brand giants such as Pepsi, Kia and Netflix.

02. Wendy Ju

A minimalistic animation welcomes you into Wendy’s graphic design portfolio. Scrolling down this beautiful website, you are presented with a two-column gallery where large thumbnails offer a preview of her different projects. The subtle animations on each page create a homogeneous look and feel throughout the entire site.

03. Ravin AI

The future is here. Proving that is this sleek website example that offers a peek into what our lives will look like when we start integrating AI into our daily routines. Ravin presents its groundbreaking automobile technology using a series of videos and vector art that balance engineering details with real-life implications.

04. Mane

Artists are not the only ones who can optimize their online presence by allowing customers to book their services online. Take this Wix website example, for instance, created by an ethical hairdressing salon to announce all the treatments they provide and encourage visitors to book an appointment right away.

Wix website template: Pizza Restaurant

Designed to whet your appetite, this template is perfect for almost any type of restaurant or food service. You’ll be able to create a professional restaurant website where your location and hours are clearly visible, the menu is displayed in its own page, and customers can easily place their orders.

05. Poke Bowlz

This Hawaiian dish has taken the world by storm with its convenience and overall deliciousness. Poke Bowlz has created an appetizing site that seamlessly integrates the brand’s color palette through the different pages. Using the site, visitors are able to browse the restaurant’s menus, see the exact location of each branch and even place their orders online.

06. Kunstrukt

This creative duo lets their work do all the talking by using a large, centered image gallery to offer a preview of their projects. This visual element is paired with just a handful of words describing Kunstrukt’s raison d'etre. In order to emphasize the pictures displayed, all other elements on the site are made up of a simple monochromatic palette.

07. Sonja van Duelmen

The striking colors and type choices, paired with an extraordinary body of work, make this one of the best Wix websites you can find. In addition to showcasing examples of her best work in the different disciplines she specializes in, Sonja decided to start a blog to share her passion for fashion, modern design, photography and art.

Wix website template: Personal Trainer

As gyms and studios take to the online world, having a specialized fitness website has become an absolute must. In addition to allowing you to build a solid virtual presence and strengthen your brand, this will also enable you to provide a better service for your clients. This website template helps facilitate that growth by not only looking phenomenal with its subtle animation, but by allowing clients to sign up to classes via the Wix Bookings feature. All of the services mentioned on the site link directly back to the app, so scheduling clients is simple and intuitive.

08. Payton Pitts

You may think that the photography world has become repetitive and dull since social media took over the creative sphere, but examples such as this outstanding Wix website are sure to change your mind. This young photographer shows off her skills the moment visitors reach her site, by displaying a range of her works on the top fold.

09. Michelle Leung

What do you get when you cross an advertising designer with a powerful website builder? An outstanding portfolio people won’t get enough of. Michelle uses animation to keep visitors engaged as they scroll through her site. By using Wix Multilingual, she targets both a Chinese and an English-speaking audience.

10. Rafael Varona

One simply cannot talk about animation without mentioning Rafael’s jaw-dropping Wix website. This illustrator, animator, and art director has created a vibrant site that combines dynamic and static projects to maintain visitors interested without overwhelming them.

11. Pei Jung Ho

Every element of Pei Jung Ho’s portfolio has been thought out to the last detail, from the animated “slogan” that comes together in front of the visitors’ eyes to the delicious-looking hamburger menu. This is one of those Wix website examples that prove that not everything has been done yet, and that it’s possible to stand out and make a name for yourself if you put your mind to it.

Wix website template: Bicycle Store

This gorgeous eCommerce website template is built to increase sales. Amazing design aside, its features have been carefully placed in order to optimize your site visitors’ experience on your website, turning potential buyers into customers. While the product gallery is certainly fab, we’re big fans of the FAQ section that provides important info in style.

12. TerraLiving

This bio-architecture inspired design lab is the perfect example of how to take a Wix template and make it completely yours. TerraLiving offers moss terrariums and a gallery of cutting edge moss art, both of which are granted the same importance on the site thanks to the use of boxes and strips that result in an organized website layout.

13. Evolve Clothing

Online retail is growing at an unprecedented rate, which means brands need to ensure their online presence is as unique and personal as their products. Evolve has managed to do so by creating a site that perfectly balances the boldness and refinement of the different clothing collections they sell.

14. Plastic Freedom

If this Wix website example could talk, it would probably say something around the lines of “do good, look good, feel good.” In order to keep their extensive inventory organized and make it easy for customers to reach the type of product they’re looking for, Plastic Freedom uses a dropdown website menu displaying all the different categories and subcategories.

15. Hila Rawet Karni

Hila’s original industrial jewelry is made from unconventional materials and aims to help women celebrate their individuality and manifest their uniqueness. This powerful statement is embodied within this eCommerce site through parallax scrolling effects, professional product photography and subtle animation.

By The Wix Team

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