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Web Design \ MAR 16th 2016

14 Wix Website Examples that Will Knock Your Socks Off

When we got into the website templates game, we started small. As time went by, we started to understand that people need websites for all kinds of purposes – whether it be for their restaurant, bed and breakfast, dog walking service, online jewelry shop, or other businesses, the list grew quickly. And because there are so many amazing concepts for small business out there, the Wix website templates collection continues to grow as well.

Our favorite part of it all though, is getting to see how users customize our templates to make them their own. Take these next Wix websites as examples of what you can make when you start with one of our designs and add your special touch.

Wix Website Template: Wedding photography 

Photography is an art that requires a special stage. That’s why this specific website template was built to showcase images – and it does so with a dramatic full-width image and beautiful galleries. Of course, there’s more to it than that – this template makes it easy to learn more about the photographer, see their entire portfolio, get in contact, find the photos from your own event, and even book a session with the help of Wix Bookings.

Wedding photography Wix website templates

1. Harrison Peclat

You don’t have to speak Portuguese to understand that Harrison Peclat is passionate about his instrument and the music he plays. Even though he’s not a photographer, he managed to use the bold, clean layout of the Wedding Photography template to his advantage – and the results are more than harmonious.

Wix Website using wedding photography template - www.peclatsax.comCreated using the Wedding photography template

2. Sonja van Duelmen

A self-proclaimed ‘interface between art and design’ it doesn’t take a trained eye to spot Sonja’s great talent. Experienced in all things digital art – her portfolio looks amazing using a slightly altered version of the template she started with.

Wix website: Sonja Van DuelmenCreated using the Wedding photography template

3. Animal Music

Straightforward and to the [musical] point, Animal Music just wants to show what they’re capable of. And with their website, they’re more than able to do so. Browse their video clips and you’ll quickly find that their music and mixing is so pro that they’ve worked with brand giants such as Axe, Diesel and Stell Artois.

animalmusic_siteCreated using the Wedding photography template

4. John Harris Wedding Films

John Harris and his team modified the wedding photography template so perfectly that it’s almost as if it’s a wedding filmography template. His breathtaking wedding films are displayed beautifully with Wix’s video background feature, as well as his dedicated ‘Cinema Page.’ Something tells us it only takes a few minutes for potential clients to decide to book him for their event after seeing his website.



Wix Website Template: Pizza Restaurant 

Designed to wet your appetite, this template is perfect for almost any type of restaurant or food service. It has everything that a gastro biz might need – it’s location and hours are easy to find, the menu is displayed in its own page, and using the Wix Restaurants app, it even lets people place orders directly through the site. But of course, just because it was made with food in mind, doesn’t mean it can’t be the right fit for other types of businesses. Let’s take a look.

new templates_new editor 8Created using the Pizza Restaurant template

5. Samsik

Warning: looking at this website may result in your booking a flight to Hong Kong, stat. With delectable images of their new concept Korean dishes, Samsik is doing their restaurant’s cuisine justice. But this website is more than just a pretty face, it wins major points for its function with a beautiful menu and interactive map that makes it easy to find.

samsikhk_siteCreated using the Pizza Restaurant template

6. Olive’secret

While it’s products might be based on olive oil, it’s very clear what this website is promoting (and it’s not food). Olive’secret is all about skincare products, and their website provides all the information you’re looking for with a clean layout and clearly labeled pages.

Olive’s Secret – Organic Well Being Products OLIVES SECRET2_site Created using the Pizza Restaurant template

7. Liam Rinat

Liam Rinat is a talented illustrator and designer who has created a website that serves as a visual feast for the eyes. He made the right choice when he decided to use his own designs as a background for his home page – it shows off his unique style and makes you want to explore more of his work (which you can do by clicking on his ‘Work’ page).

liam rinat_site


Wix Website Template: Personal Trainer

Ask any fitness professional and they’ll tell you: having an online presence is key to creating a personal brand and growing their business. This website template helps facilitate that growth by not only looking phenomenal, but by adding function with the Wix Bookings feature. All of the services mentioned on the site link directly back to the Wix Bookings app, so scheduling clients is simple and intuitive.

new templates_new editor 7Created from the Personal Trainer template

8. Monica Pack Pilates

Monica Pack’s website is a great example of someone who chose to stick closely to the template, but still managed to rebrand it as her own. By incorporating photos of her in [pilates] action, you get a good sense of her professionalism and technique – and finding info on her classes, rates, as well as how to contact her is right in reach.

pilates_siteCreated from the Personal Trainer template

9. Linda Franzosi

What is an imaginator? Linda Franzosi’s upbeat website is here to clarify: she’s an editor, creative, graphic designer and storyteller. If you want to learn more like we did, you can get an example of her work by viewing her impressive Portfolio page.

editor_siteCreated from the Personal Trainer template

10. Jin Wu Koon

If you want to get pumped about kick boxing, you might want to check out Jin Wu Koon. With a bold color scheme and fonts to match, this Sydney dojo nailed their site’s web design. We especially love how they mapped out their class schedule (roll over the classes to see what we mean).

Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts Academy Sydney_site


Wix Website Template: Bicycle Store

This gorgeous eCommerce website template is built to increase sales. Stunning design aside, its features are carefully placed in order to optimize a person’s experience on your website, turning a potential buyer into a customer. While the product gallery is certainly fab, we’re big fans of the FAQ section that provides important info in style.

new templates_jan 20169Created from the Bicycle Store template:

11. Mon Cheri

Even if your Russian is a bit rusty, chances are pretty good that you can spot a stunning website when you see one. We’re not sure what’s more gorgeous – Mon Cheri’s flawless website or their inventive terrariums and floral arrangements? We could happily spend more time trying to decide.

Wix website: Mon Chéri FlowersCreated from the Bicycle Store template:

12. Jellyfish & Co

Where do we start? Fun products, fabulous full-width strips, cool fonts, and even a small video background by the footer. Jellyfish & Co has our vote! Although their website is in French, you don’t need to parler le francais bien to enjoy browsing this website.

Wix website: jellyfishandcoCreated from the Bicycle Store template:

13. Stahl Ross

If we’re ever in Norway, we would totally buy a bicycle from Stahl Ross. We have to give them major points for taking a bicycle store template, to use for their actual bicycle store, but all the while adapting the design to be totally unique to their awesome brand.

Wix website: Stahl Ross Cycles Neo Classics_siteCreated from the Bicycle Store template

14. The Hand Dyed Shoe Company

Simon Bourne takes attention to detail seriously. Every aspect of his site is as handcrafted and perfected as his hand dyed shoes – not one element is out of alignment or missing a comma. Where he really won our hearts though, is by adding videos of him in action. Scroll all the way down to the end of his home page to see what we mean.

Wix website: Handmade Shoes The Hand Dyed Shoe


Ready to design your own masterpiece from our templates? Create a website with Wix!

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