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Paper Dudes, a company from Leipzig, Germany,... Read More

Paper Dudes, a company from Leipzig, Germany, specializes in a very distinct product: handcrafted "paper dudes" made by different artists. This lovable product is promoted in a lively, colorful website. The homepage is rich in visuals, featuring images, images teasers and an image slider of an assortment of paper dudes, with plenty of call-to-action buttons and relevant information about the company. The "Der Dude" page features large illustration images of the dude's construction process, followed by three text teasers directing visitors to relevant pages on the site. The "Firmenkunden" page introduces visitors to the uses of the paper dude (for catering companies to record companies). The Gallery page uses an easy-to-update, thumbnail grid-styled portfolio to display the different paper dudes, with linkable images on hover. Once clicked, each image opens up to reveal a larger version, so visitors can get a good look of each dude. The Contact page provides visitors with full contact details as well as a customized contact widget - a good way for a business to both generate leads and give potential clients the chance for quick contact.


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