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9 social media portfolio examples and how to make your own

social media portfolio examples

As a social media professional, you may be wondering if there’s any real value in curating a portfolio. After all, your work is out there for the world to see—those eye-catching Instagram grids and trending TikToks are a testament to your skills. But building a website that reveals the creative processes behind those projects and showcases the results of your hard work adds a deeper, more personal dimension to your portfolio.

Crafting a portfolio as a social media manager does more than just highlight your best work; it gives potential clients and employers a peek behind the curtain. They get to see what you create, as well as how you think, plan and execute—essentially, the full story of your professional prowess.

To help you get the ball rolling, we’re going to share social media portfolio examples to spark your curiosity and give you a rundown on how to make a website for your business that stands out.

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Why you need a social media portfolio

Building a professional portfolio gives you the opportunity to control the narrative around your work. It’s a space where you can embed your greatest hits, share case studies, explain your strategy, share your results, display testimonials from happy clients or whatever else you think will help you grab the spotlight. It also simplifies networking and applying to jobs—the second an opportunity presents itself, you can share the link to your portfolio without giving it a second thought.

When you have this polished collection of your work at the ready, you can land new clients and jobs more easily. You can even make it easier for visitors to get in touch by embedding a contact form or including your contact information on your portfolio.

9 standout social media portfolio examples—and what you can learn from them

These stellar social media manager portfolios will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to create the best portfolio website you can.

01. Molly Knott Hopkins

Molly Knott Hopkins’s website shows that social media portfolios don’t need to be complex to be effective—hers only has three pages. First, there’s the home page, which displays Molly’s headshot, her name and a call to action (CTA) to view her work. The pastel-orange CTA button pops against the page’s black-and-white color scheme.

The “My Work” page is particularly notable for its clarity and refreshing simplicity. Right off the bat, you're greeted with a quick run-down of Molly's professional journey and a handy button that leads to her PDF resume. Beneath those elements, Molly shares seven of her career highlights, each of which features a snapshot, a brief description of her role and a link to the relevant social media profile.

The “Contact Me” page is as barebones as it gets, with little more than Molly’s email, phone number, location and social media links. This simple page reduces distractions so clients will be more likely to get in touch.

Molly's social media portfolio example

02. Wilhelmina Rose

In Wilhelmina Rose’s social media portfolio, her work as a social media and marketing strategist speaks for itself. The homepage displays a grid of colorful, enticing case studies, some of which have video previews to draw you in. These standout case studies explain how Wilhelmina works as a social media strategist.

Her case study with skincare brand Starface, for example, demonstrates how she used social media to educate customers on an innovative new product: a waterless body wash, called PLUS. Using the Wix Media Manager, Wilhelmina was able to upload and edit custom images to spruce up her website.

Wilhemina's social media portfolio example

03. Lauren Nicole Miller

With her text-heavy website, Lauren Nicole Miller uses her portfolio to take total control of her narrative. She effectively conveys her personality, helping visitors connect with her and demonstrating her voice as a writer.

But Lauren recognizes that to get people to read, she’s going to need to give them a feast for the eyes. She expertly uses typography to welcome visitors into her digital home. The font she uses for her headers and links (Tropiline Regular) perfectly balances the need to give visitors some razzle dazzle while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

Her resume is thorough—dedicating a paragraph to each of her appointments—but the anchor menu on the right-hand side ensures that those who are in a hurry can easily jump to the section that’s most relevant to them. And, of course, she includes a downloadable, one-page version of her resume for interested parties that want to save a copy for later.

When you visit Lauren's portfolio hub, the initial impression is that of a straightforward display – a modular grid showcasing her top social media posts. However, there's more than meets the eye. Visitors can interact with each post, clicking to uncover further details about the project or to view the original post, revealing a deeper layer of engagement and insight into her work.

Most importantly, Lauren dedicates a space so her visitors can tell their story as well. In addition to a clean contact form, the section (cheekily titled “Coffee Anyone? Let’s Chat”) also provides her email, phone number, address and a QR code that links to her LinkedIn profile.

Use Wix’s QR code generator to add one to your own social media portfolio website.

