7 Reasons to Take Your Offline Business Online

7 Reasons to Take Your Offline Business Online

Congratulations on running a successful brick-and-mortar business in the “offline” world! In today’s economy, getting any kind of business operation going is a challenge.  If you want to guarantee ongoing success though, establishing an online presence should be your next step.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as especially tech-savvy or if your business is very connected to a specific physical location, don’t underestimate the benefits of putting your business online. Setting up a website is now easier than ever thanks to Wix, and a great site will do wonders for strengthening your local network, and may even expand your reach internationally.

What’s in it for you? There are a whole lot of perks that come with taking your business online. Here are the main 7:

7 Reasons to Take Your Offline Business Online

1. You Can Easily Do It Yourself!

The winning argument for getting your business online is definitely the fact that it’s so simple, you can absolutely do it yourself. Using a web publishing platform like Wix allows you to easily create your own website and enjoy all the benefits the internet has to offer small businesses. Hundreds of beautiful website templates are ready for you to choose from and all of them can be customized to fit your business’s needs. With a few mouse clicks, your own business website can be on the web today.

Wix Templates

2. You Get to Extend Your Reach

Ongoing success rests on your capability to constantly bring in new clients. Reaching thousands of people by using traditional marketing methods is very expensive and unreliable. Going online means you can reach more people than you ever imagined while paying less for the exposure – and you can even track results.

3. You Have More Versatility

There’s lots of room for experimenting on the internet. Any promotion, banner and call-to-action can be measured for effectiveness and impact. A website is a dynamic organism and can you edit, update and readjust your content as you go along.

4. You Catch Clients on the Go

In case you haven’t noticed, mobile internet is gaining more and more strength as a market. Did you know that mobile search of local listings is expected to overtake PC search in 2015?  To get a piece of that pie, your site should have a mobile optimized view. Luckily with just a few clicks, Wix does this for you.

Catch Clients on the Go

5. You Get More Referrals

The internet has a magic instrument called links, that can be shared by anyone – with everyone. When people want to recommend your business to a friend, sharing a link is so much easier than writing down an address on paper. Not to mention the chances of someone clicking on a link are much higher than expecting them to show up somewhere based on word-of-mouth.

6. You Get to Be Social

Once you start establishing an online presence, you get to utilize one of the most powerful platforms for business promotion available today: social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Co. are all integrated into people’s daily lives in such a way that they rely on these networks for relevant and useful information. If your business is mingling in the social media world, you are guaranteed to get more exposure.

Get Social

7. You Can Shape Your Brand

Today’s consumers are sharper than ever. Nine times out of ten they are likely to do some online research before they consider buying from or choosing your service. With that said, your website can serve as a main source of info and confidence for your potential customers. You are in total control and all of your text, images, and more can (and should) be all aligned with your brand. You can even take it a step further by allowing site visitors and customers to leave their positive feedback directly on your site by adding an interactive testimonial App.  If you don’t have a ‘brand’ yet, a website is the perfect platform to start building one.

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