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Web Design \ MAY 25th 2015

Why Australians Have The Best Looking Websites

Have you heard of a land down under, where websites glow and graphics work wonders? No matter which side you’re on in the Vegemite debate, one thing is certain: Australians know their way around web design.

Maybe it’s the geographic distance from the traditional centers of art and businesses; maybe it’s the eternal sunny weather that inspires the creative minds. Whatever it is, we’re always thrilled to see a new site made by our talented Aussie Wix users.

To give you a glimpse of what we’re talking about, here’s a gallery of rockstar Wix sites that come all the way from the real land of Oz.

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IT7  Audio >>

These smashing headphones deserve a great web design to promote them online.

IT7 Audio

Big Dog Media >>

This media agency cleverly uses a friendly and welcoming style to invite a large variety of interested clients.

Australisn websites showcase2

Blake Skinner >>

Love the vibe on this site! The blue color tones combined with the illustrations generate a cool and calm feel.

Australisn websites showcase3

Fitness Fix >>

See how this website captures the viewers right away with a strong and motivating message. Great branding.

Fitness Fix

Hazo Sunglasses >>

Tiles are so much fun! Love the layout on this website and how it brings content together so harmoniously.

Hazo Sunglasses

HopOnIt >>

Such a creative use of interactivity and smart linking. This website takes seriously the idea of User Experience.


Srinivasa >> 

Beautiful photography portfolio. Srinivasa is doing a great job at generating a personal connection with potential clients.


Wix.com Create Your Own Website

Izera >>

In Australia, even the fan pages are cooler than in other countries. Check out the funky homepage layout.


Made For This Photography >>

If we ever get married, we’re definitely doing it in Australia so that this gifted photographer can be around.

Made for This Photography

Mr. Tradie >>

Such an awesome app! With Mr. Tradie you’ll never have loose ends around the house again. This website is perfectly designed to highlight its benefits and contribution to everyday life.

Mr. Tradie

Your Health Revolution >>

The website header here is both beautiful and brilliant. It immediately captures our attention with strong visuals and smart branding.

Your Health Revolution

Halim J Mouawad >>

Is there any creative art that this guy can’t do? His portfolio is nearly addictive, we can’t stop browsing!

Halim J Mouawad

Sonoro Coffee >>

Simple design that says it all – a great product delivered with great service. All thumbs up.

Sonoro Coffee

Who the Dickens >>

Everything about this company is terrific – their brand name, their gorgeous products, their content marketing, their beautifully designed online store. You better have a look.

Who the Dickens

Greenet >>

The way the homepage design also works as a navigation menu is absolutely great.


Hard Nnox Entertainment >>

Nothing better than a powerful large image to welcome your website visitors. You already have their attention.

Hard Knox Entertainment

Rawr Foods >>

The image gallery that will welcome you on this site will get you drooling pretty fast. You’ve been warned.

Rawr Foods

JDC Performing Arts Studio >>

Cute and functional design with a unique color scheme and a creative use of typography.

JDC Performing Arts Studios

Liquid Force Kiteboarding >>

This company offers a large variety of products and that could become confusing, but the division of content they created on their site maintains clarity and simple navigation. Bravo.

Liquid Force

Albert Sandos Artist >>

A beautiful display of unique artwork. The elaborate information added on each piece is great for enhancing the sense of familiarity.

Albert Sandos Artist

Feeling inspired? You don’t have to be Australian to create your own amazing website. Browse through our beautiful free website templates, make your pick & instantly start designing your website today!

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