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Design Inspiration \ JUL 18th 2018

11 Unique Wix Bookings Sites That Got It Right

We live in a world that thrives on convenience. So much so, that it’s expected in several ways. If you’re a small business owner, you need to stay on top of your game by providing these conveniences to your new and existing customers. This is especially true if you provide a service. You’ll want to ensure that your clients have the ability to book your service directly from your website. Luckily, thanks to Wix Bookings, that is totally possible. Your clients can effortlessly schedule both private or group appointments and you can can take payments as well as send out email reminders. The best part of it all? It’s 100% commission free!

Take a look at how this diverse group of Wix Bookings sites took advantage of this powerful tool:

Beaver Creek Estate

Dubbed “Disneyland for coffee people” (Do we have your attention yet?) The Beaver Creek Coffee Estate in South Africa is dedicated to everything regarding the world’s favorite bean. And their website is equally impressive. From the subtle but eye catching animations sprinkled throughout the website to the cute winged coffee bean graphic at the bottom, this is a website that was designed with “the experience” in mind. Also, take note of the cleverly placed CTAs on the home page itself to direct visitors to book a visit to the estate.

Wix Bookings website: Beaver Creek

Dr. Miguel Cunha

When searching for a new doctor, the first thing you’re likely to do is some research. While this may start with asking friends or family for suggestions, it’s 2018 after all so a quick spin online should be second nature. There’s plenty of information online, but most Drs offices will require you to call to make an appointment. Not Dr. Miguel. From his website, you can schedule an appointment from either of his locations in New York City. The site itself is also equally eye catching with a large image filling the entire screen, with simple text and a clear “book now” button right in the middle. His menu is simple and straightforward allowing clients to find a clear list of services, along with his about page and contact page.

Wix Bookings website: Dr Miguel Cunha

Jake The Barber

How do you stand out in a sea of competition, especially within a saturated market like barbering? With a stunning website, of course. What starts as a minimalistic website gives way to a lush and photo-rich experience. Playful icons adorn the array of listed services while the use of a more “toned-down” color palette allows for the bright blue “book now” button to stand out at the top of their site. If Jake’s barbering skills are anywhere near as sharp as his website making skills (and we’re guessing they are) you’ll walk out of his shop feeling like a million bucks.

Wix Bookings website: Jake the barber

Fury Room

Fury Room’s concept is one for the ages. It’s a service which allows you to schedule some time to release stress by going into a room and breaking things. You can do it with others or fly solo, but it’s all in the name of fun. Their site is well constructed and carefully thought out. First, it’s a multilingual site that’s offered both in English and French. They’ve anticipated their clients needs by including some helpful information with an FAQ page. Their site also includes a ‘must have’ feature for any business: live chat. Lastly, they present their services through a package picker with descriptions and prices of each. All of this is wrapped up in a strong black theme (quite fitting for a biz called Fury Room) and a stark logo to backup its name.

Wix Bookings website: Fury room

Great Falls Dog Walking

This (very cute) site keeps things easy and clean. With just a couple of strips, they have managed to get their message across loud and clear. Need a dog walker for your pooch? Or a cozy place for a doggy sleepover? It’s all just one easy click away. Take note how visible all of their essential information is displayed within the header and the footer of the site. You’ll also find testimonials from other customers, which is essential for any pet owner leaving their pup with someone else.

Wix Bookings website: Great Falls dog walking

Mahogany Beatz

Music Producer, Mahogany Beatz’s website is a double threat in that it’s both designed beautifully and offers any and all information you would want to know, along with the ability to book one of his many services. The complete services page leaves almost no questions for anyone trying to get information, but just in case you do there’s a convenient chat option located at the bottom of the site. The multiple strips on the site create a rich experience without muddying it up: It’s a simple and stunning long scrolling website that’s sure to impress. The frozen menu makes navigating your way through the site a breeze. Whether it’s getting your foot into the music door or walking through it, there’s definitely something available for any budding musician.

Wix Bookings website: Mahogany Beatz

Nutri Me

Upon first loading the Nutri Me website, you’re immediately greeted with a green and white color palette that gives off both a “healthy” and “vibrant” feel to it. Diana, a nutritionist from Down Under, presents a site that instantly makes viewers feel fresh and revived. The high-quality images of healthy food, as well as informational text, really gives us a sense of what her biz is all about. A “book” tab in her header prompts guests to browse through her various packages. A ‘back to top’ button with an intuitive arrow pointing upwards allows viewers an easy way to get back to the top of the site. Additional contact information, along with a newsletter subscription form and social media links can be found in the footer. You might say, this site is packed with nutrients.

Wix Bookings website: Nutri Me

Samarz Beauty Lounge

You could strip the logo off of the Samarz Beauty Lounge’s website and know beauty had something to do with it, because it’s absolutely gorgeous. All services are easy to find and book. Whether you’re looking for hairstyling, waxing, nails, or makeup – they have it all. Each of these services are divided into separate categories on the bookings page, giving a professional and organized feel. The message from the founder is personal, and gives some insight into how the lounge came to be. A dedicated “promotions” section keeps visitors informed about any on going specials. Plus, it’s an effective way to entice clients to book. Wrap it in a white and gold color palette with subtle animations sprinkled throughout and the website gives an experience that’s as warm as the lounge itself.

Wix Bookings website: Samarz Beauty

Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club

The Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club website wastes no time in wowing you, and we suppose it would be hard not too, given the biz offers motorcycles tours through the Himalayas! With large photo and video strips to show off real footage from past tours, the website is immediately attention grabbing. It’s also incredibly informative and really offers up answers to any questions you may have, with in-depth descriptions of each of the tours they offer, rates and a calendar of availability. If the gorgeous photos aren’t enough to keep you intrigued (they are) you can check out the gallery page which showcases their Instagram feed and YouTube videos.

Wix Bookings website: Hearts & Tears

Foxy Fitness Tribe

This fitness site shows potential clients what they are all about right from the start. With their bold description displayed on the home page and a motto like: “We don’t chase skinny, we chase healthy” clients know exactly what they are in for. The site takes advantage of personalization elements by including a dedicated members area. Once clients sign up, they can log in to their own account and book their preferred classes online. Quick and easy. The “meet your instructor’ section is an essential element all service based websites should include as it shows transparency as well as personality. Interested to know more of these crucial elements? Check out our guide on how to create a professional service based website.

Wix Bookings website: Foxy Fitness Tribe

Fun Surf LA

Always wanted to learn how to ride the waves? Look no further than, Fun Surf LA. Their site embodies everything associated with summer: fun in the sun, the waves and never ending days. The use of video brings the feeling of the ocean straight to their site. With various types of group, semi-private and private lessons available, you can book your lessons before your feet touch the hot sand. They also offer the option to book a photographer during your lessons so that you have proof (besides your sunburn) when someone says “pics or it didn’t happen.”

Wix Bookings website: Fun Surf LA

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By Blake Stimac
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