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6 best portfolio website builders of 2024

Portfolio website builder

A good portfolio can land you a new job, new clients, more money—you name it. So it goes without saying that you should invest time into finding the right platform for building your personal site.

If you're not sure how to make a website, the best portfolio website builders can do the heavy work for you. They simplify the process of uploading work samples, adding testimonials and sharing your contact information with prospective clients, employers and collaborators.

With so many portfolio website builders on the market, how do you sort through all of your options and find the best one for you? Keep reading to explore the biggest differences and advantages of the top portfolio website builders.

Ready to start building a portfolio? Use Wix to create a portfolio website today.

What is a portfolio website builder?

A portfolio website builder is a tool or platform specifically designed to help individuals, freelancers, artists, photographers, designers and other creative professionals showcase their work online in an organized and visually appealing manner. These builders typically offer templates and features tailored to highlight portfolios effectively.

The 6 best portfolio website builders of 2024

Without further ado, here’s a close look at the best portfolio website builders on the web:

01. Wix

When it comes to starting a small business, your portfolio is your digital calling card, so it’s important that it reflects your unique professional identity (see digital portfolio examples). Wix offers a drag-and-drop builder that still gives you tons of creative freedom. You can choose from a variety of professionally designed best portfolio templates, then customize your design however you’d like.

Alternatively, you could use Wix’s AI website builder to create a site from head to toe in minutes. All you need to do is tell the AI what you’d like to achieve with your portfolio. The builder will whip up a site, complete with pre-generated text, images and pages.

Once you’ve got a foundation, it’s time to fill it with the goods. Wix’s AI portfolio creator simplifies the process of uploading your content. Just bulk-upload your images, then allow the AI to quickly sort your images into collections with suggested project titles and descriptions.

You also have Wix's media manager at your disposal. The sophisticated photo editor makes it easy to cast your imagery in the best light, and a video maker enables you to build highlight reels with minimal or no video-editing experience. You can even experiment with Wix's AI image generator to craft visuals that perfectly complement your portfolio.

Get started with a Wix portfolio template today.

Wix’s portfolio builder goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a dynamic platform with robust business solutions that can help you promote your business, showcase your unique capabilities and convert visitors right on the spot. With Wix's scheduling software, you can easily manage appointments and consultations, streamlining your client interactions. The built-in analytics provide valuable insights into how your portfolio is performing, helping you make informed decisions to improve your online presence.

Wix simplifies the business side of things too with its invoice generator, ensuring you get paid promptly for your services. Need to network? The business card maker lets you create professional cards to share your contact details. And if you're in need of a standout logo, Wix's logo maker has you covered. Plus, you can engage your audience and establish your expertise with the blog maker, making your portfolio not just a showcase but a dynamic hub for your career growth.

Best for: Small businesses

Notable Wix features: profession-focused templates, intuitive website editor, logo maker, contact forms, analytics, app for making changes on the go, personalized SEO checklist, video maker, AI website builder


  • Free plan ($0): Limited features and ads.

  • Light ($17/month): Basic plan for simple sites.

  • Core ($29/month): Basic eCommerce features and marketing suite.

  • Business $36/month): Geared towards growing your brand. 

  • Business Elite ($159/month): Unlocks unlimited storage & scaling capabilities.

  • Enterprise: Custom plan for large corporations. 

Can be free forever, but you can upgrade to a Premium plan any time for advanced features. (Learn more: How much does a website cost.)

Ready to try out Wix? Sign up for free.

Wix portfolio website builder

02. Authory

If you’re too busy to tackle the tedious but essential task of learning how to make a portfolio, consider letting Authory do it for you. This portfolio builder crawls the web for anything with your byline—articles, videos, podcasts, even social media posts—and assembles it in a tidy package. It automatically creates backups for everything you've ever created, ensuring you don't lose your clips if clients shut down their websites. Additionally, Authory self-updates and notifies you when new content bearing your name is published.

Unlike other content aggregators, Authory has customization options. If any of your projects aren’t linked to your name, you can add them manually. Don’t like the basic setup? Choose from 12 templates to change up the design and layout. Want to incorporate your branding? Change the colors and fonts, add your logo and use a custom domain.

Unlike aggregators like Muck Rack, you’re also in control of the organization of the curation so that you can showcase the different aspects of your work. For example, you can display all of your case studies in one category and all of your blog content in another. Or, if you’re primarily a science journalist but freelance for fashion magazines on the side, you could show off your science articles separately from your fashion work.

Thanks to the social media tracking tool, your Authory portfolio can help you prove your ROI to clients. It tracks how many times your work has been shared or liked on major social media platforms. You can sort by platform to understand where your content gets the most engagement. You won’t even need to log in to see how you’re doing, because Authory will email you a metrics digest every week.

Best for: Content creators

Notable features: Automated self-updating portfolio, design customizations, work sample backups, analytics, content tracking, curated content options, automated newsletter

Pricing: Pricing starts at $12 per month for annual plans

Authory portfolio website builder

03. GoDaddy

While many portfolio website builders allow you to start with a template or an AI-generated site, GoDaddy makes the process even easier. All you need to do is answer a few questions, and GoDaddy will automatically create your portfolio in a few minutes. Afterward, you can simply upload photos, videos or PDFs of your projects and add text to showcase your work.

With GoDaddy, you can store up to 250 photos in your portfolio. With a gallery, prospective clients can scroll from work sample to work sample on any device. You can finish up your portfolio website by adding a contact form to get leads, adding a price list for services and writing an “About Me” page.

