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Get a Dedicated Phone Number for Your Business

Start making and receiving business calls using your virtual phone number right away.

*This service is available only in the US, Canada and UK

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To get your Business Phone Number go to your desktop >  Site Dashboard > Settings > Business Phone Number

Connect with Customers Anytime, Anywhere

With a business phone number from Wix, you can connect with customers wherever life takes you. Simply link your new business number to your current cell phone. Then, start making and receiving business calls using your current mobile carrier while keeping your personal number private.

*This service is available only in the US, Canada and UK

Get the Digits Your Business Needs

Make a Lasting First Impression

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or run a company of your own, you always want to look professional. A dedicated phone number is the best way to let customers know you mean business. 

Personalized Voicemail 

Set up your voicemail with a professional message and get 24/7 answering capabilities.  With a voicemail built-in to your business line, you never have to worry about missing a call. 

Work-Life Balance

Separate your business from your personal life with two different phone numbers on one device. This way you can keep it strictly business during work hours and catch up with friends and family in your free time. 

Set Business Hours That Work for You

Choose when you are available to take work calls by setting call hours that work with your dynamic schedule.  After hours calls will go directly to your voicemail, so you can enjoy your personal time. 

Unlimited Calls & Texts

Your business phone service comes with unlimited minutes and messaging in the US, Canada and UK, so you can message and talk with your customers as much as you need. 

A Total Business Solution from Wix

Get built-in business tools with your Wix website, like Contact List, Chat and Invoices. They’re synced with your new number so you can grow and manage your business the way you want—all in one place.

mage that reflects the richness of the features and capabilities of the Business Phone Number: a visual illustration of a phone call, how inbox and contact list are integrated, setting the business call hours, do not disturb and custom voicemail recording.

To get your Business Phone Number go to your desktop >  Site Dashboard > Settings > Business Phone Number

So How Does It Work?


Choose a plan with a toll free or local phone number for your business


Open the Wix mobile app to link your new number to your smartphone


Start connecting with customers on your new business number

Toll-Free vs Local Phone Numbers

Choose whether a toll-free or local phone number is the best option for your business.

Toll-Free Number

Get a professional business prefix, that is usually an 800 number. This helps you get recognized everywhere and is free to call.

Local Number

Increase your local presence with a familiar, local area code connected to the place where you do business.

To get your Business Phone Number go to your desktop >  Site Dashboard > Settings > Business Phone Number

Drive Your Business to Online Success 

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Business Website

With Wix, you can create a business website that matches your brand and attracts the right customers.

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Custom Domain Names

Choose a domain name that makes it easy for customers to find your business.

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 Business Tools

Get a complete marketing and customer management suite built directly into your Wix business site.

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Online Store

Sell your products and services online with a custom storefront and powerful management system.

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Professional Email Address

Build credibility with an email address using your business’s domain name.

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Built-in SEO Tools

Drive traffic to your site with built-in SEO tools. Get a personal SEO plan, customize meta tags and more.



How do I get a separate business phone number?

Once you set up an account with Wix, you can add a dedicated business phone number to make a professional impression. This service is available only in the US, Canada and UK.


Why should I get a number through Wix?

Your new phone number is part of Wix’s full business offering. It syncs with your website, chat, contact list, inbox, payment system and more. All of your business needs, in one place.


What is a toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers start with 1 followed by a 3 digit code starting with an 8, like an 800 number. Anyone can call a toll-free number from a landline free of charge. 


How to get a 1800 number?

Wix makes it easy to get your own 1800 number. Simply go to your site dashboard, click Business Phone Number on the side bar and follow the instructions to get your toll-free number. Then, select the 1800 number you want to start making calls.


How is a toll-free number helpful for a small business?

A toll-free or 1800 number helps give your small business credibility and it’s easy to remember. It is also portable, so if you relocate or scale your business into new cities it won’t affect customer relationships.


What are the benefits of having a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is convenient if you want a dedicated number for your business or side hustle while keeping your personal numbers private. Also, no additional equipment or contract is needed. Simply sign up and start making calls.


Do business phone numbers respond to text messages?

Your business phone number comes with it’s own number that has texting capabilities. You can view and reply to SMS messages from your local or toll-free number via Wix Inbox on your site dashboard or from the Wix mobile app.


Does my business phone number use my phone plan’s minutes?

Yes, any outgoing calls go through your cellular network, which means your private phone plan’s minutes will be used. However, if you’re on a plan with unlimited minutes, this shouldn’t affect you.


Does my business phone number use WiFi for calling?

No, it uses your cellular phone network to make and take calls. This ensures the best possible call quality.


Is business phone number a VOIP (Voice Over internet Protocol)?

No, there is no cellular data or WiFi needed to make and take calls, as the product uses your cellular phone network.


Can I purchase a business phone number without having a Premium website?

Yes, business lines are available for purchase for any Wix website, whether you have a Premium account or not. 


Can I operate my business line on the Wix mobile app with an iOS or Android phone?

Absolutely, you can download the Wix app from the Apple Store, Google Play Store and more. The Wix app is fully functional on all smartphones and allows you to operate your online phone number as well as many other features of your Wix website.


Can I send or receive text messages with my virtual phone number?

Yes, your business number comes with unlimited messaging in the US, Canada and UK, so you can text with your customers whenever you need.

To get your Business Phone Number go to your desktop >  Site Dashboard > Settings > Business Phone Number

Build a Professional Reputation

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