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100+ hotel name ideas for your business

hotel name ideas

When it comes to launching a hotel business, there's a variety of decisions that need to be made, such as ensuring quality service, attracting the right guests and assembling a reliable team. Yet, amid all these considerations, one crucial aspect often gets sidelined or treated as an afterthought, which is coming up with the hotel's name.

Choosing the right business name is a crucial component of your hotel business. A successful hotel business name should include several key qualities. It should be memorable, easy to pronounce and relevant to the type of hotel services you offer. 

In reality, selecting the right business name is far from trivial when starting a hotel. It's a pivotal moment that can shape the entire trajectory of your hotel venture. Your business name is a reflection of your hotel service business idea. The name is also the initial point of contact for potential clients and can significantly influence their decision to use your hotel services. 

100+ hotel name ideas, by categories:

Unique hotel names

1. LuxuriousLodge Retreats

2. SereneStay Accommodations

3. DreamyDestiny Suites

4. WhimsicalWellness Inns

5. EnchantedEscapes Residences

6. BlissfulBoutique Stays

7. TimelessTranquility Accommodations

8. PurePrestige Suites

9. VelvetVista Hotels

10. RusticRefuge Residences

11. CherishedChateau Stays

12. RadiantRetreats Accommodations

13. EtherealElegance Hotels

Catchy hotel names

14. DreamyDestiny Suites

15. WhimsicalWellness Inns

16. EnchantedEscapes Residences

17. VelvetVista Accommodations

18. CraftyComfort Hotels

19. RusticRefuge Suites

20. PaletteParadise Stays

21. UrbanUtopia Accommodations

22. EmberElegance Hotels

23. PiquantPalace Residences

24. DelightfulDesigns Stays

25. CraftyCove Inns

26. LuxuriousLodge Suites

27. RusticRefuge Residences

28. EtherealElegance Hotels

Professional hotel names

29. ElegantEscapes Residences

30. MasterpieceManor Inns

31. HotelArtistry Studio

32. PurePrestige Accommodations

33. PrecisionPalace

34. The Hotel Artistry

35. ArtisanalAbode Studios

36. LuxeLiving Residences

37. Artisan Hotel Collective

38. PremierPrestige Studio

39. Crafters'Haven Hotels

40. PrimePrestige Studios

41. EliteEscapes Oasis

42. Hotel Excellence Artistry

43. CraftingComfort Legacy

Location-based hotel names

44. [City/Neighborhood] Hotel Haven

45. [City/Region] Retreat Residences

46. [City] Artisanal Accommodations

47. [City/State] Hospitality Hub

48. [City/Neighborhood] Cozy Corner Residences

49. [City] Hotel Artistry Marketplace

50. [City/Region] Urban Retreats

51. [City/State] Crafters' Suites

52. [City/Neighborhood] Artistic Abode

53. [City] Urban Hospitality Craftsmanship

Note: Replace [City] with your specific location.

Modern hotel names

54. UrbanUtopia Studio

55. The Hotel Nexus

56. CreativeComfort Studio

57. ArtisanalAbode Residences

58. NouveauNest Hub

59. PaletteParadise Studio

60. The FreshFactor Accommodations

61. UrbanLuxury Collective

62. Crafters' Studio

63. VibrantVibes Studio

64. ModaManor

65. TrendyTranquility Hub

66. ArtisticJunction

67. PoshParadise Hub

68. CraftyComfort

Timeless hotel names

69. The Eternal Stay

70. ClassicComfort Co.

71. TimelessTranquility Residences

72. VintageVista Studio

73. The Tradition Retreat

74. Time-Honored Hospitality

75. Old World Abode

76. The Classic Hotel Artistry

77. RusticRefuge Residences

78. The Regal Retreat

79. GrandGetaway Studio

80. HistoricHospitality Retreat

81. The Crafting Legacy

82. NostalgicNest

83. The Antique Artistry

Clever hotel names

84. CraftyComfort Retreats

85. ArtisticAlcove Stays

86. CraftyCove Creations

87. ArtisanAbode Residences

88. CreativeComfort Craftworks

89. Palette & Paradise

90. CraveCraft Hospitality

91. CraftyConnections Residences

92. ArtisticOdyssey Stays

93. Artistry & Affections

94. Crafty & Captivating Retreats

95. Nosh & Nest

96. Artistry & Amenity

97. ArtisanAccents Abode

98. CraftyDesign Stays

Funny hotel names

99. PunnyParadise Residences

100. CraftyComedies Retreats

101. Laugh & Lodge Hotel Artistry

102. SillySerendipity Studios

103. ComicComfort

104. Jokes & Jewels

105. WhimsicalStay Weaves

106. Giggle & Garter

107. Puns 'n' Paradise

108. WittyWeekend Woodworking

109. Grin & Getaway

110. HumorousHospitality Retreat

111. YarnYucks Stays

112. CleverComfort Creations

113. Chuckles & Chateau

Real-life examples of hotel names

This resort's name gives off a feeling of relaxation and peace. It effectively conveys the tranquility its owner aims to provide.

This hotel business, which specializes in condo rentals, chose a name with a clever play on words, creating a whimsical and fun nature for their business.

This oceanfront hotel business manages to incorporate both a timeless feel, as well as its location within its name.

How to choose a hotel business name in 5 steps

Choosing the right hotel business name is a crucial step in establishing your brand and attracting guests. Here are five steps to help you choose the perfect hotel business name.

01. Understand your hotel business and audience

Before deciding on a business name, you need to be able to define your hotel niche, specialty and unique selling points. From there, you can start to consider the type of services you want to offer and understand who your ideal guests are and what their preferences and expectations for your hotel services are. All of this should be included in your hotel business plan

02. Brainstorm ideas

Start by brainstorming name ideas based on your skills, style and desired target audience. Avoid using generic names and also make sure to choose names that are easy to remember and convey the true essence of your hotel brand. You can work with a business name generator for further inspiration when coming up with a company name. Additionally, consider using keywords related to your skills or themes to help potential clients understand what your hotel business offers.

03. Check name availability

Make sure to Check name availability for trademarks and domain registration using a domain name search tool. Ensure that your business name is not already trademarked or in use by another hotel business in your industry. Additionally, you can also search the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database or consult with a trademark attorney.

04. Consider your branding

Think about how your business name will look on your hotel services, branding and promotional materials. Your hotel name should be visually appealing and aligned with your style and brand. Take into account the emotional and descriptive connotations of your business name and how it complements your branding and marketing efforts.

05. Test your name

Test your top list of hotel names with a small group of trusted friends, family, or even potential clients. Gather the opinions on the names that appeal to them and ones that don’t and decide what you are left to work with in terms of coming up with your hotel business name when starting your business. Once you've decided on your name, you can proceed to create a website to showcase your hotel services.

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Hotel business names FAQ

Why is choosing the right hotel business name important?

Choosing the right hotel business name is crucial because it's the first impression you make on potential guests. It communicates your brand's identity, sets expectations and can influence guests' perceptions and decisions.

What should I consider when brainstorming hotel business name ideas?

Should I use my name for my hotel business?

How can I make sure my hotel business name stands out in a competitive market?

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