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How to make a white logo that stands out

how to make a white logo

When it comes to branding and design, versatility is key. A white logo can be a powerful tool to have, offering a clean, modern look that pops against colorful backdrops. Whether you want to put your logo on promo materials, product packaging or online, having a white version ensures it's always visible and impactful.

In situations where darker logos would blend into the background or are hard to see, a white logo maintains its presence. It's also essential for keeping your brand consistent across different media including when making a website.

White logos are super versatile. Use them on photos, videos, dark or busy backgrounds and even glass for a cool etched effect. This flexibility makes them ideal if you want your brand to stand out in multiple places.

Can a logo really be white?

When you think logos, you probably picture bold colors and cool designs. But a white logo can be just as impactful - if not more - than colorful versions. White logos are not only possible but also preferred in many design cases.

A white logo is basically your standard logo converted to white, often with a transparent background. This allows it to be placed on various backdrops without clashing. It's a minimalist approach that can invoke elegance and sophistication.

Where a white logo works best

  • On dark/colored backdrops: It stands out against darker backgrounds for high visibility.

  • In minimalist designs: White logos complement a clean aesthetic without overwhelming the main design.

  • Certain industries: Tech, luxury and modern brands use white to convey innovation and sleekness.

  • Promo items: White logos are versatile on any colored merchandise like shirts, hats and bags.

  • Digital media: White logos mean a consistent logo as interfaces or devices change.

Why do you need a white logo

A white logo is more than just a design choice—it's a strategic branding tool with that can come in handy when starting a business:

  • Adaptability: Works across tons of mediums and backgrounds.

  • Visibility: Stands out against darker colors to keep your brand seen.

  • Consistency: Allows consistent look across platforms with varying color schemes.

The psychology of white logo design

Color and logo psychology impacts how people perceive your brand. The hues used in your logo spark emotions and associations. White specifically carries meanings that can seriously influence your image via your logo color. Here's how:

  • Purity and simplicity: Associated with cleanliness and minimalism. Gives a fresh, uncluttered look.

  • Modern and minimalist: Many modern brands use white to feel current and minimalist.

  • Versatile: White logos work across mediums without clashing.

  • Sophisticated: White can lend an exclusive, high-value feel.

Tips for creating a solid white logo

Crafting a pro-white logo that works everywhere requires following a few best practuces for this type of logo. Here are some tips for designing your logo:

  • Maintain original proportions: Keep the balance of your original logo when changing color.

  • Test visibility: Ensure it stands out on different backgrounds.

  • Use high contrast: Pair with darker backdrops for bold pop.

  • Keep it simple: Simplify so it's recognizable even in white.

  • Consider negative space: Use it creatively to add depth.

  • Mind the transparency: This allows placement over anything without an ugly box.

  • File formats: Save as PNG or SVG to preserve transparency and quality.

  • Choose an online tool to help you: Use a logo maker or an AI logo generator for your white logo designs. When using a website builder like Wix, you can create a logo for free.

use an online tool to make a white logo

Famous white logo examples

  • Adidas: Their iconic 3 white stripes are globally recognized, showing simplicity's power.

  • TikTok: This infamous logo really stands out against the app's black/blue gradient background, leveraging contrast.

  • White Sox: This sports team uses white for bold visual impact on merchandise and uniforms.

White logos made with the Wix Logo Maker

The Flower Place

Don't be afraid to use irony in your white logo design, in order to make a memorable branding point.

white logo made with wix logo maker

The Camper's Box

White logos work well with simple designs such as this one below. White logos often use black font for maximum effect and contrast.

white logo made with wix logo maker

Berko Vision

White logos work well for innovative brands and tech companies looking to stand out. With white logos, simple text and icons are effective.

white logo made with wix logo maker

How to make a white logo FAQs

Can I make my colored logo white without losing quality?

Yes. Using vector files like SVG or AI allows you to change your logo to white while maintaining quality due to their scalability and editing ability.

Will my white logo work both online and in print?

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