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Smiling sales attendant in a brick-and-mortar store with a Wix Retail Point of Sale: the Complete Retail POS Package.

Wix Point of Sale: Create your seamless retail experience

Accept payments in store and on the go. Manage your entire inventory, sales, analytics and more across all channels.

Wix Retail POS is currently available to users based in the U.S. and Canada who are connected to Wix Payments. To receive payouts from Wix, complete your Wix Payments verification. To accept payments, ensure you have a Wix Premium plan that supports payments.

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Choose a Wix Retail POS system that works for your business.

Wix’s Complete Retail POS Package, including the Wix POS tablet, Wix POS software, card reader, barcode scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer.

Sell in your brick-and-mortar store with our retail POS kits

Pick Wix Retail POS hardware to suit your business needs and get a powerful point of sale that looks great in your physical store. Our sleek, built-in stand, tablet with customer display, compact card reader and all POS accessories are designed to elevate your customers’ checkout experience.

Bonus: If you occasionally sell and accept payments on the move, simply grab your wireless card reader and go. 

Wix’s Mobile POS solution, including the Wix POS Card Reader and Wix Owner app on mobile device.

Take your business on the road with Wix Mobile POS

Accept in-person payments at pop-ups, festivals, markets and more with our POS card reader. Together with the Wix Owner app (iOS and Android), you can safely take chip, contactless and magstripe card payments, as well as digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

All Wix POS devices include a 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. Wix POS hardware may be purchased by or for a Wix Payments account user only.

Wix POS systems cover all online business types: online stores, physical retail stores and sellers on the go.

Get everything you need to start selling in person right away

Fully integrated system

Unbox your Wix POS hardware and start selling immediately once you’re connected to Wix Payments. Simply log in to your Wix account on your POS tablet or in the Wix Owner app and go.

One solution for all sales

Simplify payment management by using one payment solution, Wix Payments. Get all our native solution’s perks, including one onboarding experience for both online and in-person sales.

All software included

Pick any Wix Retail POS kit and get advanced Wix POS software built in with no extra charge. To accept payments in person, all you need is your POS hardware and a Wix Premium plan that supports payments.

Competitive pricing

To accept payments from debit/credit cards, digital wallets and more, buy the Wix Retail POS Pro plan. Pay a fixed transaction fee for all in-person payments.

Explore advanced Wix Retail POS features

Happy customer and seller in physical store, Wix POS shopping cart, sales and discounts tab and retail business’ growing Revenue over Time chart.

Omnichannel solution

Sell your products anywhere with our powerful POS systems. Our solution covers all your bases—online, in store and on the go.

Seamless checkout

Create a memorable buyer journey in store with saved shopping carts, spontaneous discounts, customer profiles and more.

Smooth team management

Add unlimited team members to your retail POS system. Give individual PIN codes, assign custom roles and permissions, review schedules, track performance and more.

Multichannel inventory management

Simplify your workflow with intuitive inventory that auto-syncs across all channels, every time you make a sale.

Secure payments

Accept secure in-person payments at checkout, including dip, tap and swipe card payments, plus Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Unified analytics

Monitor your store’s overall performance and make informed business decisions based on your online and in-person store analytics combined.

Get inspired by merchants like you

“We really expanded with Wix POS. Now we can keep on top of our inventory, transactions, customer details, analytics—things we’ve never been able to do before.”

RanD Pitts

Owner of Evolve Clothing Gallery

Wix Merchant RanD Pitts pictured with his physical retail store, Evolve Clothing Gallery.

How it works

Wix Retail POS is currently available to users based in the U.S. and Canada who are connected to Wix Payments only.


Create your Wix Payments account

Set up your account to start accepting in-person payments. Make sure your business type is supported too.


Set up your POS hardware

Purchase your Wix Point of Sale system from our POS Shop. We’ll ship your POS hardware to you. Simply unbox and plug it in.


Buy essential payment plans

Our software is pre-installed. Just ensure you have a Wix Premium plan that supports payments. If you are a Wix Retail POS user, you also need to buy the Wix Retail POS Pro plan to accept credit/debit card payments.


Start selling

You’re now ready to accept in-person payments—just login to your Wix account on the POS tablet or Wix Owner app. Then, get verified by Wix Payments to receive payouts.

Get expert tips on accepting online payments

How to start an online store

How to Start an Online Store.
How to Accept Secure Online Payments with Wix.

How to accept secure online payments with Wix

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How do I get started with Wix POS?

Wix POS is currently available to U.S.- and Canada-based Wix Merchants who have brick-and-mortar businesses and/or sell on the go. To order your POS software, you need to be connected to Wix Payments. Once your hardware arrives, simply turn it on and you're ready to start selling right away. 

Before you get started, make sure your business type is supported.


Which POS system should I choose for my retail business?

Up to you—we offer a variety of POS solutions for different business needs. Our Wix Retail POS kits include everything you need to sell in your physical store and on the move. Cover all your bases with our Complete Retail POS Package, or choose the Retail POS Essentials kit and add POS accessories as you go. All retail POS systems come with advanced Wix POS software built in. If you are purchasing Wix POS Retail packages, make sure to purchase a Retail POS Pro plan to accept credit/debit card payments on top of your Wix Premium plan.

You can take your business anywhere with Wix Mobile POS. Together with the Wix Owner app (iOS and Android), our compact, wireless card reader lets you accept secure payments anywhere, on the spot.

Visit the Wix POS Shop directly or from your Wix dashboard (U.S. and Canada users only) for more info on our POS hardware.


Is Wix POS only available to Wix Stores users?

Not exactly. Our retail POS systems were created mainly with physical businesses in mind, but our mobile POS solution is also available to merchants who need the Wix Events POS solution and Wix Bookings POS solution. This means you can use our POS card reader to accept in-person payments at events, pop-ups, festivals, classes, the gym and more.


How can I order Wix POS hardware?

Once you’re connected to Wix Payments, you can purchase a suitable POS system for your business from our POS Shop. When we get your order, we’ll then ship your hardware and send you a tracking number.


Can I use any POS hardware with Wix POS?

Currently, only devices listed in our Wix POS Shop are supported.


What payment options are available with Wix POS?

Wix Point of Sale is supported by our own payment solution, Wix Payments, so you get to enjoy all the perks of a native payment solution. At checkout, you can accept all leading debit/credit cards (chip and contactless NFC cards), plus digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.


What do I need to pay for when I purchase a Wix POS system?

First, you’ll pay for your Wix POS hardware. All retail POS kits include our Wix POS software, so you won’t have to pay extra for it. To accept payments on Wix, you need an active Wix Premium plan that supports acceptance of payments, so if you haven’t already got one, choose the plan that suits you best. Additionally, Retail POS users need to buy the Wix Retail POS Pro plan to accept payments from debit/credit cards, digital wallets and more. Note, once you start taking in-person payments, you’ll need to pay a fixed processing fee per transaction.


What else do I need to know about setting up Wix POS?

Learn more about connecting Wix Payments for your Wix POS solution here.

Want to learn more?
Go to the Wix POS Help Center.


How do I switch from my current solution to Wix POS?

Easily switch to Wix by importing and uploading your product catalog in bulk (CSV files), or use one of our import/export apps, like Cart2Cart. Read more about importing your store products and catalog to Wix.

If you need more information about connecting to Wix, book a call with a Wix POS Expert.


What will happen if my Wix Premium plan is expired or canceled?

The Retail POS plan is added on top of your regular Wix Premium plan. If your Wix Premium plan isn’t valid anymore, you’ll be able to use some of the POS features, but you won’t be able to accept payments from customers.


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