15 Gorgeous Websites Created From 3 Wix Templates

Every masterpiece begins with a dash of inspiration and a hint of creativity. Here at Wix, our designers work ‘round the clock to provide you with the most beautiful website templates. Each one is crafted to incorporate the latest design trends and most advanced add-ons to help bring your online vision to life. The best part? All of our templates are 100% customizable; from the ability to add your own fonts, images, text, to anything else you wish to include. So whether you have a restaurant, bed and breakfast, online jewelry shop, or photography portfolio, we’ve got you covered.

Need proof? No problem! We’re excited to present three stunning templates and 15 of our fabulous users who made them completely their own. So if you’re set on creating something that’s one of a kind, get ready – we have loads of inspiration just a scroll away! 

Poster Shop Website Template

This joyful eCommerce template has a pop of color that’s designed to draw you in and keep you interested. With fun animation and a brilliant layout, this is ideal for a business that’s not only looking to stand out but is aiming to make a lasting impression. The fonts and patterns flow seamlessly together weaving in the hottest trends and eye-catching tools to make sure your clients come back for more. But wait – this gorgeous design doesn’t have to be used exclusively for an online shop, our users have taken this outline and made it something outstanding.

Here are some examples of how this template can be used, from goods and services to wedding sites. Each stunner below shows how people can adapt the format to work best for them –  and of course, displays how talented our users are!

Tales Weddings in Portugal

Kronen Bae

Pro Me

Maayan Gutfled Studio

Pajaro Pintor

Wedding Photographer Website Template

Whether you’re a wedding or travel photographer, a website is a great way to showcase your work. That’s why we’ve created this elegant template, so you can share your images in a dramatic full-width gallery. Of course, that’s not all – this format is super simple to navigate and makes it easy for clients to get to know the photographer, discover their portfolio, get in touch and even book a time to meet with the help of Wix Bookings.

With a few simple clicks, this template can be transformed into anything you want. Whether that’s specializing in aerial photography like Stratus Aerial or modern home photography in Mexico like Selva Tulum, your beautiful images will get the full spotlight they deserve.

Kadie Hummel Photography

Selva Tulum

Ryan Wilco Videographer and Photographer

Stratus Aerial

Gary Parker – Private Safari Guide

Web Designer Portfolio Website Template

If you are a web designer, you know you have to be on top of your game and your website needs to be on point. That’s where this template comes in. It incorporates the most in-demand web design trends like parallax scrolling, and countless image galleries so you can feature all of your work in a beautiful way.  The inspiration doesn’t stop there, this layout includes key forget-me-nots like a contact form and social icons. 

What people have done with this design has left us speechless –  in a good way of course. From portfolios to community building, they created a very interesting variety of websites. We seriously can’t take our eyes of our screens – you’ll know what we mean after taking a look at these beauties!

Ocadvertising Class of 2017

Stand Out – Elegance and Design 

Shantam Sharma


Last but not least!

The most important point we want to make is…be yourself! Don’t let the category of a template hold you back. If you see something that catches your eye then dive right in and make a strong statement. So strut your stuff and showcase your content in the most glorious way.

By Tali Marks

Community and Social Media Manager

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