After publication, GoDaddy helps you spread the word about your portfolio with its built-in marketing tools. You can optimize your portfolio for search engines and reach new audiences with social media and email marketing capabilities.

For those looking to monetize their portfolio, you can allow visitors to book one-time or recurring appointments and services or purchase featured products.

Best for: Job seekers

Notable features: AI website builder, content management system, templates, professional email for one year, custom domain name

Pricing: Starts at $9.99 per month with an annual plan

GoDaddy portfolio website builder

04. Jimdo

Jimdo is a popular choice for those on a budget. You can show off what you do on a website that looks like it was custom-built for you, without the custom price tag. Unlike other portfolio builders, which may only offer a free plan as a limited trial, Jimdo has a free plan that’s supported by ads. With the free plan, your portfolio will have a subdomain, which you can upgrade as your needs grow.

Answer a few questions about what you want from your website, and Jimdo’s portfolio maker will generate it for you. Then, all that’s left to do is customize your portfolio. Upload your new logo and images to your website. Use Jimdo’s slideshow feature to display the media assets you upload or pull from your connected social media accounts in an eye-catching way. Put the finishing touches on your portfolio by customizing fonts and colors.

Once your online portfolio looks how you want it, Jimdo can help you attract and analyze traffic. Its SEO tools are great for beginners who want to know how to show up on Google search engine results pages. Plus, Jimdo’s built-in analytics help you discover where your traffic comes from.

Best for: Personal websites

Notable features: Logo maker, portfolio generator, SEO tools, social media, domain name options

Pricing: Free plan has ads and a subdomain. Ad-free plans start at $9 per month.

Jimdo portfolio website builder

05. Weebly

Weebly is often praised as one of the best website portfolio builders because it’s equipped with powerful features. For example, instead of displaying your work in the form of static images, you can create a multimedia experience with galleries, slideshows, PDFs and high-definition videos. With unlimited storage, there’s no limit to how much media you can upload. Third-party apps for image and video galleries make your portfolio even more versatile.

A portfolio website from Weebly can help you boost your personal brand. You can enhance your portfolio by adding a blog to engage with website visitors beyond your work samples. By connecting a custom domain name, you can add credibility to make your portfolio feel as professional as it looks. Weebly’s SEO tools help your portfolio show up on Google and Bing. Having strong contact forms on your portfolio makes it super easy for folks who stumble upon your work to reach out and connect with you.

Best for: Creatives

Notable features: Custom domain name, unlimited storage, SEO tools, contact forms, blogging tools, multimedia upload, third-party apps, drag-and-drop website editor

Pricing: Starts at $8 per month

Weebly portfolio website builder

06. Hostinger

If you're looking to create a portfolio quickly, you might want to check out Hostinger's AI website builder. It asks you three questions, then uses ChatGPT to help create a portfolio for you. Once it's done, you can personalize it with your own branding, images, and content.

All Hostinger websites are built to be responsive, which means visitors will be able to see your work in all its glory whether they’re viewing it from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Additionally, they're optimized with SEO best practices, making your portfolio easily discoverable.

When you build your portfolio through Hostinger, you’ll get a free domain, free custom email addresses, web hosting, 24/7 customer support and marketing integrations. While most portfolio builders charge extra for eCommerce capabilities, they come free with Hostinger, so you can sell products you show off online. Hostinger sites can accommodate up to 20 payment methods. And, you can manage inventory easily with Hostinger’s intuitive dashboard.

Best for: Beginners

Notable features: AI website builder, AI writer, custom domain name, free email addresses, built-in eCommerce

Pricing: Starts at $2.99 per month

Hostinger portfolio website builder

Best portfolio website builders review

What to consider in a portfolio website builder

When selecting a portfolio website builder, it's essential to consider several key factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and goals. Here's what to consider:

  • Ease of use: Look for a builder with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, allowing you to create and customize your portfolio without technical expertise or coding skills.

  • Templates and design options: Choose a builder that offers a variety of professionally designed templates tailored to showcase different types of creative work. Additionally, consider the level of customization available, including options for adjusting colors, fonts, layouts and adding multimedia elements.

  • Portfolio management features: Evaluate the builder's portfolio management capabilities, including the ability to upload, organize and display your work effectively. Look for features such as gallery creation, categorization and easy item arrangement.

  • SEO tools: Check if the builder includes features to optimize your portfolio for search engines, such as customizable metadata, keyword optimization and sitemap generation, helping improve your online visibility and attract potential clients or employers.

  • Integration options: Consider whether the builder integrates with other tools and platforms you use, such as social media platforms, analytics tools, or eCommerce solutions, to enhance functionality and streamline workflows.

  • Performance and reliability: Choose a builder with reliable hosting and fast loading times to ensure your portfolio website performs well and provides a positive user experience for visitors.

  • Cost and pricing plans: Consider the builder's pricing structure and plans, including any free options or trial periods available, as well as the cost of premium features or upgrades. Choose a plan that fits your budget and offers the features you need.

  • User reviews and reputation: Research user reviews and testimonials to gauge the builder's reputation and user satisfaction. Look for feedback on usability, features, customer support and overall experience to help inform your decision.

Best portfolio website builders FAQ

Is making a portfolio website worth it?

Making a portfolio website is absolutely worth it as it lets you display your work and attract new clients and job opportunities. Portfolio websites are suitable for professionals who need to show off their work, such as designers, academics and actors. Need inspiration? Check out these examples:

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