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11 digital portfolio examples that’ll inspire your own

digital portfolio examples

They say that comparison is the thief of joy, but in the case of digital portfolio examples, comparison can be quite useful. Exploring how fellow professionals showcase their achievements can inspire fresh ideas that might take your portfolio to the next level.

By studying other online portfolios, you can learn how to make a website that highlights your best work and paves the way for your next break. Along with these 11 digital portfolio examples that come from Wix users of a variety of disciplines, we’ll share our feedback on why they’re effective and provide a step-by-step guide for how to make your own.

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11 examples of digital portfolios

01. Kayla Arianne: model digital portfolio example

Gone are the days of lugging around a book overflowing with tear sheets and test shots to go-sees. Instead, your modeling portfolio will become your all-in-one showcase. 

Take a cue from Kayla Arianne’s website. The “portfolio” page displays her best shots in a masonry grid, giving casting agents a book that’s easy to scan. When a photo catches an agent’s eye, they can click to enlarge it. In the “digitals” section, Kayla has digitized her comp card, complete with a makeup-free headshot, silhouette shots and measurements.

When creating a modeling portfolio or a fashion portfolio, let your work speak for itself. We like how Kayla’s portfolio includes minimal text so casting agents can focus on her images.

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model digital portfolio example

02. Rossi Home: interior designer digital portfolio example

Interior designers know the power of a well-crafted portfolio—it's not just a collection of beautiful spaces, but a key tool in attracting new clients. Your interior design portfolio should be more than a gallery of images; it should serve as a reflection of your creativity and expertise.

Rossi Home’s portfolio does so much more than just show off beautiful images. Its in-depth design questionnaire showcases the team’s expertise while engaging potential clients in their own project planning. Including a mandatory question about budget cleverly filters out visitors who are not serious about their design needs.

While photos of your projects are essential, remember they can be space-hungry in your portfolio. To keep your portfolio sleek yet informative, take a page from Rossi Home's playbook. Use image carousels to display your work without overwhelming the viewer. This technique lets you share the breadth of your designs without sacrificing the elegance of your presentation.

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interior design digital portfolio example

03. George Byrne: photographer online portfolio example

As a photographer, your portfolio is your visual symphony, and its design should play a supporting role, allowing your photos to shine. A minimalist approach ensures that your work, not the website's design, captures the viewer's attention.

By giving his portfolio an off-white background and an understated navigation system, George Byrne lets his pastel-hued snapshots do all of the talking. The photographer smartly uses PDFs of publications that have featured his work, drawing attention to glowing press coverage of his work. 

If you’re thinking of monetizing your art, follow George’s lead and add an eCommerce component to your photographer portfolio. With Wix, you can easily set up an online store equipped with print-on-demand functionality. This approach would not only display your talent but also serve as a direct channel to engage with and sell to your audience.

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photography digital portfolio example

04. Lauryn Higgins: writer digital portfolio example

Gone are the days when writers could make a living writing a weekly column for just one publication (we’re looking at you, Carrie Bradshaw). Today’s freelance writers use their digital portfolios to curate and share their best articles, blog posts, stories, poems and more from various publications.

Journalist Lauryn Higgins’ writing portfolio is a master class on how to sell yourself. Her homepage bio highlights her impressive professional accomplishments, which include two Pulitzer Prizes and a professorship. Lauryn markets herself further by dedicating an entire page to her award-winning works.

As you embark on creating your digital writing portfolio (see writing portfolio examples), remember to streamline the process for potential clients. Following Lauryn's example, offer a downloadable PDF version of your resume. This makes it effortless for prospective employers to save, review and circulate your credentials among key decision-makers.

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writing digital portfolio example

05. Gregory Perreault: academic digital portfolio example 

An academic portfolio is essential for showcasing your scholarly achievements, reflecting on your learning journey and enhancing your professional opportunities. The key to building a great one is to consider your audience and find a sweet spot that blends professionalism with a dash of your unique personality.

Journalism professor Gregory Perreault’s portfolio exemplifies this balance. Gregory highlights his career with a detailed biography covering his present and past roles, a comprehensive list of his publications and dedicated pages for his professional work. His personality is woven into the portfolio's fabric, evident in the bold teal blue background and personal photos from professional events.

Teachers catering to different educational environments and audiences can play even more with design elements. If you’re a kindergarten teacher, for example, you could decorate your portfolio with a more vibrant color palette and even include some of your students’ doodles.

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academic digital portfolio example

06. Cami Ferreol: graphic designer digital portfolio example

Your digital portfolio as a graphic designer is a direct reflection of your creative skills. Therefore, you’ve got the layered challenge of making a unique site that doesn’t overshadow your work samples.

