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Our Designers Reveal Their Favorite Templates

Wix Designers Favorites Templates

At Wix, we’re proud that our stunning template collection is a powerhouse of beautiful designs that help bring our users’ websites to life. Of course, with countless options come hard decisions. People often ask our design team which template is their favorite, but not surprisingly it’s difficult for them to choose just one. We sat down with some of our top designers to talk about their favorite templates and picked their brains for some killer design tips to help spark your imagination.

Drum roll please…

Urban Photography Template

Designer: Yaya Aahornson

“What draws me into this template is the brilliant layout on the homepage. I just love the look of the Pro Gallery; it’s amazing, minimal, very chic and elegant. With a set of gorgeous images, you can easily make a great website. It’s simple yet beautiful.”

Yaya’s tip: This template is a great example of a tool that was built for a specific audience but could be suitable for any Wix user.  The Pro Gallery is one of the most incredible tools you could use on your website; it’s current, well designed and has great features like social sharing – ultimately promoting your website. You don’t have to be a photographer to use the Pro Gallery; you can showcase your work of any kind – fashion, food, crafts & more!

Urban Photography Website

Web App Template

Designer: Roy Sherizly

“This is one of my favorite templates designed for app developers and their potential customers. I this is a great template because it feels so “branded” while still being super customizable, thanks to the bold color scheme and structured textual areas. The template also utilizes some of our excellent new features like columns and parallax effects, giving it a completely modern look and feel.”

Roy’s Tip: When you’re designing your website, try to keep your content as concise as possible. It’s challenging to keep visitors’ attention, so our designs have to be clear and to the point – both visually and contextually.

Web App Website Template

Pizza Restaurant Template

Designer: Oranit Zizi

“What I see when I look at this template is the layout, with easy navigation and a stylish touch, it has that seamless flow every site needs. Couple that with the strong high-quality images, beautiful typography and clean design, it is the foundation for any great restaurateur – not to mention it’s fully customizable and simple to work with.”

Oranit’s Tip: Never use more than 3 different fonts and 2 main colors for the palette, otherwise it can distract the viewer from your content.

Pizza Restaurant Website Template

Science Documentary Template

Designer: Liat Elkaim Chetrit

“The Science Documentary Template is just such a fun site to work with. I love the wide layouts and the contemporary feel, in my opinion, it’s truly the pinnacle of all the latest websites. Beyond that, the color scheme and the video background make this template perfect for any director, cinematographer, editor or anyone with a film background.”

Liat’s tip: Try to choose a template that allows you to stick to the model as much as you can. Our designers have scoured the web looking for the hottest trends in design and have incorporated them into each template. We try and do as much of the hard work for you so you don’t have to.

Science Documentary Template

Real Estate Landing Page Template

Designer: Daniel Winebush

“I’m a huge fan of this template – what really catches my eye are the vibrant colors and the wide variety of elements. This is a landing page that can really pack a punch! With attractive video backgrounds, beautifully designed icons, coherent lines, and smooth animations your competitors won’t stand a chance! This is real estate with a hi-tech feel to it.”

Daniel’s Tip: Always ask yourself – if I could reduce my whole website to one single shape or color – what will it be? That element should appear several times on your website to maintain consistency and build a unique and memorable visual language.

real estate landing page

Skateboard Shop Template

Designer: Dafna Rabin

“Right from the top fold, this template draws you in with an amazing video. But what will keep those customers hooked is the perfect use of the latest trends. This template has just the right amount of fun with the pop of color that accents the menu and breaks the rules with flashy typography. This template is a solid start to any eCommerce or online shop.”

Dafna’s tips: Don’t be afraid of white spaces and be careful of visual overload. This will make it harder for your visitors to read and navigate your site. Use animations to make your site feel more alive! But, use them wisely and be consistent in order to avoid cheap looking animations here are three tips when using animation. My go-to animations are ‘fade-in,’ ‘slide-in’ or ‘float-in’.

Skateboard Shop Template

Fashion & Style Blog Website Template

Designer: Ofra Lior

“This template is for people who take blogging seriously and displays a lot of content in a beautiful and organized way. From Blog Categories to Advertising options, it’s all there. And, the design incorporates stylish images and beautiful typography. From lifestyle blogging to food blogging this template can work for all your blogging needs.”

Ofra’s Tip: Make sure you update all the social links with your own. And don’t forget to upload your own favicon and social media image (so when people share your blog it will come up with the image of your choice ;)

Fashion and Style Blog Template

By Tali Marks

Community and Social Media Manager

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