Lauren's social media portfolio example

04. Summer Zhou

With a memorable bio, an extensive list of services, work samples and a contact form, Summer Zhou’s social media portfolio has all the essential components. Summer includes her headshot on her homepage and “About” page, which helps visitors connect with her brand and boost credibility.

Summer admirably showcases a wide array of skills on her portfolio page, including photography, graphic design, and social media management, demonstrating her versatile talents in a compelling way. Her case study for Sch-Rel Desire does a great job of introducing the reader to the brand, explaining her role in the campaign and sharing campaign results. She embeds images, videos and a content calendar onto the page to show off her work.

Summer crafted her portfolio using Wix's free plan, offering her key features like a free URL and ongoing access to core functionalities, perfect for establishing her online presence without financial constraints. As her business expands, upgrading to a Premium plan will allow her to connect a custom domain, eliminate Wix branding, and unlock additional features to enhance her site further.

Summer's social media portfolio example

05. Willo Charns

Sporting a shades-of-green color palette and a logo reminiscent of rolling hills, Willo Charns's social media portfolio captures attention with its nature-inspired aesthetic, showcasing a distinct and effective use of personal branding.

Thanks to its live chat feature, prominent CTA button, and a subheader that highlights Willo’s availability for new clients, this portfolio is an excellent example of how to design for better conversions. The live chat feature in particular, powered by Wix Chat, helps Willo engage with her potential clients in a way that one might expect from a much larger company. The CTA button, on the other hand, takes visitors to a more detailed contact form. In addition to collecting visitors’ contact information, the form asks what they’re looking for and invites them to tell Willo a little bit about their business..

On her “About” page, Willo connects with visitors by putting a headshot of her dog (whom she has appointed as Assistant to the Regional Manager) next to her own. This choice appeals to both dog lovers and fans of “The Office,” injecting her portfolio with a touch of humor and relatability.

We can also learn something from Willo’s case studies, which show potential clients what she’s capable of. For example, the Cyclebar case study explains who the client is and why Willo was hired, then shows samples of Instagram Reels and posts she created leading up to the studio’s soft opening. Willo wisely embeds the images and videos rather than just linking to the social media profile. This strategic move ensures that visitors stay focused on her message, without the risk of losing them to the endless distractions of social media feeds. By doing so, she keeps the spotlight firmly on her own narrative, offering a seamless and uninterrupted experience that showcases her skills without the competition of other social media noise.

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Willo's social media portfolio example

06. Iren Harutyunyan

Social media and digital marketing professional Iren Harutyunyan uses her portfolio to demonstrate that she has a keen eye for design. Her website’s homepage looks like a digital business card, with a headshot and contact information on the left side, a compelling bio on the right side and a colorful gradient background that draws you in. We love that her pink-toned headshot contrasts against the green section of the background so that it stands out without disrupting the colorful theme. If Iren ever wants to switch up these colors, she can easily adjust her branding in the Wix Editor.

Iren's social media manager portfolio truly stands out with its visual resume. It's a vibrant twist on the traditional, blending company names, dates, titles and achievements with a dynamic display of feeds, profile snapshots and post highlights. To complement the visuals, she provides links to the relevant social media profiles, painting a full picture of her digital prowess. And for those who are impressed and want to keep a record, Iren makes it a breeze by offering a downloadable PDF of her resume right there on the page. This thoughtful touch makes it simple for potential employers to file away her credentials for future opportunities.

Iren's social media portfolio example

07. Monique Bonds

The moment you arrive at Monique Bonds's social media portfolio, you're greeted with a warm "Howdy!" set against a peachy-pink backdrop, alongside Monique's beaming headshot. This cheery welcome does more than just say hello; it ushers you into Monique's world, inviting a personal connection and setting the tone for what's to come.

Monique's portfolio is a playground of Wix's engaging design features that bring each page to life. Click on the menu bar and watch pages glide in with a playful slide from the right, while shadows lend a tactile, three-dimensional feel to her content boxes. It's a portfolio that's as dynamic as it is inviting.

But what truly captures your attention is the array of client logos showcased on her "Portfolio" page. Here, household names like Diet Coke, FedEx, Advil and Smirnoff sit proudly, reflecting the caliber of brands that trust Monique's expertise.

