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12 outstanding photography portfolio examples

12 Stunning Photography Portfolios Examples

When it comes to presenting work online, you can say that photographers have it easy. Compared to other businesses who often have to settle for stock photos or hire a professional to get great website images, photographers have no shortage of beautiful photos to pick from when creating an online portfolio.

But with all that said, any photographer can lament that they work with a fickle art form. A delicate balance of art and science, all it can take is the wrong lighting or improper printing paper to mess up the image they’ve worked so hard to create. When it comes to presenting photos online, photographers demand a quality platform to showcase their work on. Thankfully, Wix offers a suite of online solutions to create the perfect online photography portfolio. From tools like Wix Pro Gallery, a multi-media gallery that showcases photos in the highest quality available online – to robust photography templates with everything needed to create the perfect photography themed websites, we’ve got you covered.

12 photography portfolio examples

Looking for inspiration to show off your photos online, whether for landscape, food or model portfolio examples? Check out these beautiful photography portfolio examples:

  1. Lisa Michele Burns

  2. Max Montgomery

  3. Skyler Knutzen

  4. Cosmotic Photography

  5. Dory Younes

  6. Kyler Taylor

  7. Hilary O’Leary

  8. Hana Knizova

  9. Andrew Scriviani

  10. Miu Vermillion

  11. The Wild Bride

  12. Roshini Kumar

Lisa Michele Burns

Lisa’s portfolio lets her photos do all the talking. Her homepage is essentially one large Wix Pro Gallery where she beautifully displays her photos in the highest quality available online. All it takes is a click for site viewers to share Lisa’s images on email or social media.

travel photography portfolio example

Max Montgomery

To showcase his extensive photography portfolio without overwhelming visitors, Max Montgomery uses his main gallery as an access to each individual project. The same structure can be used to put the emphasis on your works when making a design portfolio.

commercial photography portfolio example

Skyler Knutzen

Skyler uses his homepage to provide an overview of all the aspects of his portfolio website, from video and portraits to product and travel photography.

video and photography portfolio

Cosmotic Photography

This outstanding photography portfolio is the perfect mix of art and style.

photography website example

Dory Younes

Following a welcoming video splash page, you need to see Dory’s beautifully tiled homepage. Showcasing images filled with this much detail and depth, it’s easy to get lost looking at them!

video splash page photography portfolio

Kyler Taylor

An image is worth a thousand words, which is why Kyle Taylor’s photography website consists only of a full-with slider.

outdoor photography portfolio example

Hilary O’Leary

Hilary is a photographer based in South Africa who utilizes the beautiful surroundings of her home base to spoil site-viewers with gorgeous pictures of the African wildlife. We love how Hilary uses the parallax scrolling effect to keep visitors captivated.

wildlife photography portfolio example

Hana Knizova

To stand out from the crowd, you’ll first need to get outside the box. Hana’s photography portfolio is unlike any other we’ve ever seen. The great use of parallax scrolling and an asymmetrical layout, paired with the unique placement of the menu as vertical text through the site, makes this site nearly impossible to forget.

asymmetrical portrait photography portfolio

Andrew Scriviani

Using the Instagram Feed app, New York Times contributor Andrew Scriviani ensures that his website always shows the atest examples of his mouthwatering work.

instagram feed food photography portfolio

Miu Vermillion

Miu Vermillion is a talented editorial photographer who uses her website as a fantastic tool to keep in touch with her fans. We love how she included social pages and a blog on her website.

photography portfolio example

The Wild Bride

If the goal of your site is for people to hire your services, you’ll want to follow the steps of this photography portfolio example. By displaying their packages on the homepage, these two wedding photographers make sure that potential clients learn the details of their offerings, while simultaneously falling in love with their work.

We can't ignore the catchy business name, which is sure to gain the attention of engaged couples (and Google) too. Consider creating your own clever business name, to set yourself apart from the competition. If you need inspiration, you can always get ideas from a business name generator.

wedding photography portfolio example

Roshini Kumar

Simply put, Roshini’s website makes us happy. Colorful images mixed with interesting layouts make for one fashion photography website that we can’t stop scrolling through.

colorful fashion photography portfolio example

Photography portfolio examples FAQ

How many photos do I need for a photography portfolio?

There is no strict rule, but a good range is typically between 15 to 30 images. Focus on quality over quantity. Ensure each photograph adds value to your portfolio and collectively showcases your range and skills.

What should be included in a photography portfolio?

What should not be included in a photography portfolio?

How do I make a photography portfolio?

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