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16 Amazing Websites Based on a Single Wix Template

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Here’s a recipe: Take one great website template, add some high quality visuals, killer text and a touch of creativity. Two clicks on the Wix editor and you have yourself a unique, DIY website design.

When Wix users start customizing one of our beautiful free templates, you never know what the end result will look like. The customization options are so advanced that you’ll never guess that all of these great sites all originated from the same template.

Let’s take the Kid’s Costumes template, for example. With a basic structure of three pages and a beautiful tiled layout for visuals, it’s a perfect template for brick-and-mortar stores, arts & crafts sites or visual-centered websites. Yet the awesome crowd we like to call Wix users are using this template creatively and individually, making all sorts of websites – from a drag queen profile to online tarot cards business.

Scroll down to see what happens when a great website template meets a bunch of visionaries. As you'll see, the answer is some of the best website designs around.

Kid’s Costumes – Original Template >>

Original Wix Template

Daniela Reko >>

Daniela Reko

Agencia Garagem >>

Agencia Garagem

Danielle Ambrosia >>

Danielle Ambrosia

30,000 Miles to Canada >>

30,000 Miles to Canada

Alternative History Game >>

Alternative History Game

Pascal and Elaine >>

Pascal and Elaine

Jurassica Parka >>

Jurassica Parka

Books on a Bike >>

Books on a Bike

Brides by Harvee >>

Brides by Harvee

Clever Dog Services >>

Clever Dog Services

Fresh Routes >>

Fresh Routes

Haar Straa >>

Haar Straa

Kanga’s Pouch >>

Kanga's Pouch

Kristyn Callaway >>

Kristyn Callaway

Nathan Dewberry >>

Nathan Dewberry

Scott San Giacomo >>

Scott San Giacomo


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