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How to make a circle logo for your brand

how to make a circle logo

Circle logos are used by some of the most iconic global brands. This simple yet powerful logo shape makes an effective choice when designing a logo. But why are circle logos so common and what makes them work?

Circle logos carry deep symbolism and meaning. In many cultures, the circle represents unity, wholeness and infinity. As a shape without a beginning or end, it suggests movement and harmony. These qualities make the circle an excellent choice for businesses wanting to convey community and stability when making a website or otherwise.

Whether starting a new business or rebranding, understanding logo shape impact is crucial. A circle logo can be ideal for portraying trustworthiness and timelessness.

How to design your circle logo

Creating an impactful circle logo involves several steps, from concept to finishing touches. It's not just about the shape - it's crafting a symbol representing the brand. Here is how to approach the design process.

Choosing the right logo elements

A logo's elements form the building blocks of its visual identity. When designing a circle logo, consider these key components:

  • Shapes: Beyond the primary circle, what other shapes or negative space could represent the brand?

  • Colors: Colors evoke emotions and convey messages. Select a palette and logo colors aligning with your brand values.

  • Fonts: Logo fonts and typography should be legible and reflect brand personality.

Each element should be intentional, collectively contributing to the overall message and feel of your circle logo.

Incorporating text and icons

Balancing aesthetics and readability matters when adding text and icons to a circle logo. Here are some logo design tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep it simple: Cluttered logos can confuse. Use concise text and clean icons.

  • Hierarchy: Decide what stands out - the name, icon, or both?

  • Alignment: Center and balance text and icons within the circle for harmony.

  • Consistency: Reinforce brand recognition by maintaining consistency with your overall brand style.

  • Scalability: A good logo scales easily. It stays clear and impactful whether on a business card or billboard.

  • Versatility: The logo should function across mediums, from print to digital, without losing effectiveness.

  • Simplicity: Simple, uncluttered logos tend to be most memorable which is why circle logos often work so well. Avoid intricate details.

  • Timelessness: Because trends come and go, aim for a classic, timeless logo.

Select a logo maker or tool

When it comes to making a circle logo, you can opt to use a logo maker or AI logo generator. Often these online tools will allow you to create a logo for free. You can also choose to use a specific circle logo maker, for the best results.

make a circle logo, use a logo maker

Why choose a circle logo?

Beyond style, a circle logo can significantly influence brand perception and recognition. Here's why it may be beneficial for you as a brand.

  • Universal appeal: Circles are globally recognized shapes that transcend cultures.

  • Positive associations: The circular shape often conveys unity, stability and harmony.

  • Eye-catching: Circles grab attention through completeness and symmetry.

  • Flexibility: Circle logos adapt well across industries and branding styles.

Famous circle logo examples

Here are some famous circle logo examples that have made an impact in their respective industries:

  • Starbucks: The iconic siren in a circle is globally recognizable, symbolizing coffee's rich, exotic history.

  • BMW: The blue and white quadrants represent the brand's heritage and its ties to Bavarian skies.

  • Target: The bold bullseye conveys that this retailer has everything consumers need.

  • Twitter now X: The circle-enclosed bird represents connecting people through quick, flying messages.

Circle logos made with the Wix Logo Maker

Just Bake

Sometimes a circle logo design helps convey exactly what your business offers, in this case cookies. The effectiveness of a circle logo lies in its simplicity and with the right use of colors and fonts it can be a fun choice also.

circle logo made with the wix logo maker

Timberline Mulching Inc

A circle logo can contain a lot of detail, from your company name, initials and images to represent your business, making it pack a powerful punch as a branding tool.

circle logo made with the wix logo maker


Circle logos are versatile and can be used for different brands and messaging to leave a lasting impression.

circle logo made with wix logo maker

Circle logo design FAQs

How do I know if a circle logo is right for my brand?

A circle logo can convey unity, trust and harmony. It works well if these associations align with your brand values. A circle logo is also very flexible across industries. Evaluate if its symbolic meaning matches your desired brand perception.

What are some tips for designing a text logo inside a circle?

What file formats should my circle logo be in?

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