30+ of the Best New Wix Website Templates for 2021

new wix website templates

This post was last updated on July 29, 2021.

When you create a website on your own, using a premade template can help provide you with design foundations, guidance and useful features from the start. Our talented Wix design teams work enthusiastically to come up with new and updated website templates regularly, providing our users with gorgeous designs, concepts, layouts and features that are fully customizable and free to use.

In this article, we’ll showcase 30+ new, trending website templates by Wix that will give you the creative freedom you need to make one of the best website designs out there. So, whether you’re in the market for a new business website, portfolio, blog or more—you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Best new Wix website templates

The best websites aren’t made overnight...or are they? With these unique templates, you’ll be able to kickstart your site and have it ready in no time. Below, we’ve provided a list of fresh new templates categorized across a variety of industries. When you find one you like, you can customize your web design, revisit and edit it until you're satisfied enough to get it online.

  1. T-Shirt Store Website Template

  2. Beauty Supply Store Website Template

  3. Electronics Store Website Template

  4. Online Meditation Classes Website Template

  5. Dietician Website Template

  6. Therapist Website Template

  7. Bakery Website Template

  8. Ice Cream Shop Website Template

  9. Restaurant Website Template

  10. Online Fitness Program Website Template

  11. Fitness Trainer Website Template

  12. Online Yoga Classes Website Template

  13. Writer Portfolio Website Template

  14. Personal Profile Website Template

  15. Photographer Portfolio Website Template

  16. Artist Portfolio Website Template

  17. Graphic Designer Portfolio Website Template

  18. Subscription Box Company Website Template

  19. Business Consulting Company Website Template

  20. Printing Services Company Website Template

  21. Event Planner Website Template

  22. Music Festival Website Template

  23. Online Memorial Website Template

  24. Wedding Invitation Website Template

  25. AI Company Website Template

  26. Tech Company Website Template

  27. App Landing Page Website Template

  28. Personal Blog Website Template

  29. Travel Blog Website Template

  30. Food Blog Website Template

  31. Fitness Website Coming Soon Template

  32. Restaurant Website Coming Soon Template

  33. App Coming Soon Template

New Wix templates for online stores

These days, an online store is one of the best ways to launch and grow a small business. With the advanced features on our eCommerce website templates, you’ll have everything you need to display, sell and market your products and services online.

01. T-Shirt Store Website Template

On top of this template’s trendy and organized design, a Wix Stores integration makes it easy for visitors to browse, shop and pay for their goods directly on your site. Customize this appealing site by creating your own logo, adding a unique headline and uploading product images to start marketing your brand online.

tshirt store website template

02. Beauty Supply Store Website Template

With this new template as a starting point, you’ll have all the foundations you need to let your products shine. Implementing some of the best web design trends, like parallax scrolling and gradient backgrounds, this attractive website design is guaranteed to keep customers engaged as they search for their favorite products.

beauty supply store wix template

03. Electronics Store Website Template

Perfect for businesses with a modern and professional tone, this template’s extensive galleries, strong CTAs and category strips make it perfect for displaying multiple products and special offers. A Wix Stores integration and search bar in the header make it a breeze for shoppers to find and purchase exactly what they’re looking for.

electronics store website template

New Wix templates for health and wellness

Whether it’s for online meditation or an independent therapy practice, building a health and wellness website has never been easier, or more relevant. The following templates offer inspiring designs and features that will help you make the online world a livelier place.

04. Online Meditation Classes Website Template

This serene and attractive new template for online meditation classes encourages visitors to take a breath, live in the moment and be mindful. Offering live streamed classes, memberships, and online classes—these practical features, combined with parallax scrolling, transparent video and animated movements—makes this design pleasantly and surprisingly in vogue.

online meditation class wix website template

05. Dietician Website Template

Fresh and eye-catching, this is the ultimate new template for independent professionals in the health & wellness industry. A space for service descriptions will allow you to clearly outline your offers to new visitors. And thanks to a Wix Bookings integration, clients can sign-up for individual appointments or package deals through your site.

dietician wix website template

06. Therapist Website Template

Greeting visitors with a headshot and short bio, this template is perfectly suited for therapists and other mental health professionals who want to display their clinical services online and build a client base. Simple and modern, your site will include a static website header, facilitating smooth navigation as visitors browse to find out more information about your services and professional experience.

therapist website wix template

New Wix templates for food and restaurants

Thanks to the convenience they offer customers, it’s safe to say that food and restaurant websites are here to stay. For business owners in this exciting and booming industry, these templates are perfect for marketing tasty goods, managing restaurant orders and capturing new loyal customers.

