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Design Inspiration \ JUN 7th 2018

Drool! 12 Stunning New Website Templates for Any Creative Industry

Are you ready to create a website for your creative business, but the right kind of inspiration just hasn’t hit yet? Well, then you’re in for a treat because our team of talented designers took the time to craft these 12 refreshingly new templates specifically made with all creative fields in mind. Now we know creative minds are often hard to please – how else would you achieve perfection? Which is exactly why these templates include all the bells and whistles a website in 2018 should have like, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, subtle elements of animation and trend worthy colors. The best part of it all? It’s all available to you for free.

Presenting: the newest Wix templates – trust us, it will be hard to choose only one:

Music DJ website template

This airy, summer inspired template will ensure you’re playing to sold out crowds around the globe! The effortless use of parallax scrolling and subtle animation ensures a smooth transition between your name to your latest mixes to your upcoming events. Also included is a prominent, attention grabbing blue “book now” button strategically placed above the fold.

Wix templates: DJ

Film Student website template

It’s never too early to start working on your career. This template contains all the needs of a budding filmmaker. This includes: a section that explores your final project, a showreel, a bio page for information about your training, accolades and an invitation to get in touch. If you’re a seasoned filmmaker, don’t let the text of this template stop you from making it your own. A couple of text edits and your film portfolio is good to go. And guess what? You can snatch a special price on these fantastic student discount websites. You’re so welcome! 

Wix templates: Film student portfolio

Internet comedians website template

Up and coming YouTube phenomenons, this one’s for you! This template is the perfect home to showcase your online series or web shorts. You can upload your own videos or sync your booming YouTube channel using Wix Video. This way, your site is always updated and looking fresh. To really strengthen your brand as performers, this template includes larger-than-life images and even incorporates an online store so you can sell your merch online. We hear a crowd full of happy fans!

Wix templates: Internet comedians

Music video director website template

Talk about a captivating homepage! The enticing video snippets are the perfect way to lure your visitors in to watch your showreel. This one pager may be simple but it contains all the elements of a music video director: a showreel, featured work and an ‘about me’ page. The custom animated menu that represents the beat movements of a soundboard is guaranteed to make your site (and music) stand out from the crowd. 

Wix templates: Music video director

Pop up fashion store website template

Spread the word about your next fashion event with this informative, pastel colored template. The broken up menu spread across the entire site will ensure that your site viewers find all the information they are looking for. The “RSVP” button will give you insights to your attendees and ensure you’re ready to take on the swarm of fashion obsessed visitors.

Wix templates: Pop up fashion store

Graphic illustrator website template

Impress your future clients with this cool, contemporary graphic designers portfolio template. The added touch of animation is perfectly balanced against the ample amounts of white space. The simplicity of the titles: work, store and info will ensure that future clients find everything they need to know about you. Thanks to the Wix Art Store that’s built into this funky template, you can showcase and sell your digital art straight from your site.

Wix templates: Graphic illustrator

Record label website template

This template is right on trend with the use of big, bold fonts. We love the feeling of ‘unity is in diversity’ that this template gives off. This is most prominent in the mixed use of color choice throughout the site (including Pantone’s color of the year: ultra violet) as well as a homepage filled with various records that are unique in their own genre and style. Your visitors can “stay tuned” to all your news by subscribing to the prominent mailing list sign up option at the bottom of the site.

Wix templates: Record label

Musician website template

Wowza! Now that’s a way to make an entrance. The bold combination of pink and red makes for a stand out site that’s on trend with off-beat vibes. The random, yet strategically placed elements of this music template come together to form a rhythm that shouts out “personality” loud and clear. And the fun doesn’t end there: check out the animated singing lips as the template’s logo.

Wix templates: Musician website

Art and crafts forum website template

Take your arts and crafts passion to the next level with this forum website template. Since DIY is an appealing topic to a growing community, this template includes a blog plus a forum. The template is complete with links to ‘site rules’ and an FAQ section. The colors used across the template are kept minimal yet playful.

Wix templates: Arts and crafts forum website

Fashion designer website template

Calling all fashion designers, we’ve got something you’re going to love. This template is the definition of elegance and grace mixed in with a bit of edge with the use of warm colors. Notice the sleek use of a split-screen, as well as slideshow images: an ideal way to showcase your best shots above the fold. The subtle use of parallax scrolling completes the look and feel, and provides the most addictive scrolling experience ever. The footer is kept simple yet contains all social media channel links as well as a ‘subscribe’ feature.

Wix templates: Fashion designer template

Landscape photography website template

Considering our smartphone dominated world even photographers have had to adapt to vertical images. This landscape photographer template shows off the best of both worlds with a jaw-dropping full screen image as the homepage, followed by a gallery of vertical images. The very subtle menu at the top left side of the site invites users to explore your work further by paying a visit to your portfolio, bio and store.

Wix templates: Landscape photographer template

Video production company website template

As a video producer you need a template that “shows” what you do best. That’s why this template includes a dazzling video as the homepage. Show off your expertise and hard work by including a number of your best projects as well as your established list of clients. The carefully placed geometric shapes and use of thick lettering throughout this template makes it right on trend for 2018.

Wix templates: Video production template

Ready to unleash your creative mind? Start with a stunning Wix website template!

By Taira Sabo
Wix Blog Manager, Wix About the Wix Blog

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