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How to make a discord logo for your server

how to make a discord logo

When you're running a Discord server, knowing how to design a logo is an important step in creating a brand identity online. Your logo is more than just an image, it's the face of your community. It's what sets you apart from the thousands of other servers and can be a key factor in attracting new members and communicating the essence of your server in one glance. 

Whether you're managing a gaming clan, a study group or starting a business community, your logo is an integral part of how people perceive your server.

Fortunately, designing a great Discord logo doesn't have to be daunting. With a logo maker, you don’t have to have any graphic design experience to create a professional-looking logo that resonates with your community's vibe and values.

How to make a logo - Wix logo maker editor

Why create a custom Discord logo?

A custom Discord logo is a powerful branding tool that can elevate your server's presence and create a lasting impression. Here are some benefits to to designing a custom logo for this online platform in particular:

  • Establishes brand identity: A unique logo helps to establish your server as a distinct brand, making it more memorable and recognizable.

  • Fosters community: A well-designed logo can embody the ethos of your community and foster a sense of belonging among members.

  • Enhances professionalism: For business-oriented servers, a custom logo adds a level of professionalism that can attract potential clients or partners.

  • Increases visibility: In the crowded space of Discord, a striking logo can help your server stand out and attract new members.

Creating a custom logo is an essential step in defining how your community is perceived and experienced by others. It's an opportunity to visually communicate what your server stands for and to make a strong statement in the digital realm.

Discord logo with skeleton drawing and purple background
Made with the Wix Logo Maker

Discord logos: The basics

The perfect Discord logo size

When it comes to Discord logos, size does matter. The ideal dimensions for a Discord server logo are 512x512 pixels. This square format ensures that your logo will display correctly across various devices and platforms where your server might be accessed. Keeping to these dimensions means your logo will be clear and recognizable, whether it's seen on a mobile device or a desktop screen.

The role of animated logos on Discord

Animated logos bring a dynamic edge to your server's presence. They can capture attention and convey your community's energy in a way that static images cannot. On Discord, an animated logo can make your server stand out in a user's server list, potentially increasing engagement and interest. However, it's important to balance creativity with functionality — an overly complex animation might be distracting or take too long to load, which could detract from the user experience.

Making a custom role icon for Discord

Custom role icons are a fun way to distinguish members and roles within your server. To create these:

  • Decide on the roles that need icons.

  • Design each icon to reflect the role's purpose or status.

  • Keep the designs consistent with the overall branding of your server.

  • Use a graphic design tool to create the icons, ensuring they are clear and recognizable at smaller sizes.

  • Upload them to your Discord server in the role settings.

How to create a Discord logo

When designing your logo, tools like the Wix Logo Maker can be incredibly helpful. They have multiple design options and intuitive design interfaces so you can make a better logo faster.

Here’s how it works:

Customize your design

Once you've answered some questions about your brand, business and planned logo, it's time to make it your own. Personalization is key to creating a logo that truly represents your Discord server. Here are some logo elements to consider:

  • Color scheme: Choose logo colors that reflect the mood or theme of your server.

  • Typography: Select a font that is readable and matches the server's personality. Consider looking at the best fonts for logos if you’re in need of some inspiration.

  • Icons and shapes: Add visual elements that relate to your community's interests or activities.

  • Layout: Arrange these elements in a balanced and eye-catching way.

Remember, simplicity often works best. A clean, uncluttered design is usually more effective than one that's too busy or complicated. Furthermore, when creating a website it’s important to maintain a cohesive logo across all platforms so that your brand is more easily recognizable — your discord server, social media platforms and of course your website. 

Wix logo maker homepage

Download your final Discord logo files

After perfecting your design, it's time to download the files. Make sure you save in PNG format to preserve the transparency of your logo's background, which is crucial for seamless integration into Discord. Most design platforms will offer different file sizes, so make sure to download the 512x512 pixel version for optimal use on Discord. Once downloaded, you can upload your new custom logo directly to your Discord server settings and watch as it brings new life to your community space.

Discord logo of girl with blue headphones and black background
Made with the Wix Logo Maker

Design tips for the perfect Discord logo

When creating an icon for your Discord server, you can start by brainstorming ideas that represent your server's theme. Once you have a concept, you can sketch out designs or jump straight into a logo maker. Here are some best practices to help you design a Discord logo that not only looks great but also resonates with your audience:

  • Keep it relevant: Your logo should be a reflection of what your server is all about. If you're running a gaming community, incorporating elements like controllers, headsets or character silhouettes can be effective.

  • Simplicity is key: A simple design is easier to recognize and remember. Avoid overly cluttered or complex designs.

  • Consistency matters: Use consistent branding across all platforms where your community has a presence. This helps in building recognition and trust.

  • Be original: Try to create something unique that stands out from the crowd. This could mean using a custom illustration or a distinctive color palette.

  • Consider animated options: If you're going for an animated logo, ensure it's subtle and doesn't distract from the user experience.

Pro tip: Check out our guide for more logo design tips

Be inspired by existing Discord logos

Looking at successful Discord server logos can provide valuable insights and inspiration for your own design. Take a look at a variety of different niches and industries to get your creative juices flowing. For example:

  • Esports teams: Many professional gaming teams use Discord to communicate and often have logos that are sharp, dynamic and reflect the competitive nature of gaming.

  • Tech companies: Tech-focused communities on Discord tend to have clean, modern logos that resonate with their innovative spirit.

  • Educational groups: These servers often incorporate academic symbols or icons in their logos to represent learning and knowledge exchange.

Discord logo with person in purple hoodie and blue stripes across
Made with the Wix Logo Maker

How to make a Discord logo FAQ

Can I make a Discord logo online for free?

Yes, you can make a Discord logo for free using online tools that provide basic and advanced design elements at no cost. However, if you're looking for more design options it is recommended to check out logo design costs and see what is available within your price range. If you still wish to design a free logo, tools like the Wix Logo Maker are considered popular for being intuitive with lots of customization options.

How do I design my own custom Discord Logo?

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