On her "Social Media Samples" page, Monique's craftsmanship is on full display. Each client section is backed by context and visuals of her creations, with work sample galleries stretching across the full width of the page—impossible to overlook. A simple click on any screenshot zooms in for a detailed view, revealing the specific skills applied, be it "community management" or "content creation." It's a portfolio that not only shows Monique's professional journey but also the high-profile companions she's acquired along the way.

Love Monique’s site design? Check out this business CV website template to make it your own.


Monique's social media portfolio example

08. Alex George

Social media and influencer marketing manager Alex George uses her portfolio to show off the work she has done for clients as well as for her personal brand.

She introduces us to her professional story in a detailed bio on her homepage, which she pairs with a headshot. Below her bio, Alex shares where she currently works, followed by logos from past employers and clients. On her “Personal Brand” page, Alex shares highlights from her personal social media profiles, including links, audience size and a carousel of screenshots of sponsored posts.

A unique aspect of Alex's social media portfolio is her graphic resume, ingeniously designed to mimic an Instagram profile. Her bio showcases her professional expertise and contact details, while the highlights section cleverly lists her key skills, such as fluency in Spanish and proficiency in Facebook Ads Manager. She displays her work experience in the Instagram grid, accompanied with sample posts and accomplishments from each role.

We also love how Alex shares highlights of her client work through an impressive number of case studies. With the help of Wix’s gallery builder, Alex displays client logos in an easy-to-navigate grid on her “Work” page. Each case study additionally has its own dedicated page and includes the name of the client, when Alex worked for them, a list of her duties and screenshots of social media posts.

Alex's social media portfolio example

09. Michelle M. Gossett

Michelle M. Gossett’s website is a standout example of a professional, results-focused social media manager portfolio.

Everything included in Michelle’s portfolio demonstrates her competency. For example, in her case study for database MarkLogic, Michelle reveals that she grew the CEO’s Twitter following by 80% year over year and that her campaign doubled the company’s LinkedIn click-through rate. By pairing screenshots of social media posts with specific results, she demonstrates the return on investment she could provide to potential clients.

The “Hre Me” page serves as a digital resume that displays Michelle’s professional history and accomplishments. She also lists digital marketing certifications that she has received from Google and Hootsuite, which make Michelle all the more hireable.

Another highlight of Michelle’s portfolio is her “About Me” page, which features a succinct bio and a photo of Michelle with her adorable pug. This page adds personality to her professional online presence.

Michelle's social media portfolio example

Key elements of a social media portfolio

Now that you’ve gotten familiar with these nine standout social media portfolio examples, you’ve probably noticed similar elements popping up throughout this type of website. Below are the key elements every social media portfolio needs, with examples from this social media portfolio template from Wix.

Find a portfolio template that’s right for you.


Tell portfolio visitors about yourself, but don’t be humble. This is your chance to sell yourself and accomplishments.

Include the important stuff, like your work experience, education, certifications and training, but don’t forget to make it personal. Mention how you launched your first MySpace profile at the age of eight or how your foodstagram account taught you the ins and outs of influencer marketing. Creating personal connections will help potential clients and employers connect with you.

You can either include your bio on your homepage or on a dedicated “About” page.

the bio of a social media portfolio template

Work samples

When learning how to create a marketing portfolio for your social media campaigns, you’ll discover that work samples are one of the most important elements of this type of website. Instead of just sharing screenshots of your favorite content, write case studies about your most successful projects.

A case study might include your client’s name, context about the brand, when you worked with them, the campaign’s goals, what you did or key results. Add a few pictures to illustrate your work, and you’ve created a compelling case study.

the work samples of a social media portfolio template


Prove that you’re as good as you say you are at social media management by sharing performance metrics and results. Consider adding the following metrics about your work:

  • Audience size and growth

  • Impressions and reach

  • Clicks

  • Conversion rates

  • Media coverage

  • Web traffic


Include testimonials throughout your social media portfolio. You can create a dedicated section for client quotes on your homepage or sprinkle testimonials throughout your case studies to demonstrate your credibility.

The testimonials section of a social media portfolio template


Not all social media professionals offer the same services, so specify how you help clients. Beyond just listing your services, it’s important to explain what each service includes, since the clients you’ll be working with likely won’t be social media experts.