By using typography to engage visitors, Cami Ferreol shows off what she can do and lets her digital portfolio take center stage. Instead of featuring an image, Cami’s hero fold uses one of Wix’s animation effects to captivate viewers and introduce herself as a multifaceted professional in one sentence.

Remember, graphic design is fundamentally about solving problems creatively. When building your own graphic design portfolio, consider giving a glimpse into your creative process. Cami does this brilliantly by incorporating videos that show her sketching logo designs with a Sharpie. This showcases her raw creative process as well as her proficiency in logo design. Moreover, a simple yet impactful logo made from her initials acts as a testament to her skill in creating memorable brand identities.

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graphic design digital portfolio example

07. Matt Lewis: videographer digital portfolio example 

Bite-sized content is all the rage these days, so traditional reels don’t pack the same punch that they once did. With that in mind, consider breaking up your reel into short clips that interested parties can browse through on your digital portfolio. 

See this in action on one of the best portfolio websites we’ve seen: Matt Lewis’s. The video editor displays his work in a gallery of clips that play automatically when you hover your mouse over them. The added benefit of this approach is that it functions as a visual resume—you can see at a glance that Matt has worked on notable films, such as The Lighthouse and Uncut Gems

If you want to imitate Matt’s creative video display, make sure to select a captivating still for each of your video clips. Additionally, ensure that your clips stop playing as soon as your visitor moves their mouse away to prevent the annoying experience of multiple clips playing at once.

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videography digital portfolio example

08. BLYNK Social: marketer online portfolio example 

It’s a widely recognized phenomenon that fantastic marketers often struggle to promote themselves. If this hits you right where it hurts, look to BLYNK Social for an example of how to get it right.

BLYNK Social’s portfolio bursts with personality and a results-driven approach, mirroring the case studies featured on their site. Their branding stands out with bold, dopamine-inducing colors like hot pink, candy apple green and baby blue. Their friendly tone of voice emanates from every piece of text on the site.

If you're aiming to craft a marketing portfolio that draws more business, take a page out of BLYNK's book and let your satisfied clients do the talking. Incorporate testimonials into your homepage, much like BLYNK's stylized speech bubbles, to give prospective clients a glimpse of the positive experiences others have had with your services.

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marketing digital portfolio example

09. Marco Mori: animation digital portfolio example

Marco Mori's animation portfolio is an exemplar of modern design principles, deftly incorporating a dark mode aesthetic. The dark background not only brings a sleek and professional look but also ensures that the colors and details of each piece pop, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience. The choice of a dark theme aligns with current design trends and speaks to an audience accustomed to media-rich, visual content, making it as easy on the eyes as it is engaging.

Each project is given the spotlight it deserves with an enlarged presentation, allowing viewers to appreciate the intricacies and nuances of the animator’s work without the distraction of a cluttered interface. This focused presentation mimics the experience of a gallery viewing, inviting potential clients to pause and absorb the visual storytelling in each piece. It's a digital equivalent of placing work on an easel, where the art commands the viewer's full attention.

Crucially, this animation portfolio is not just a static gallery; it's interactive. Clicking on an image takes the viewer to a dedicated page that houses all the assets of the showcased project along with the creator’s commentary. This adds depth to the visuals, offering insights into the animator’s creative process and the story behind each project.

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animation digital portfolio example

10. Sasa Elebea: illustrator digital portfolio example

Sasa Elebea’s portfolio paints a vivid picture of a graphic designer who is not only proficient in her craft but also well-versed in the art of self-promotion. Her press page is a standout feature, acting as a testament to her industry recognition and professional acclaim. It's a smart move that adds weight to her portfolio, showcasing her work through the lens of various reputable publications. 

Sasa’s logo is another element that speaks volumes. It encapsulates her brand identity in a simple, yet powerful visual that is likely memorable and easily recognizable. This kind of branding is crucial for standing out in a competitive field and for creating a lasting impression.

The inclusion of a chat box introduces an interactive dimension to Sasa’s online presence, inviting engagement and providing immediate avenues for communication. This feature conveys her availability and willingness to connect with visitors, whether for potential projects, collaborations or just casual inquiries. It's an excellent tool for building relationships and ensuring her illustrator portfolio is both seen and interactively experienced.

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illustrator digital portfolio example

11. Tim Bengel: artist digital portfolio example

The internet has transformed art accessibility, diminishing the exclusive role of museums and galleries as art world gatekeepers. This digital era has opened doors for artists like multimedia artist Tim Bengel, whose portfolio doubles as his virtual gallery. By arranging his art into thematic collections on separate pages, Tim creates a virtual experience akin to moving through different rooms in a gallery, complete with easy navigation and smooth transitions highlighting his fondness for gold in his work.

