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17 best portfolio layouts for creative professionals

art portfolio templates for your website

An outstanding portfolio website serves as the modern foundation of any creative career—from graphic designers and jewelry makers to 3D artists, UX portfolio examples, architecture portfolios and model portfolios. And if you’re looking to update your portfolio website or create this website type from scratch, we’ve compiled 17 of the very best portfolio website layoutsto get you started.

These themes will not only inspire your website design inspiration, but can be used as a starting point for your own designs—you can customize each one down to the smallest of details. In addition, Wix’s portfolio templates include fully-optimized mobile versions and are entirely free for you to use when planning how to build your site.

Best art portfolio layouts and themes

01. Industrial designer portfolio

Try this template now.

This industrial design portfolio template is right in line with current web design trends (for more ideas, check out these web design portfolio examples), boasting oversized typography and design elements. Its enlarged, eye-catching features are balanced out by an ample amount of whitespace and an exposed grid, allowing for a clean and structured layout.

The template’s unique style is even extended to its icons and buttons. The hamburger icon, for example, is big and bold, opening into a fullscreen website menu. The plus icons on each of the images also stand out with a black background, contributing to the overall visual language.

To personalize the template, fill the homepage with your project’s own images, and then go into more detail in the individual project pages. Be sure to include more information about each of your projects to contextualize your work.

Art portfolio template for industrial designers

02. Interior designer portfolio

Try this template now.

This interior design portfolio welcomes visitors with three images that fade into view using subtle website animations. Check out these animation portfolios for more inspiration. The rest of the homepage is much quieter, allowing the photographs to take center stage.

At the top corner of the template, you’ll find the designer’s full name and expertise, which is an important practice to help clarify what the website is all about. This template also comes with a built-in art blog, titled ‘Journal.’

In fact, creating a blog as part of your portfolio website can help establish you as a professional in your industry, as well as improve your chances of getting your website found on Google search results. Using your professional portfolio as a personal marketing portfolio is never a bad idea.

Digital artist portfolio template for interior designers

03. Creative director portfolio

Try this template now.

With a slideshow of visuals at the top fold, this professional portfolio example lets the images take the lead. The website design makes a statement just as strong with a sidebar menu that opens up into a lightbox, and full-width strips that form interesting compositions.

An important art portfolio tip is to clarify your role in each project, so that you don’t take credit for the work of others. Simply by mentioning your collaborators by name, you’re highlighting great teamwork abilities.

Art portfolio template for creative directors

04. Jewelry designer portfolio

Try this template now.

The juxtaposition of two different ideas on a single page allows you to inspect a certain subject in several perspectives. The split screen design in this art portfolio template, paired with a pinned element at the center of the screen, is sure to pique visitors’ curiosity.

The designer’s name running down the middle serves as the page’s focal point, tying the two separate halves together. The vertical typography throws the otherwise perfect symmetry a bit off-balance, resulting in an engaging look.

This art portfolio template also doubles as an eCommerce website. See how it utilizes some of the best tips for selling art online by employing hover effects as well as a magnifying glass to observe products from up close.

Art portfolio template for jewelry designers

05. Illustrator art portfolio

Try this template now.

An animated splash page in which a tree morphs into the illustrator’s name acts as a captivating teaser for this art portfolio template. Once we enter the website, a series of fullscreen digital illustrations lures visitors into dreamy landscapes, with an added parallax scrolling effect that creates a sense of depth and motion.

This illustration portfolio’s logo is fixed in the website’s header, held in place as visitors browse through the different projects. The logo is also linked back to the homepage, which is an easy-to-implement website navigation tip to enhance your user experience.

Illustrator portfolio template

06. 3D artist portfolio

Try this template now.

One of the most important considerations when deciding how to make a portfolio is the first fold of your website. Your homepage design is often the first glimpse of your work for potential clients, which is why you should utilize this space to form a long lasting impression.

This artist website template features a mesmerizing first fold with a fullscreen animated loop. The artist’s name is placed front-and-center, together with a concise textual description of the work they produce, helping visitors get a feel for the website as soon as they enter.

The rest of the projects are displayed as thumbnails that lead to inner project pages. These thumbnails are arranged using the Wix Pro Gallery, a professional solution that retains your images’ high-file quality. It also allows for easy website edits down the line, by enabling you to add or remove projects in a few simple clicks. This makes the Pro Gallery the perfect tool for a scalable design portfolio that can adapt and adjust to your growing needs.

Art portfolio template for 3D artists

07. Art director portfolio

Try this template now.

This art portfolio template greets site visitors with an especially warm welcome using a few short, conversational-sounding sentences. The text is large and colorful, taking up the majority of the first fold and acting as a decorative element that adds to the page's overall design.

The rest of the written website content adopts the same friendly tone. At the bottom of the homepage, readers are invited to collaborate using only a few simple words and a smiley face. Keeping your art portfolio genuine and allowing your true personality to shine through is a good way of building a personal brand that is authentic and generates trust.

Lower down in the footer are social media links and contact details, allowing fans and clients to find out more and explore further.

Art director portfolio template

08. Fashion designer portfolio

Try this template now.

Putting a spin on the split screen layout, this art portfolio template places a slideshow of transitioning images on the left, alongside a static image on the right. Use this design to set a tone for your website with a variety of visuals, ranging from your latest collection to inspirational pics from your mood board.

The same visual language from the first fold is maintained throughout the rest of the site, using a cohesive color palette of deep, moody hues. The use of parallax scrolling effects elevates this portfolio into an interactive browsing experience, telling a compelling and cohesive story.

