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How to make a gaming logo in 4 easy steps

how to make a gaming logo

Designing a gaming logo is more than just a fun project – it's key for building your gaming brand's identity. Whether you're a streamer, esports team or event organizer, your logo is usually the first thing your audience sees. If you're serious about starting a gaming business, you'll need the right gaming logo.

In this article, we'll dive into the art of creating gaming logos. From free logo maker apps to designing from scratch, we've got you covered with any type of logo for your gaming business.

How to create a gaming logo from scratch in 4 simple steps

Creating a custom gaming logo from scratch allows for total creative freedom. You decide every single part of your logo, ensuring it truly represents your brand. Here's a simple guide to start making your unique logo:

01. Define your brand identity

Before designing, think about what your gaming brand stands for. What are the core values and messages you want your logo to share? Your brand identity will guide your choices when it comes to planning your logo and so it's important to establish this clearly at the beginning of the logo design process.

02. Sketch out ideas or use a logo tool

Grab a pencil and paper and sketch some concepts. Don't stress over perfection here - just get your ideas down visually. Not into sketching? No problem, you can skip this and use a logo maker to do it for you. There are also AI logo generators that can help you design your gaming logo quickly and often for free too. You can also use a specific gaming logo maker to get your logo just right for your audience.

making a gaming logo, use a logo maker

3. Pick your logo elements

Next decide on the shapes, symbols, characters that will make up your logo. These should match the gaming experience you offer. When making a custom gaming logo, consider these key elements:

  • Style: Will your logo include text, symbols or both.

  • Fonts: Pick logo fonts that are easy to read and fit the gaming world.

  • Icons & Layout: Use recognizable gaming icons arranged in a balanced, eye-catching layout.

  • Colors: Choose logo colors that not only look good but also have meaning for your brand. Before choosing your gaming colors it's important to consider your target audience and gaming genre as different colors resonate with different demographics and gaming styles. To help with that here's a quick guide to the different emotions various colors can invoke:

Red: Energy, excitement, boldness with a sense of urgency or danger that can work well for adventure or fantasy games.

Blue: Trust, reliability, calmness and a sense of peace. These might work well for games focused on children, or meditation.

Green: Growth, nature, freshness while representing balance or harmony.

Yellow: Optimism, happiness, creativity to grab attention and create a sense of playfulness. This can be good for more positive focused games.

4. Get feedback

Share your design with fellow gamers to get input. Constructive criticism can help improve your logo before finalizing. You might want to share your initial designs with family, friends or your business partner. Make sure you also run it by people from your target gaming audience to understand what they think of it.

Tips for a great gaming logo

Crafting the ideal gaming logo requires creativity and knowing what resonates with gamers. Here are some logo design tips to guide you:

  • Keep it simple: A straightforward design is often more memorable and recognizable.

  • Be original: Your logo should be unique to your brand. Steer clear of clichés and overused symbols.

  • Consider versatility: Your logo should look good across multiple platforms like websites, social media and merchandise.

Gaming logo design best practices

To ensure your gaming logo is visually appealing and effective, follow these industry best practices:

  • Relevance: Make sure your logo fits the genre/tone of your gaming brand. A family-friendly event logo will look different from a horror game streamer's logo.

  • Scalability: Your logo should look crisp when scaled up or down - from mobile icon to billboard ad.

  • Memorability: Aim for an unforgettable design that sticks in people's minds and builds loyalty to your brand.

Why create a gaming logo?

A gaming logo does more than just look amazing - it represents your brand identity. It tells your audience who you are and what you offer. Here are some key reasons to invest in an effective gaming logo:

  • Brand recognition: A distinctive logo boosts recognition within the competitive gaming community.

  • Marketing power: A well-designed logo makes your brand more memorable and shareable online.

  • Professionalism: A professional logo reflects serious commitment to your gaming brand.

Famous gaming logo examples

Looking at successful gaming logos can provide design inspiration. Let's check out some top examples:

  • Riot Games: Simple yet bold, evoking excitement.

  • Blizzard: Stylized compass rose reflects their epic games.

  • Twitch: Vibrant, dynamic colors match the energy of live streaming.

Analyzing why these logos are effective provides valuable insights for your own design. Notice how each encapsulates the brand's essence in a versatile, scalable way and see which best practices you can apply to your own gaming logo.

Examples of gaming logos created with the Wix logo maker


Using classic and very familiar gaming images on your logo is a great way to capture your audience's attention. Green and black are popular gaming colors, which makes them effective on gaming logos too. Don't be afraid to play with your typography, including turning conventional ways of writing words and names, on their head.

gaming logo made with the wix logo maker

Gamer Love

This logo is simple, both in its layout and colors but incredibly effective as a gaming logo. It uses well known gaming images and font to clearly convey what the brand behind it is all about.

gaming logo made with wix logo maker

Cynica1 Sniper

Bright colors work well for gaming logos as they reflect the colors used in many popular online games. Playing on words, as this logo does by replacing a letter with a number, makes the logo memorable and conveys the uniqueness of the gaming brand it represents.

gaming logo made with wix

How to make a gaming logo FAQ

What's the best free gaming logo maker?

The best free gaming logo maker depends on your specific needs. But tools like Wix Logo Maker are popular for being easy to use with lots of customizable options when you're making a website or starting a business.

Can I make a gaming logo online for free?

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