Bring Your iZettle Store Online with an Exclusive Discount

Wix is partnering with iZettle to help you move your store online. Receive 55% off an annual Wix Business & eCommerce Plan and start selling immediately. Plus get access to the Import from iZettle app to easily import all your inventory into your Wix store. Follow the checklist below to learn how to bring your retail store online.

  • 01 | Create a Wix Account

  • 02 | Import Products from iZettle

  • 03 | Choose a Shipping Solution

  • 04 | Set up Sales Tax

  • 05 | Connect to a Payment Provider

  • 06 | Make Your Store Mobile-Friendly

  • 07 | Choose a Wix Business & eCommerce plan

  • 08 | Get a Branded Domain

  • 09 | Publish Your Store

  • 10 | Download the Wix Mobile App

Live Webinar for the iZettle Community

Wix Stores experts are hosting a live webinar exclusively for the iZettle community. Learn how to get your Wix online store up and running and get answers to your questions during a live Q&A session.

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Check out this article about importing from iZettle.


Visit our Help Center for answers to common questions.


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How should I use this checklist?

This checklist is here to help walk you through the process of creating your store. You can work through it at your own pace. Once you check a step off the list, it will remain checked every time you return. We highly recommend completing each step in the order that they are presented.


Can I create a website without knowing how to code?

No coding is necessary to create a Wix store. Simply choose from 500+ templates and customize the design using the Wix Editor, or let Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) create a site for you in minutes.


What kind of discount do I get for being an iZettle retailer?

You get an exclusive 55% discount on an annual Wix Business & eCommerce Plan. To redeem your discount, use the promo code iZettle55 when you check out.


How do I use the promo code?

After you register with Wix, upgrade your account by selecting an annual Business & eCommerce Plan. Next, enter your payment details. Before completing your purchase, click Enter promo code in the order summary. Enter the code iZettle55 and you will receive 55% off the plan you selected.


How do I add my inventory from iZettle to my Wix store?

Use the Import from iZettle app to bulk-import all of your retail inventory on iZettle into your Wix store. Any product details that appear in iZettle will automatically transfer into your Wix store.


Will the importer update all of my product details from iZettle?

Yes, any product details that appear in iZettle will automatically transfer into your Wix store. This includes product names, categories, images, descriptions, inventory and more. After you import your products from iZettle, you can edit all the details and add more, like photos and videos.


Does the Import from iZettle app automatically add VAT to my products in Wix?

No. After the import, go to your store tax settings to add VAT to your products.


Does the app import product variants?

Yes, product variants will also be imported. You will also be able to set different images per variant in your Wix store.


Can I set different prices for my online and offline stores?

Yes, the prices you set for your Wix store will not affect your prices on iZettle and vice versa.


Can I import my products in any currency?

Yes, your products’ currency will be automatically set according to your location. You can always change the currency in your general Wix settings.


Will the changes I make to my products or inventory on iZettle automatically sync with my Wix store?

No, the bulk import is a one-time process that copies all of your current products, product info and inventory to your Wix store. After this one-time import, any changes you make on iZettle will not be reflected in your Wix store and vice versa.


Will orders made on iZettle also be shown on Wix?

No, orders made from iZettle and Wix remain separate. You will see your online orders on Wix and your in-store purchases on iZettle.


Can I make more product imports after the first bulk import?

Yes, you can use the Import from iZettle app any time to make new imports of products from iZettle to Wix. Only new products will be imported.

Bring your retail store online with Wix.

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