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10 jaw-dropping model portfolio examples for your inspiration

10 Jaw-Dropping Model Portfolio Examples for Your Inspiration

So, you wanna be on top? Every model aspires to stand out in this cut-throat industry: to be America’s Next Top Model, featured in Vogue Magazine, or to simply just make a living. As a model, you know that visual presentation means everything. It’s more than just how you look, but how every aspect of your brand looks – and that includes your professional model portfolio website design.

Portfolio websites are an essential tool for finding work and for making money as a model, and therefore it should do all the talking for you. It needs to stand out, so the world knows who the fiercest model of them all is. Whether you’re searching for some inspiration to add some zest into your existing portfolio or looking to create a portfolio website from scratch, you’ve come to the right show. Here are 10 beautiful model professional portfolio examples that mastered the art of visual presentation when it came to how to make a website:

01. Karlie Kloss

Here’s a model that needs no introduction. Maybe you’ve seen this beauty in advertising campaigns for Dior, Louis Vuitton, or Adidas? Perhaps you’ve tuned in to her YouTube channel or heard of her coding bootcamps? Either way, Karlie Kloss is killing the game and taking names.

As for her website, Karlie managed to use the right mix of images and videos, combined with minimal colors (black, white and gray) in order to keep the focus in the right places. Navigating through her site is easy thanks to how clean it is and how it clearly displays her projects, features in publications, and a social bar with links to all her social media networks. The final touch: her professional “K” logo placed neatly in the top left corner.

Pro Tip: If you're looking to create a modeling portfolio yourself, you can easily create a logo as “Klossy” as hers in a few simple steps with the Wix Logo Maker. Be sure to also check out these portfolio templates to help you get started with this type of website.

Karlie Kloss model website

02. Kristina Smolyar

Ever since she won her local beauty pageant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kristina fell deeply in love with the modeling industry. As you start to explore her website, you’ll soon experience those same emotions. Alongside her outstanding photos, Kristina includes every piece of information needed to land a modeling gig: her portfolio, videos, about section, Instagram and contact information. When looking through her site, there’s a sense of effortlessness thanks to the use of parallax scrolling, which is a major web design trend.

Also, she added numerous other animation effects. One of these is the strategic inclusion of a video series, giving viewers something else to look at beyond her beautiful photos. The other is a more subtle fading effect, which is noticeable when you hover your mouse over each menu item. These are examples of how the simplest additions can do wonders for your model portfolio website.

Pro Tip: Create dimension and layers on your site by adding parallax scrolling. Or check out some more web portfolio examples.

Kristina Smolyar's website

03. Caitlin Christine

On Cali-native Caitlin’s model portfolio website, one might confuse her home page with the Starry Night. She utilizes a simple and charming background image combined with the most appropriate font choice to frame this masterpiece. Different galleries display images in large sizes so visitors can see Caitlin's range at a glance.

Utilizing a simply laid-out menu, her portfolio is neatly categorized into genres to show the diversity of her work. An added touch to her site is the inclusion of a section only dedicated to her commercial work – an excellent way to show off her accomplishments and build credibility (because we all know, this is one tough industry).

Caitlin also created a separate “Links” page on her site with large buttons to her social channels. She has placed this page’s URL in her bio on her social channels so she can drive traffic to her site instead of using a third-party social bio link maker.

Pro Tip: Organize your portfolio into subsections that display your work by categories, such as headshots, advertising, runway and fashion.

model website example of Caitlin Christine

04. Chanelle Renee

Based in one of the world’s modeling capitals, Los Angeles, Chanelle is a model and entrepreneur that doesn't mess around. After being greeted with a lightbox promoting her latest project, you arrive at a mesmerizing first fold full-screen animated video loop of her. Chanelle’s model portfolio includes video reels, interviews and appearances alongside her high-quality professional portraits.

The site's use of parallax scrolling adds a sense of engagement as you learn about her experience and the model bootcamp mentorship projects she runs. In spite of the long scrolling, visitors can easily reach the site's menu at any point thanks to the back-to-top button. From there, they can navigate to Chanelle's events page, shop or blog, where she shares her experience in the fashion industry as well as tips and advice.

Pro Tip: Tell unique stories using your own images by creating a blog for your portfolio website with our blog creator.

model portfolios: Chanelle Renee

05. Laura Oliveira Granja

It's evident that this model and influencer lives and breathes the fashion and fitness biz. So many features make her website just simply gorgeous and versatile. Starting with her clean black and white homepage, you can choose whether you want to dive into her modeling work or visit her blog.

Laura has modeled for leading brands such as Steve Madden, Calvin Klein, and other healthy lifestyle companies. In her portfolio website's About Me section, she explicitly states that eating well and regularly exercising is very important. This helps explain her many fitness photoshoots that have led to a section in her portfolio dedicated solely to sportswear.

She has linked her Facebook and Instagram to connect her social worlds in one place on the menu bar. But social media is not the only way to stay in touch with her. On her contact page, Laura wrote in friendly wording, "Don't be shy — drop me a line," with a place to leave your information.

Pro Tip: Include a visible contact page with the help of a form builder to keep the conversation going once someone leaves your site.

Laura Oliveira Granja portfolio

06. Kareem Akeem

Kareem’s model portfolio website draws attention even if the content is kept to the essentials. His comp card section immediately draws your eyes to his physical features – a valuable decision in the male modeling world. The use of white space contrasts nicely with the colors of his images, while also making his name, menu items and social buttons easy to spot.