In this new landscape where traditional gatekeepers are fewer, artists have more opportunities to showcase their talent. However, they also face the challenge of distinguishing themselves in a crowded field. To make a mark, it's vital to build a personal brand alongside displaying your artwork. Tim Bengel sets a fine example of this by enriching his digital portfolio with videos and press coverage, showcasing his art, his journey and his distinct presence in the art world.

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artist digital portfolio example

How to create a digital portfolio checklist

To help you channel the inspiration you've gotten from these digital portfolio examples, we've compiled a digital portfolio checklist to guide you as you build your own. 

01. Choose a platform

Your digital portfolio is the virtual stage for your professional story. As such, the platform you choose to build this type of website on is just as crucial as the work itself. When selecting a platform, scrutinize the customization options it offers. Can you add animations that bring your work to life? Does it provide branding tools like a logo maker to help you carve out your unique digital signature?

Beyond aesthetics, assess the platform's functional capabilities. Look for features like AI text generators for crafting compelling copy, forms for easy contact, or even e-commerce systems if you plan to sell your work. For educators and coaches, the ability to integrate courses could be a game-changer.

Ease of use is paramount—you want a platform that you can navigate and update effortlessly, allowing you to spend more time creating and less time troubleshooting. While cost is always a consideration, weigh it against the platform's ability to elevate your work. A higher investment might yield richer dividends in how professionally and effectively your portfolio represents you.

Sign up for Wix today and follow this guide as you build your portfolio.

02. Select and build your content

Next, curate the work samples that you want to display on your digital portfolio. Gather high-quality samples that demonstrate the type of work you want to do more of, rather than just the type of projects that you currently take on. For example, if you’re a model who does a lot of commercial work but wants to be booked for more editorial photoshoots, focus on gathering samples of your work in print or online publications.

In addition to showcasing your best work, enrich your digital portfolio with elements that narrate your professional story. 

  • A captivating bio that can help you connect with viewers

  • A CV that illustrates your experience and skills 

  • Contact information for potential clients or collaborators

  • Testimonials that serve as powerful endorsements and enhance your credibility

  • If applicable, a clear list of services and rates that set transparent expectations

03. Decide on an appealing structure

Now comes the creative part: deciding how to showcase your work in a way that maximizes its impact. This step goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's about choosing a format that truly complements and enhances your specific medium. 

For instance, if you're an illustrator, a grid layout might be ideal to display your projects, allowing each piece to stand out while forming a cohesive visual story. On the other hand, if you're an academic, a resume-style list could be more effective.

04. Give your portfolio a unique twist

Your digital portfolio is a reflection of you, so make it stand out with distinct branding. To make it truly stand out, infuse it with distinct branding elements that resonate with your unique style. This could mean different things depending on your chosen platform and industry. 

If you're a creative professional, consider adding a headshot that captures your personality. Custom fonts can also add a touch of individuality, speaking volumes about your style and approach. 

Don't overlook the power of color, either—using your brand colors consistently throughout the portfolio can create a cohesive and memorable visual experience. And if you have a logo, prominently displaying it not only reinforces your brand identity but also adds a professional touch.

Use the Wix Logo Maker to make your digital portfolio stand out.

05. Spread the word

Once your digital portfolio is ready, it's time to share it far and wide. Share it with your professional network by linking to it on your LinkedIn profile. Add a touch of professionalism to your email signature by including the link there as well. Don't forget to showcase it on your social media profiles, where it can reach a wider audience. 

Want to demonstrate to potential clients that you prioritize customer service? Consider adding a QR code to your business card so that your portfolio is just a scan away. 

Create your custom QR code easily with Wix's user-friendly QR code generator.

Key elements of a digital portfolio

A strong digital portfolio should act as a showcase of your skills and experience. To achieve that you'll need to consider including the following elements:

  • About Me:  A brief introduction highlighting your career goals, unique selling points and contact information. This should be informative but concise.

  • Work samples:  This is the core of your portfolio. Choose high-quality pieces that best represent your abilities.  For fields like design, photography, or illustration, focus on impactful visuals. Writers can showcase excerpts of their written work and programmers might include code snippets or links to functional projects.

  • Project descriptions: Briefly explain the context and goals of each project you showcase. Briefly highlight the challenges you faced and the solutions you implemented.

  • Skills section:  List your key skills and relevant technologies you've mastered. Consider using progress bars or icons to visually represent your proficiency level.

  • Testimonials:  Positive quotes or short testimonials from past clients or employers can add credibility to your work.

  • Clean design:  Keep your portfolio visually appealing and easy to navigate. Use a consistent color scheme and well-organized layout. Check it's mobile-friendly for on-the-go browsing.

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