Art portfolio template for fashion designers

09. Filmmaker portfolio

Try this template now.

Use motion to grab our attention and add a dynamic, rhythmic feel to a page. In line with current video trends, you’ll find a large video strip on the first fold, instantly drawing visitors into this portfolio template. The strip is framed by a thick black border, making room for a sidebar and a logo design of the director’s initials.

Following this powerful introduction is a gallery of additional videos. Behind them is a retro-inspired video background, bringing to mind the early days of home television sets. At the website’s footer, visitors who’d like to see more can subscribe to the director’s newsletter. Using email marketing in your favor is a great way to keep fans and clients up-to-date on your work, driving traffic to your website.

Tip: Use this free video maker tool to edit high quality video content to support your portfolio in a range of ways.

Music video director portfolio template

10. Graphic illustrator portfolio

Try this template now.

Ideal for prolific creators who have a wide array of projects to display, this portfolio template is curated in a card layout that resembles our social feeds. And with the help of social sharing icons, site visitors can easily spread the word of your beautiful creations around the web.

This template’s mobile website version has a bespoke Back to Top button of its own, made up of colorful vector art, which you can match the portfolio’s illustrations.

Graphic designer portfolio template

11. Branding portfolio

Try this template now.

When it comes to branding, you need a straightforward template to showcase your work. This portfolio template has a white background that lets the content pop off the page. The sharp images cut across the homepage, showing close-ups of the agency’s work. At the footer, visitors will find every relevant social media link and contact to easily get in touch.

Branding porfolio template

12. Textile designer portfolio

Try this template now.

This art portfolio template is a great fit for freelance designers, equipped with everything you need to boost your creative career. The project gallery on the homepage lets you show off your designs and has a detailed ‘About Me’ page, an online store, a ‘Press’ page to take pride in raving reviews and testimonials, and a contact page for initiating collaborations.

As part of this template’s online store is a Member’s Area, allowing customers to log in and become members of your store. Once registered, your shoppers can enjoy an easier checkout process, as well as keep track of their orders.

Textile designer portfolio template

13. Digital art portfolio

Try this template now.

An engaging introduction to the work of an artist cooperative, this portfolio template starts off with an animated loop embedded with a video. At the bottom corner is a call-to-action button, encouraging site visitors to click and learn more about the cooperative.

The template caters to the needs of artists that exhibit in different design museums and hold various events. There’s an ‘Updates’ section announcing news and upcoming meet-ups, and a ‘What’s On’ page allowing fans to reserve their spot.

Digital artist portfolio template

14. Landscape photography

Try this template now.

A perfect template for your photography website, this design puts your visuals at the forefront. The layout is clean and minimal, with plenty of whitespace and a sophisticated font pairing of two sans-serif fonts.

The photography logo at the top of the page is set in the same font as the rest of the website, and is linked to the homepage for easy navigation.

Notice how the project gallery on the homepage includes a mix of both vertical and horizontal photographs. By placing them side by side in uneven proportions, the result is a unique asymmetrical look that adds visual interest to your photography portfolio.

Art portfolio template for landscape photographers

15. 3D designer portfolio

Try this template now.

This digital artist portfolio template has strips filling the screen, acting as spellbinding little snippets of the projects they link to. The same projects reappear in a gallery format at the bottom of the page, so that visitors can choose their preferred method of navigation.

The inner project pages reveal a more detailed case study for the designs. Following a large hero image are a textual description, credits for everyone involved, and additional pictures of the work. An in-depth analysis of your projects is a great way to add value to your site, as can be seen in many inspirational graphic design portfolio websites.

Digital artist portfolio template

16. Game designer portfolio

Try this template now.

A gamer website needs a powerful portfolio template to convey the technical abilities behind creating video games. This immersive and cinematic portfolio template includes graphics that will catch the eye of digital artists (see digital portfolio examples) and gamers alike.

As you scroll the homepage, you reach video game projects on display, carefully organized in a sequence from first to third place. A CTA leads the user to the portfolio page, where they can access all the games.

Digital artist portfolio template for game designer

17. Home decorator portfolio

Try this template now.

Some of the best portfolio websites launch into a large or fullscreen visual to showcase the designer’s work, style, and expertise. Here, a large photo on the top fold sets a clear tone, followed by a paragraph introducing the designer, and a display of their projects in a square-format gallery.

The images in the gallery expand into a lightbox when clicked, and can also be enlarged to fill up the screen. This way, visitors can fully enjoy and take in your work when browsing through it.

As a one-page website, this template uses anchors to link to various sections in the page. This allows for intuitive website navigation even without the need for a new page for each category.

Home designer portfolio template

18. Social media portfolio

Try this template now.

Your social media portfolio has to show that you're ahead of the game, and this template stands out in just that way. It's got flair—thanks largely to its vibrant text colors—and the best part? You can keep your online presence as fresh as your content by easily updating the color scheme through Wix's color theme manager.

There's no need for visitors to go on a scavenger hunt across your site; this template has it all at their fingertips on the homepage. Everything from booking appointments to reading glowing testimonials is a breeze. And it doesn't stop there—the contact information stays put on every page's footer, beckoning potential clients to get in touch with ease.

Heading over to the portfolio page, it's your stage to shine with in-depth case studies that broadcast your expertise and professionalism. It's not just about listing your services; it's about showcasing the success stories that underscore your savvy in the social media realm.

social media portfolio template

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