The bold text that reads “fashion shots” in capital letters as the header of that page creates a good balance for the site’s tone. Finally, he uses a slideshow to display a wide variety of shots from each project without overwhelming visitors or disrupting the site's clean look.

Pro Tip: Add a slide gallery and slideshows to your website with images and videos for a subtle yet captivating animation effect.

Kareem Akeem model

07. Aman Samra

If you’re looking for inspiration from a model portfolio website that mainly focuses on images and images only, you’ve come to the right place. Aman does this beautifully. She takes you into a wonderland the moment you enter her welcome page with the breathtaking full background image displayed across the entire screen. Click on it to enter her portfolio gallery that is set up to revolve solely around the visuals of her modeling career.

For the ultimate wow factor, she only uses images of the highest quality. Her gallery is vivid and vibrant, making this a top example of how intricate patterns and loud colors can be displayed so effectively without looking “too busy.” To balance out the content of her website, Aman uses a simple menu bar and incorporates her logo in the top left corner.

Pro Tip: Present your images in the most professional way with advanced image settings, social capabilities, and many different layout options via Wix Pro Gallery.

Aman Samra model website

08. Kayla Arianne

Kayla welcomes site visitors with an alluring image of her enchanting eyes. She's one fierce, ambitious and focused model, which means plain jane just wasn't going to cut it for her portfolio.

As she's often booked for makeup photoshoots, she wisely chose to display images that show her versatility in different makeup looks. Furthermore, Kayla included an option to book photoshoots with her online through scheduling software, allowing for new business opportunities to come to her with ease.

But photos and bookings are not all she fit into her site. In her model portfolio website, Kayla is able to include a gallery, contact page and online store in one organized format.

Pro Tip: If you want an easy way to get more gigs lined up, include a CTA like Book Me that takes visitors to your Wix Bookings portal.

Kayla Arianne example

09. Michelle Carney

Michelle makes an immediate “splash” when you arrive at her model portfolio website, thanks to her stunning water portrait. The use of a large image with navy colors that bring out her blue eyes evokes a sense of calmness and elegance as soon as you reach her model portfolio.

Another design choice that makes her model site stand out is her usage of narrow vertical shots in her portfolio image section. Displaying only two images per row keeps visitors focused and allows each image to stand out.

Michelle did an excellent job of personalizing a ready-made portfolio website template in the most professional way. For example, in her About Me her headshot is paired with her career and interests description. Likewise, she matched her measurements, height and clothing size with a full-body shot, helping visitors absorb all the information.

Pro Tip: Use your time wisely by starting with one of many fully customizable portfolio website templates.

Michelle Carney model samples

10. Jordan Leigh

Jordan's portfolio website is a dazzling mix of professional and personal. The playful and bright background colors of her portfolio images allow her personality to shine through. In her own words, she says, "I absolutely love to goof off and make people laugh while on set, let's make it fun, I'm huge on having great positive energy."

In spite of this playful approach, she keeps her model portfolio business-focused by strategically placing her contact information in the footer and using Wix Chat so you'll never have a problem figuring out how to reach her for partnerships. Furthermore, Jordan included an option to subscribe to emails, allowing visitors and scouters to stay up-to-date on her latest photo shoots, workshops and gigs.

Pro Tip: To make sure you stay on everyone who matters' radar, create email marketing campaigns for your updates and include a visible subscribe button on your site.

Jordan Leigh model portfolio

How to write your model bio

Writing a compelling model bio can be an effective way to showcase your skills, experience and personality to potential clients and agencies. Here's a step-by-step guide to crafting a bio that highlights your unique qualities and positions you for success in the modeling industry:

  1. Start with a strong introduction: Grab attention from the very beginning with a captivating introduction that briefly introduces yourself and conveys your passion for modeling. Mention your hometown, modeling experience and any notable achievements or accolades you've earned.

  2. Highlight your key modeling skills: Clearly outline your modeling expertise, including your specific areas of specialization. Emphasize your proficiency in different modeling genres, such as fashion, commercial, runway or editorial. If you have experience in print, digital or commercial modeling, make sure to mention it.

  3. Showcase your versatility and adaptability: Demonstrate your ability to adapt to different styles and concepts. Mention your experience working with diverse photographers, designers and stylists. Highlight your ability to embody various personas and bring different characters to life.

  4. Share your personal qualities: Beyond physical attributes, emphasize your personal qualities that make you a standout model. Mention your professionalism, positive attitude, work ethic and ability to take direction. Share any unique talents or interests that set you apart from others.

  5. Keep it concise and engaging: Aim for a bio that is concise, engaging and easy to read. Keep it within a reasonable length, typically around 150-200 words. Use strong verbs and vivid language to capture the reader's attention.

  6. Proofread carefully: Ensure your bio is free of grammatical errors and typos. Ask a friend or colleague to review it for any inconsistencies or areas for improvement.

  7. Tailor your bio to the audience: When submitting your bio to specific agencies or clients, consider tailoring it to their specific interests and requirements. Highlight the aspects of your experience that align with their brand and the types of projects they seek.

Model portfolio examples FAQ

What does a good model portfolio look like?

A good model portfolio is a well-organized collection of high-quality images that showcase the model's best work and versatility. The images should be well-lit, well-composed and edited to perfection. The model's poses should be natural and confident, and their expressions should be engaging and appropriate for the type of modeling they want to pursue.

What should be included in a model portfolio?

How do I make a model portfolio?

Who pays for a model's portfolio?

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