You might offer services such as:

  • Social media strategy

  • Profile launch

  • Profile optimization

  • Social listening

  • Reporting

  • Content creation

  • Ads management

  • Social media management

Share details about pricing if you feel comfortable. Including a range or minimum engagement price can help you avoid wasting time on clients who aren’t a good fit. And, if applicable, mention packages you offer.

The services section of a social media portfolio template


Incorporating a blog into your social media portfolio not only showcases your expertise but also boosts your website's SEO, a crucial factor for online visibility. With Wix's SEO assistant and tools, you're equipped to climb higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). The trick lies in writing about subjects you're well-versed in and weaving SEO keywords into your blog posts. This approach not only demonstrates your knowledge but also helps your site get noticed in the vast digital landscape.

The blog of a social media portfolio template


If you include just one of these elements on your social media portfolio, make sure it’s your contact information. Contact info gives potential clients and employers a way to get in touch with you. Include your email address, phone number and social media profiles or just embed a contact form.

The contact section of a social media portfolio template

How to make a social media portfolio

We’re leaving you with these actionable steps for how to make a portfolio:

  • Choose a website platform: With Wix, you can create a professional looking website without knowing how to code.

  • Customize your domain: Add legitimacy to your portfolio by claiming a custom domain name that contains your name or your business’ name.

  • Write copy for your pages: Write your bio, case studies and more.

  • Gather or create graphics: Find an on-brand headshot and collect screenshots of your best work.

  • Design your website: Starting with a portfolio template can help you build an intuitive website in minutes.

  • Publish and promote: Publish your portfolio and spread the word through SEO, email marketing and the thing you know best—social media marketing.

How to choose the right format for a social media portfolio

Choosing the right format for a social media portfolio is crucial for effectively showcasing your work and engaging with your audience. Here are some steps to help you decide on the most suitable format:

Understand your audience

Identify your target audience on social media. Different platforms attract diverse demographics and have unique features. Consider where your potential clients or followers are most active.

Choose the right platform

Each social media platform has its own strengths and caters to different types of content. Here are some popular platforms and their characteristics:

  • Instagram: Ideal for visual content, particularly images and short videos. Features like Stories and IGTV provide additional ways to share your work.

  • Pinterest: Great for organizing and sharing visual inspiration. If your portfolio has a strong thematic element, Pinterest might be suitable.

  • Behance or Dribbble: Platforms specifically designed for creative professionals. They allow you to showcase your portfolio with a focus on design and visual arts.

  • Twitter: While primarily a text-based platform, Twitter is excellent for sharing images and engaging in conversations. It can complement a portfolio on another platform.

  • LinkedIn: Suitable for a more professional audience. It's a good choice if you want to connect with potential clients, employers or collaborators in the business and creative industries.

Portfolio theme

Consider the style and theme of your portfolio. Some platforms are better suited for certain types of content. For example, if your work tells a story or is part of a series, Instagram's grid layout may be effective.

Media types

Evaluate the types of media you want to showcase. If your portfolio includes a mix of photos, videos and other multimedia elements, choose a platform that supports these formats seamlessly.

Interaction and engagement features

Look for platforms that offer engagement features like comments, likes, shares or direct messages. Interaction with your audience is crucial for building a community and getting feedback.

Consistency across platforms

If you choose to use multiple social media platforms, ensure a consistent visual identity and username across them. This helps in brand recognition.

Analytics and insights

Consider platforms that provide analytics or insights. These tools can help you understand your audience better, track the performance of your content and optimize your strategy.

Ease of navigation

The platform's user interface and ease of navigation should align with your content and how you want your audience to explore your portfolio.


Given that a significant portion of social media users access platforms on mobile devices, choose a format that is mobile-friendly. Ensure that your portfolio looks good and is easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets.

Social media portfolio examples FAQ

Can I make a social media portfolio as a beginner?

Yes, you can create a social media portfolio without prior experience. Showcase relevant skills, such as content creation, social media management and community engagement. Highlight any related coursework, personal projects or volunteer experiences. Include examples of your creativity and passion for the field. Focus on demonstrating your potential and willingness to learn, emphasizing transferable skills that align with social media roles.

Can I make a social media portfolio as a teenager?

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