07. Bakery Website Template

Visitors will love this bakery website template, which provides all the foundations for clear messaging and a flawless ordering process. Parallax strips add an attractive and trendy edge, while coinciding video strips allow you to give customers a lively glimpse at the baking process behind-the-scenes.

bakery website wix template

08. Ice Cream Shop Website Template

A bright and charming template like this is perfect for shop owners with a knack for sweets. On a practical note, the live chat feature allows visitors to connect and ask questions at any time—major points for good customer service.

ice cream ship website wix template

09. Restaurant Website Template

This dynamic layout will grab the attention of food lovers before they even step foot in your restaurant. Thanks to Wix Reservations and Online Orders apps, customers can choose to book an open table for their party, or conveniently order food to be delivered.

restaurant website wix template

New Wix templates for fitness websites

Fitness websites should be motivating, bold and energizing—and the following new templates were made with that in mind. Providing amazing solutions for getting your fitness business online, these templates not only look great, they’ll help you manage everything from class schedules to bookings and payments.

10. Online Fitness Program Website Template

Inspire visitors to accomplish their fitness goals with this powerful website template for online classes and programs. Wix Bookings will help clients schedule their favorite classes online, and with on-demand videos, they can even do their favorite activities from the comfort of their own home.

online fitness program wix website template

11. Fitness Trainer Website Template

Modern, cool and sleek, this site provides ample space for motivating new visitors, educating them about fitness and health, and guiding their exercise practice. For potential customers who want to be in touch about membership, the template’s contact page is an effective way to foster communication and ultimately build your list of clientele.

fitness trainer website wix template

12. Online Yoga Classes Website Template

Contrasting colors, charming imagery and dynamic animation are what makes this trendy Yoga template stand out. The attractive design is amplified by the user-friendly interface, which allows users to reserve a spot and pay for their favorite classes online.

online yoga classes wix website template

New Wix templates for online portfolios

For creatives, freelancers and independent professionals—the best way to promote your work online is by building a portfolio website. With the right tools and design, the following templates will showcase your creations, get your work noticed and help you earn money from your talents.

13. Writer Portfolio Website Template

Whatever the niche or genre, writers looking to exhibit their work and writing skills can use this clever portfolio template to build a professional online presence. Equipped with space for reviews, you can customize these quotes with the praises of readers to engage with and captivate new visitors.

writer portfolio wix website template

14. Personal Profile Website Template

The simple layout and colloquial tone of this versatile template should serve as an inspirational starting point for anyone building a personal brand. An additional blog section is a great way to emphasize your expertise by writing about what you love and sharing it with visitors.

personal profile wix website template

15. Photographer Portfolio Website Template

Plenty of white space framing the images of this template resembles a sophisticated art gallery setting. By uploading your own images and including text in the captions space provided, you can bring your visual journey to life while including purchasing details, like the size and price of each work.

photographer portfolio website template

16. Artist Portfolio Website Template

For artists and designers who want a unique portfolio website, the asymmetrical layout of this new template offers an individual touch that will compliment your ouvre. More than just a way to display your work, incorporating an online store into the mix will encourage sales and help earn you money from your art.

artist portfolio wix website template

17. Graphic Designer Portfolio Website Template

A clean portfolio template like this will allow your work to speak for itself. The interactive features create a lively style, and a prominent contact page makes it easy for future clients and collaborators to be in touch.

graphic designer portfolio wix website template

New Wix templates for small businesses

When building your small business website, the first step is to start with an impressive website template. Next, use the professional features provided to build your online presence, and market and grow your audience and revenue.

18. Subscription Box Company Website Template

In order to start a successful subscription business, you need to ensure that you have the right infrastructure in place for your clientele. This template gets straight to the point, providing sections for describing your offers, outlining subscription steps, and the right tools to facilitate easy ordering and reliable delivery.