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Circle Logo Maker

Create your circle logo design in minutes. Get inspired by these logos designed by other businesses and create yours today.

clever and hungry logo
flooring ms logo
just bake logo
bp logo
naramata yacht club logo
oysterlust logo
carter bee company logo
evergreen pea protein logo
cactus logo
send a toy logo
footie retreat logo
ink and blade logo
lemon's style logo
rough denim logo
lak epoxy logo

Circle logo design tips

Define the feel of your logo

It’s important to design a logo that both stands out from the crowd and clearly represents your brand. A circular logo is impactful because it’s a popular format but not seen as often as squares or rectangles. Circles are associated with stability and unity which makes them suited to non-profit organizations, however many big brands use round logos too. Think Target or Volkswagen.

Align your typography

A range of different fonts will work with a circle logo however, you need to think about the feel of your brand and the style of circle that complements your chosen font. If you’re creating a cool, modern logo, a clean, Sans Serif font will work well with a whole, continuous circle. Or if your brand is more creative, a funky, retro-style font with an incomplete circle might be the way to go.

Use the right colors

Like typography, colors also communicate the personality of your brand. It’s a good idea to research logo psychology when choosing your logo colors. Make sure that the final design is not overcrowded and that the colors have been used in a way that makes the logo impactful. Don’t be afraid to use white space so that the main colors stand out.

Make it memorable

Symbols can work incredibly well in a round logo as the format really makes them pop. If you do decide to add an icon, shape or symbol to your design, you’ll need to make sure that it’s in line with the other parts of the logo. Try to avoid packing a large amount of elements into this format— keep the message you want to convey in mind and how the shape or icon will complement it.

How to make a circle logo in minutes


Tell us about your brand

Enter your business name, tagline if you have one, and a little bit about the look and feel of your brand.


Choose your style

Review the logo designs presented to you, and pick the one that best represents your brand.


Make it your own

Customize the font, colors, icons and text to bring your new circle logo to life.

Circle logo ideas

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